The Unknown Season 1 Episode 13


Previously On The Unknown

“Mark is dying, Sir”

“That’s not my burden. Whoever can’t shield himself well should be left to die with his foolishness. Will you stay with him or save yourself?”

“What’s the next step?”

“Take her to my second house, then,

“But who’s this lady?” Nicholas  started soliloquizing as he remembered how he shot the guard. “I will try as much as possible not to kill anyone, I will just keep on hurting you for your bad deeds.”


Still on the trail, his phone beeped and he reached for fit quickly. “Nancy, what’s happening?” He enquired, trying to keep the distance between the evil man and himself.

“Let’s go for dinner.” Nancy informed him.

Who told this one I’m in the mood for dinner? “I am working here, I’ll get back to you if I can come.” He replied and ended the call quickly.

Just then, he had the opportunity to walk into the house quickly. He started opening rooms till he eventually found out the room where Doris was locked up and a piece of cloth tied around her face.

He changed his voice to a huskier one as he approached her. He knew she would know he was the one as soon as he didn’t fake his identity. “I came to save you.” He said and carried her.


“It was a trick! She escaped.” There was noise inside the house as they all rushed out again, but now with a leaflet of paper and all stared at it when they got outside. “The Unknown.” They chorused.

“Let’s go after them!”


Nicholas couldn’t reply all Doris had been asking him, to know if he came to save her or to kill her as well. He kept neglecting her and her questions till he got to the front of Area F Station and dropped her quickly. “My name is the unknown.” He told her before he sped off, to save his own life too.


Frank and Gregory met at the agreed meeting point. Frank was worried that his worries might end up killing him. “Thanks buddy.” He approached Greg and hugged him. “Let’s get going, just come before me, till we get there.”

“Alright.” Gregory replied and both hopped into their various cars to visit Vivian.



Frank and Gregory met at the agreed meeting point. Frank was worried that his worries might end up killing him. “Thanks buddy.” He approached Greg and hugged him. “Let’s get going, just come before me, till we get there.”

“Alright.” Gregory replied and both hopped into their various cars to visit Vivian.


As many often say a man without a problem is a problem to the world, Frank had been down because he felt he had made a huge mistake. At first, he knew there was no one to replace Vivian, yet he sacked her. Though, he was no longer concerned if Vivian had given birth before, all he wanted was to send Anthony abroad so that he could get married to Vivian.

He accelerated slowly as he took his eyes off the track periodically, just to check on Gregory who was accompanying him. He kept sighing, hoping Vivian would accept him as he drove on, but on the other hand, he didn’t want her son.

He finally came down at the front gate of the house, stroking his beard as he leaned against his car and waited for Greg to park. He stared at the building until he got to his side. “Let’s go in.” He tapped him.

“Very well.” He smiled and led the way.


Craig couldn’t control his happiness as he hugged Doris. “What really happened?” He asked, holding her two hands.

“I don’t even know, I can’t say what happened precisely.” She replied him, trying to pull her right hand, she was feeling some pain, probably because it was strained and tied.

“Sorry.” Craig helped her pull the hand and smiled. “My thought had gone wild, I have been searching for you. But, I still don’t understand this. Is this the work of Chief Sam?”

Doris swooshed out a long breath and found her voice again. “I can’t tell, but I have a strong feeling that he was the one.”

“In this kingdom, if there’s no evidence, one can’t be jailed.” He muttered, hissing as he turn his face away.

Doris smiled. “If he was the one, you should know surely that he would be caught someday.”

Craig smiled too. “But how did he investigation go with him?”

“I have this feeling that his hands aren’t clean, he has a lot to do with the death of the couple.”

Craig sighed. “His reactions, right?”

“Yes. Even the way he kept speaking, he was just blabbing as If he wasn’t moved.”

“Though, some people are just like that. But, one shouldn’t be that way when it comes to investigation. You should get some rest, I will get to the root of this matter, I won’t rest until the people who have done this are caught!”

Doris smiled. “I trust you, team mate.”

Craig grinned. “But, there’s one thing I forgot.. who helped? How did you escape?”

Doris looked away. Nicholas? She had thought, breathing heavily.


“Good evening, we want to see Vivian.” Frank told Anthony as he opened the gate.

“Good evening, Sirs.” He smiled.

“Thanks, we want to see Vivian.” Frank repeated.

“Vivian?” Who bears the name?” He enquired.

“A beautiful lady with her son.” Gregory replied.

Anthony smiled. “What are your names? Let me go and tell my mum.”

“Mum? Are you her son?” Frank asked quickly.

He smiled. “Yes, I am.”

Frank hissed faintly. “Alright. Tell her Frank, her boss is here.”

“You’re mum’s boss? I am coming.” He shut the door and rushed into the house.


“I don’t know the person, he didn’t remove the cloth used to block my view till he drove away.” Doris replied Craig.

“That guy must have guts. Those that kidnapped you can’t be ordinary people, how come he did everything successfully?” Craig wondered.

