The Unknown Season 2 Episode 5


Previously On The Unknown. .

Credit Temitope Daniel

“What really happened? Did you get to see The Unknown?” Stella asked Doris,  playing with her hair.

Doris smiled. “I was unable to see him. He took my gun away from me.” She replied. “But, I’m sure the person is a really nice person.”

“Nice? Is he not the one who put you into this? A knuckle headed person!” Nicholas hissed aloud.

Doris grinned. “He didn’t put me into any trouble. He was there to get me out of that trouble even when everyone left.”

About The Unknown, he’s a very good person but we still have to get him too.” Craig said

“Really?” Stella asked

“Sure! He’s not doing right by taking laws into his hands, he should have contacted the station at once. Though, he never killed, but his acts were wrong.”

Let’s meet at Tracey Foods for lunch this afternoon by 2pm, we have a lot to discuss- Nancy.

Nicholas received the text message and swooshed out a long breath.

As promised, Vivian and Anthony were just coming back from church service when she decided to take Anthony out for lunch. “Let’s visit Tracey Foods.” She told him as they mounted on the motorcycle.

Anthony smiled.


Tracey Foods.

. “This place is fine.” He grinned placing his hand into her mother’s hand.

“I knew you were going to like this place. Go and sit while I place an order.”

“Okay mum.”

“How are you?” Nicholas smiled and waved at him.

Anthony was smiling as he moved closer to him. “Sir, can you play guitar?”

“Yes. You like guitar?”

“Sure. my mother bought one for me but I don’t know how to play it.”

“Really? What’s your name?” He enquired.

“Anthony.” He replied, smiling.

“Mr man! I don’t like this place any longer, let’s go to Divine Foods.” Nancy told Nicholas.

He sighed. “I’ll see you later, Anthony.”

“What’s happening, Anthony?” Vivian asked him.

“I came to search for my pen and met that man driving that car.” He replied.

“So, what about him?

We have the same scent. Even how scarce our perfume is, he uses the same type.”

Vivian widened her eyes. “Really?”

“Yes now.” He replied childishly.

“But did you ask of his name or did he use a necklace?”

Anthony thought for a while. “I don’t think so.”

“Let’s go inside before the food gets cold.” She pushed him forward and kept looking backward. “Was that Nicholas?” She kept wondering




“Why would you want us to leave the place suddenly? Why?” Nicholas exclaimed.

“I don’t like the way you started conflating with that kid. You two look alike though.”

“Really? I thought I was the only one who saw that. It’s normal, though.”

“Don’t freak yourself. I just wanted us to be in a cool place where you can prove your love for me.”

“Love? What do you mean? Nancy, please stop this.”

“Why should I stop? I shouldn’t.”

“You should! Only cheap ladies do this.” He hissed.

“Really? Only cheap ladies will also trail The Unknown to the place where he tied Chief Sam, only cheap ladies will also take pictures of The Unknown tying Chief Sam to the tree, only cheap ladies will know that a tree was placed on The Unknown car after he concluded his mission. And, only cheap ladies will know Nicholas is The Unknown.”

Nicholas pulled out of the road at once.


“Didn’t the lady address that guy by his name?”

Anthony smiled. “She only said Mr man, let’s go.” He replied.

“That means you were not privileged to know his name, right?”

“Mum, is there anything i should know?”

She kept quiet for a while. “No.. no.. let’s get going now.” She stood up quickly.

“Mum, we just started eating.”

“We can always come back to eat another food. We can always prepare better ones at home. Let’s go.” She pulled him up and both walked outside quickly.

She mounted on the motorcycle as soon as she got to the junction. She wasn’t sure of the direction the car might have gone through. “Just keep going.” She told the motorcyclist.

Yes, they kept going.


Nicholas stared at Nancy at a stretch. He looked indignant as he pressed his lips together, thinking of what he could do to her. How could she have been following him around? How could she turn out to be a blackmailer? He had conjectured it too, wondering if truly the tree that fell on his car was natural.

He squeezed his fist and hit his thigh angrily. “Get down.” He ordered, breathing heavily.

“You still have the guts to tell me that? Aren’t you spooked?”

He hissed. “Get down now before I end your destiny here!” He shrilled.

Nancy laughed wickedly and got down from the vehicle. “If you think you can do anything to me, that’s a lie. I now have your pictures and my best friends know about it. If you try to do anything stupid, you’re in an unalloyed trouble.”

