The Unknown Season 1 Episode 14


Previously On The Unknown

“Thanks buddy.” He approached Greg and hugged him. “Let’s get going, just come before me, till we get there.”


. “Let’s go in.” He tapped him.

“Very well.” He smiled and led the way.

“Good evening, we want to see Vivian.” Frank told Anthony as he opened the gate.

“Mum? Are you her son?” Frank asked quickly.

He smiled. “Yes, I am.”

Frank hissed faintly. “Alright. Tell her Frank, her boss is here.”

“You’re mum’s boss? I am coming.” He shut the door and rushed into the house

Nicholas just smiled, masking his feelings well. “I’m really good, you?”

“I was kidnapped today.”

“Don’t tell me! What happened? Hope you weren’t beaten? What really happened?”

“So you never knew I was kidnapped.” Doris smiled and moved further.

“How would I know?

“I can’t tell, but I suspect Chief Sam.” She replied.

“Chief Sam?” He asked, taking his eyes off her for a moment, pretending as if he wanted to remember who Chief Sam was. “Ooh.. I think I now know the man. What happened between you both? Why would he try to kidnap you?”

“I went for investigation, then I left the company. As I was going, the taxi that carried me was crossed and before raising my head to know what was really happening, I was taken away.”

“I trust Craig, he was the one who came to help you, right?”

“No, I don’t know the person. But, one thing I just suspect is that… the person wore the exact perfume you do use. When he carried me, the height I noticed, even though I was blindfolded, was just like your height.”

Nicholas froze




Nicholas smiled, walking inside the house with Doris. “This is really a very big shock, a really big one.” He said, trying to be by Doris’ side.

Doris turned and looked at him. “What were you thinking? I know you very well, you are so timid to take such a bold step the guy took. By the way, I was rushed into a car, it seems the guy has a car of his own, but you don’t.” She chuckled.

“My ultimate surprise is just concerning the perfume. You know how expensive and scarce this perfume is, I don’t think I have ever met someone that has used it before. Are you sure the perfume worn by the person was just like mine?”

Doris curved her lips into a smile. “Surely, it was like yours. By the way, there’s nothing to worry about, you alone can’t be the one using the perfume, don’t you know?”

He grinned and sat down. “That’s true, just surprised.”

“I feel so lucky, only God knows what must have happened to me.”

“Let me get you something  prepared, so that we can have dinner early.” Nicholas stood up and walked to the kitchen.


“What’s my own business with that of The Unknown? You guys are always bleeping me up, why!” Chief Sam exclaimed, walking to and fro.

He had been aberrant for minutes, trying to get everything together. He speculated that he was In trouble already, his only certitude was the fact that there was no evidence to be used against him.

He began to wonder who The Unknown was. He had been crossing his path for some days, making life godforsaken  for him and his men. He who was a giant man, he had started feeling so afraid of the guy who had made himself unknown to them.

He had brewed for minutes, if he could link The Unknown together with someone, but, he wasn’t sure of who he could really call him. He couldn’t tell if he was one of the sons of those he had murdered so far, but he knew he had something to do with the case of the contracts he just won.

He had been overwhelmed with thoughts as he sat down and made his guards kneel before him. He felt like killing all the men, wondering how silly they were and how far The Unknown had gone with him. What if he has let out the secret to the lady? He wondered, sighing continuously. “You are all mad!” He bawled out of his anger, scratching his head.

After some minutes that he had calmed down, he giggled and spoke.

“Don’t you think The Unknown is connected to this lady in question?” Chief Sam asked his men.

“He might be. The concern is just about how he was able to locate this place again. Boss, don’t you think this guy has planted something?” One of the guards said.

“How can I trust you people too? Who knows if there’s anyone who’s leaking out the secret? And, this guy is someone I don’t know, what could he have done?”

“He came here the other day and stabbed Major, who knows what he came to do? Who knows what he planted in that house?”

Chief Sam reasoned. “That’s true, but, the fact is that I wasn’t at home when we planned to take her to home, how come he knew?”

“It is either something has been planted in your office or there’s really a traitor here.” Another spoke out.

Chief chuckled. “How would he have kept my office under surveillance? Does it mean you guys don’t do your work there well?”

“No boss, that might have happened when you allowed someone into your office, don’t you think we should search your office tomorrow?”

“Alright, let’s keep expecting tomorrow, no one should move.” He stood up and walked inside the house.


“To pay just a little sum of money is taking you eternity, isn’t it?” Harry accused Queen Katherine as he picked up his mist-covered cup of wine and drank.

“Harry, please keep down your voice, you’re in the palace.” Queen Katherine said, looking so afraid as she moved closer to him. “Don’t do this to me, don’t.”

Harry laughed wickedly. “What won’t I do? You just want me to tell the highness the truth of the matter, isn’t that what you’re driving at? I will be pleased to do that too, though I will be affected.”

“Harry, don’t worry, I will pay the money into your account next week.”

“No need to wait for next week, I will send the prince the gift of his birthday tomorrow, let’s see how he will react.” He grinned and stood up. “Don’t let everyone start suspecting me, you are a married woman and you can’t be with another man for so long.” He grinned as he walked out with his cup of wine.

Queen Katherine plopped down the sofa, looking so frustrated. “It more than five years.” She muttered.


“He came for you again, why would you lie to him? Vivian!” Victoria walked removed her sandals.

“Do you think I have been joking? I don’t want anyone that will later be maltreating my son, it’s written all over him that he doesn’t like my son.”

“But you should have accepted his offer, you have no other work for now.”

“I know what I just told him will keep me at arm length from me.”

“Anyways, it’s your decision.” Victoria stood up and walked inside the house.

She relaxed, remembering Nicholas again.


“Now that the food is done, I have to leave.” Nicholas informed Doris as he stepped out of the kitchen.

“Leave? What if these dangerous people come in?”

“Firstly, don’t have weird thoughts. Secondly, you should relax your mind and moreover you know how afraid I might be if I see anyone. I can’t face bad guys oh.”

Doris grinned. “That’s it, someone like you can never come somewhere to save someone.” She stood up and punched his left shoulder.

Nicholas chuckled and held on to his shoulder. “You haven’t stopped this act, when will you stop?”

She laughed. “But wait, why would you leave after cooking? That wasn’t the plan from the scratch.”

Nicholas smiled. “I just remembered tomorrow is Prince’s birthday, my band was invited to come there to perform.” He told her.

“That’s nice. But, I still don’t like this lifestyle of yours. You should still find a good job so that this music will just be a small business beside the real one.”

“I am still thinking on what to do.

“You have never finished thinking, only God knows the day you will finish thinking.”

He chortled. “At least, I will conclude this one before thinking of another.”

“Just go and prepare, I know you’ll be paid heavily.” She winked.

“I have to call Henry, they should have paid part of the money.” He said walking out. “I might come back to check on you, Doris.” He said and rushed out.

I have to prepare for Chief’s operation tomorrow. He thought as he rushed back to his place.


“Boss, we just thought of another thing.” One of Chief’s men approached him as he walked out.”

“What?” He questioned, still looking so angry.

“Don’t you think if I get that lady kidnapped again, The Unknown might show up again? We can get him that way.”

“That is true, but who knows her house?” He enquired.

They all kept staring at one another.

To be continued after 50 share