“He was a brave man. I am sure he tried to trick the men before he took me away. By the way, I think he was the one who shot one of the men at the first house I was taken to.” She said, still trying to link events.

“So you’ve been taken to a place at first?” Craig asked.

“Yes, I was taken to a house. But, there was a rebel between the guys and probably the person who helped me, so I was vacated.”

“You still never heard a name, not even one?” Craig enquired.

She thought for a while before she remembered. “I heard when one of them made a call and said his fellow named Mark had been shot.” She said.

Craig heaved a sigh of relieve. “Alright, let me go and drop you off.”

“Thanks.” Doris smiled and stood slowly.

“My concern is just how the person who helped you got to know what was happening.”


Vivian’s eyes widened as she heard Frank’s name. “Why on earth did you open the gate for a stranger?” She questioned Anthony.

“I only opened it to see the faces of the men.” Anthony sat down throwing a gaze at his mother.

She frowned. “Have I not told you that you shouldn’t open the gate without knowing the people at the gate? You won’t learn that!”

“Mum, did you resign? What is your boss doing here?” Anthony asked.

She hissed and stood up. “Don’t ask me any question because you’ve annoyed me by opening that gate. Once you enquire about the person at the door, you should always come back to tell me!”

Anthony smiled. “Alright mum am sorry.” He replied.

Vivian wiped her forehead as she took some steps and walked out of the living room to check on Frank. She opened the gate and wore a frown as she stared at him. “Good evening.” She greeted, placing her right hand on the gate.

“I’m happy you came out to meet me.” Frank smiled. “I’m sorry concerning my reaction, I came to apologize.” He said as he glimpsed at his friend.

“Yeah, that’s what we came for, please forgive him.” Gregory cut in.

Vivian smiled. “I am not angry, if I was angry I wouldn’t come out.”

“That’s nice to hear, when will you return to your duty post?”

Vivian tilted her head. “Duty post? Immediately I left the company, my husband got me a work in his company.” She smiled.

“Husband?” Frank repeated, widening his eyes.

“Yes, you know I have given birth, don’t you? So, my husband got me a new job.”

“But you have never told the company about your marital status as married.” Frank said, looking disappointed.

“We just got back together.” She replied.

“Oh, thanks.” Greg pulled Frank as they left and Vivian shut the door.


“She did what?” Chief Sam’s phone dropped on the floor as he quickly reached for it again. “Just don’t tell me that girl escaped.”

He sunk into his seat as he swallowed, covered with sweat as if a glass cup was covered with mist. “You are all dead! By the time i return, you better start calling your families” He shouted as he stood again, ready to leave the work place.


Nicholas kept grinning on his seat as he confirmed that Chief had received the shocking call from his friends. He was glad he could manage to get Doris away from him.

He cleared his throat as he picked up his eye glasses. “I will finish my business with this man, tomorrow.” He said, contorting his mouth with a smile. “Thank you God.”

He was getting afraid to approach Doris, though, he knew she didn’t see him, but he knew she might suspect he was the one. He stood up and placed his iPad inside the wardrobe. Then, he change his dress and walked out of the house.

The weather was cool, the wind was blowing in with a fast velocity, carrying particles along. He looked into the sky and smiled to himself. “It’s going to rain.” He said as he rushed back inside to shut his windows and headed to Doris’ place to check if she had returned back home.

He walked slowly, enjoying the breeze and the scene of the children trying to pack their things into the house because of the rain. He was looking around till he got near the house and saw Doris as she came down from Craig’s car.

He smiled and walked closer. “Doris!” He called and rushed closer. “Craig, a wonderful evening to you.” He extended his hand for a handshake from him.

“Yeah, how was the day?”

“It was nice, thanks.” He grinned and waved at him. “You should get going, it will start raining.”

“Thanks, Doris take good care of yourself and call me instantly, if there’s any problem.” Craig waved at Doris.

“Alright, thanks.” Doris waved back and turned to Nicholas. “How are you?”

Nicholas just smiled, masking his feelings well. “I’m really good, you?”

“I was kidnapped today.” She informed as she opened the door and both of them walked in.

“Don’t tell me! What happened? Hope you weren’t beaten? What really happened?” He quickly asked, making his surprise well known.

“So you never knew I was kidnapped.” Doris smiled and motioned further.

“How would I know? Tell me, what happened?” He enquired, trying as much as possible to improve his pretense.

“I can’t tell, but I suspect Chief Sam.” She replied.

“Chief Sam?” He asked, taking his eyes off her for a moment, pretending as if he wanted to remember who Chief Sam was. “Ooh.. I think I now know the man. What happened between you both? Why would he try to kidnap you?”

“I went for investigation, then I left the company. As I was going, the taxi that carried me was crossed and before raising my head to know what was really happening, I was taken away.”

“I trust Craig, he was the one who came to help you, right?”

“No, I don’t know the person. But, one thing I just suspect is that… the person wore the exact perfume you do use. When he carried me, the height I noticed, even though I was blindfolded, was just like your height.”

Nicholas froze

To be continued