Nicholas chuckled and kicked the engine. “Just wait there and don’t shut the door, the car will soon climb on your head.” He said and marched on the accelerator.

Nancy moved backward as the car moved.


“I’m not going to hold this any longer! Katherine, if you think you are deaf, I will tell you I won’t keep quiet!” Harry shouted.

“Harry, I don’t have your time! The main reason why you are here is because of the money, right? Because you know the King isn’t around, is that not? Now, I don’t care any longer, disclose the truth! At least we will both be in the trouble!”

Harry chuckled. “I now see that you have guts. Do you think you know Dennis more than me? King Dennis is my own blood brother and we grew up together, you can never know him like I do! So, I am sure at the end of the day, you will be the one in total trouble. You will become a chronicle to everyone. Your name will be on every lip in this Kingdom that you were once a Queen.” He laughed viciously.

Katherine piped down too as she breathed slowly. “Harry why are you doing this!” She wiped her tears.

“Because of the love I have for you, because of this love!”

“What love? Do you know I’m your brother’s wife? Do you?”

Harry laughed. “I know what you are doing. I know you are just trying to hold back this money so that the time between this one and the next one I will ask would be protracted, isn’t it?”

Katherine knelt down. “Please don’t expose this secret. Even though when you expose it, we both will be in a scalding trouble.”

“But, you should incessantly add it that one trouble will be hotter than the other.” Harry laughed.

“I will pay the money into your account tomorrow. But, you should also invest in a business and start making money.”

“I can’t do that, I can’t! When it gets to a stage, I’m going to retire finally and my son will be paying my pension.”

“What job have you done to deserve a pension? By the way, the walls have ears, lower your voice.”

He laughed. “Why should I keep my voice down? I shouldn’t do that because I’m not a sissy!”

“No one called you that. Will you get going now? Will you?”

“I don’t think so.. I think I should start by telling the Prince the reality.”

Katherine stood up. “What reality again! Harry!”

Harry laughed. “Alright, the money shouldn’t exceed tomorrow, or else!”

Katherine smiled. “Thanks.”

Harry walked out majestically.


“What is this girl called Nancy?” Nicholas kept brooding as he drove on. No! How did she get to know all that? How? He banged the dashboard angrily.

Wasn’t he Argus-eyed enough? She’s a lady and ladies don’t have secrets! She will soon start saying it around! He sighed hissed aloud. Who knows the other person she has told? Who knows the number of people who know now? I think I am no longer safe!

He looked outside and faced the track back. This girl is a desperate lady! How could she have followed me up to that place? Why are some ladies so bad to this extent?

He parked his car inside the house and came out again. He felt he should take a nap, but he remembered he had to visit Doris because she had been discharged.

He pulled up his trouser and tautened it more as he walked down to the building. He unlocked the door and walked into the house. “Craig is here.” He muttered as he moved further.

He eventually got into the house and gave smile a try. He waved at Craig and picked his seat beside him. “How are you?” He asked him and placed his phone on the table.

“I’m good. I have just been brewing on how I can get this man called The Unknown.”

Nicholas smiled and faced Doris. “Doris, my younger sister. How are you?”

Doris smiled. “Nicholas, my elder brother.”

Stella hissed. “I don’t know why you two do tease yourselves.”

Nicholas laughed. “Is this a form of jealousy? Is this because Ramsey is not here?”

Stella shrugged with a smile. “But, does it mean you are dating my sister? I know you, you won’t let Vivian go.”

“Dating? Wait, this means something is going between you and Ramsey, right?” He winked and laughed.

“No now..” They all laughed.

“That’s it now, you just compared the two.”

“I never did.” She grinned.

“I know Ramsey’s ear will pick if I will tell him this.” Nicholas grinned.

Stella pulled her tongue. “That’s if you know where you can meet him.”

Nicholas chuckled. “It’s a very easy thing, don’t I know your hospital?”

“Nicholas, don’t!” She grinned.

Doris kept laughing. “Anyways, we thank God for the life. I have been thinking Stella, who knows what would have done to herself.”

Nicholas rested his back. He constricted his eyes, thinking something had gone wrong. He was trying to think but couldn’t lay his hands on it. No, he wished to remember that thing.

The gauche moment you try to remember something and you forget it totally. He loathed himself that moment, racking his brain but couldn’t remember.

“So, are you going to take more rest and return to work on Tuesday?” Craig asked Doris.

Doris smiled. “No. I am resuming…”

To be continued after 60 share