The Unknown Season 1 Episode 12


Previously On The Unknown

What do you think Anthony would do if he discovers the truth?” Vivian asked Victoria as she took a seat beside her.

Victoria smiled. “If you were in his shoes, what would you do?” She questioned, packing her hair to a side.

Vivian sighed. “I don’t really know, but I would be so disappointed that it would be hard to forget that kind of mother.”


Frank hissed. “I sacked her yesterday.” He informed, looking into his eyes.

Gregory frowned. “You wouldn’t do such a thing, isn’t she your girl?”

“Why would you do that? Why? That’s totally wrong, totally wrong!” Gregory exclaimed.

“I had to do it because I felt she was rude. I couldn’t take it any longer, knowing she had given birth before.”

“Do you still feel anything for her?” Gregory enquired.

“I do, a lot! Will you escort accompany me to her house today?” Frank asked.

. “You are really beautiful officer Doris.” Chief Sam grinned as Doris approached her.

“Thanks so much, Sir. I came in respect of the board of directors of Golden Ring Companies that were killed, Sir.”

“So, what’s my own business?

Doris was mute, trying to read between the lines. He looked happy because of the death of the people just because of contract.. A lady like you shouldn’t be doing all this, you should be by the side of someone like me so that I can make you feel what wealth is.”

“Excuse me,

You should think about my offer, ladies give in easily, don’t let yours be different.”

“You were the one who lead the board of directors, right?”

“Sure! You should know I have a lot of money.”

“What’s the relationship with  Golden Ring Companies? Were the deceased your friends?”

“Why would useless people be my friend? They have always tried to ruin us, always tried to compete, that was why I dealt with them.”

“You dealt with them?” Her eyes widened.

“Sure, by making this company win the huge contract. Don’t think of anything else.”

Doris smiled. “No problem sir, I will get back to you.” She walked out.

“Guys!” Chief shouted. I don’t know how I lost my temper, you must not let that girl go scot free, she now suspects something and besides she should always be by my side, soothing my bones every night.”

“Alright sir, what should we do?”

“Kidnap her to my house and lock her inside

Soon, Nicholas got to the garage and rushed into the compound. He was heading toward the scaffolding while the guard was on the other side of the compound, walking toward the end of the compound to make a turning toward the scaffolding.

Nicholas got to the backyard and was climbing on the fence when the guard got there and there was a loud gunshot.



It was the cessation of his plans already. Kicking the bucket is what people hear everyday, to pass through it is what a lot fear. His hysteria of death but he had promised himself if he would die just to get the evil men, so be it.

He wished his own type would be nonidentical to others, but it seemed there was becoming a great gulf between his desiderata and what was coming. Even though he didn’t know the lady that was kidnapped, he didn’t bother to listen to the previous conversations before he took the bold step, and made his way into the house, he knew he would be happy he saved a life.

He hated spilling blood, did reaffirm his faith and strength everytime, but it seems all had ended as there was the loud gunshot when he was mounting on the fence. Oh God! He missed his target. He toppled down the floor and held on to his thigh as he rushed to his car and sped away.

Though, the mission was unable to be accomplished, he knew he would kick butt and kick up his heels another time.


Doris that had been tied to the wooden chair in the room Nicholas was about to enter had been thinking on what could be happening. Millions of thoughts ran through her mind on the seat as her mouth was plastered so she wouldn’t shout and her eyes tied round with a rag so that she wouldn’t have the chance to see.

Her comfortless state had started causing her some pains. If she had known, she would have sorted out a secret code with Craig. But, what would the code do? Her bag had been taken away and she had been tied already.

She couldn’t hit the nail by the head, she wasn’t sure of what must have happened within that short period. She began to wonder if she was safe at all, crying because she never told her sister a goodbye. She kept hearing the groans of the guy Nicholas shot before he ran away, was that Craig? She wondered as she kept her head low, abysmal in thought.

Soon, the other guard came upstairs to save his fellow. Then, he called chief to tell him what was happening. “That house isn’t safe any longer, we have to vacate her out of that house. You have to start investigating too, I’ll send my other guys to come and meet you.”

“Mark is dying, Sir”

“That’s not my burden. Whoever can’t shield himself well should be left to die with his foolishness. Will you stay with him or save yourself?”

“What’s the next step?”

“Take her to my second house, then, you and Mark can go there to stay for a while. I will return soon.” He told him and ended the call.

He didn’t care if any of his guards died, all he was after was about protecting himself and his selfish desires.


Nicholas thudded down the bed as his heart beat rapidly that he felt he would die that minute. His thoughts had gone wild before he discovered the guy missed his target. But, that was just a narrow escape, he surmised within himself as he held his thigh again and groaned.

He had hurt himself and the shock, excruciating him badly. He rolled over to the other edge of the bed and glommed his iPad to continue listening to Chief Sam’s discussions. He was unable to listen till he got home, because of his shock and fear that he might be trailed.

He didn’t hear anything and removed the earphones resentfully. “His guys must have called him.” He breathed heavily, his pulse was still on race and his system was still preternatural. “I’m still working on just a person, I am getting six of them.” He sighed and sat up.

“But who’s this lady?” He started soliloquising as he remembered how he shot the guard. “I will try as much as possible not to kill anyone, I will just keep on hurting you for your bad deeds.”

He had gotten a new job now, listening to Chief Sam’s discussions. He fixed the earphones back to his ears and sprawled on the bed again.


Craig was beginning to get worried. He had called her mobile number severally but she hadn’t picked any of her calls. He stood quickly when he suspected that she might be involved in an accident or if Chief had tried to kidnap her.

He wouldn’t do that, he told himself as he walked out of the office and received a parcel from the security man. It was sent from Nicholas to expose that Chief had kidnapped a lady. “Is the lady Doris?” He wondered for some minutes before entering into his car and drove off to Chief Sam’s office to ask if he saw Doris earlier.

He was suspecting how the person who sent the parcel got to know a lady was kidnapped by him and was suspecting Chief Sam likewise. He walked out of the company immediately Chief told Craig that Doris came but she left herself.

He was getting more worried, rushing to the station to get a search warrant to seach chief’s house.


Nicholas got impatient on hearing the discussion between Craig and Chief Sam. He kept on wondering if it was Doris that was kidnapped or he heard the wrong thing. He stood up, parading the room in a deep thought as he quickly reached for the iPad again.

Then, he heard some more discussions from Chief and confirmed Doris had been taken to his second house. He picked everything needed as he rushed out and hopped into his car. It was inside the car he remembered he didn’t know the second house. He picked up his mobile phone and pulled a call across to Nancy, to ask if she knew about Chief’s second house.

He asked in a cunning way but Nancy didn’t seem to know any other house apart from the house’s address she gave to him. He hissed as he carried his iPad and placed it on his laps, driving out of the house. He kept listening till he almost got to Chief’s company and parked some distance away from his car. He was ready to trail him.


Craig approached his boss and told him about all that was going on. He wore a worried face as he stood before him, showing his grief. He approved the search warrant and gave him some guys to follow him to anywhere wished. His solicitude started growing for Doris’ safety.

That eased his heart as he rushed out and started getting everything ready.


Nicholas was unable to hear anything from Chief again, because he had left the office. He never relented as he drove before the car, leaving a distance so that he wouldn’t be noticed at all.

Still on the trail, his phone beeped and he reached for fit quickly. “Nancy, what’s happening?” He enquired, trying to keep the distance between the evil man and himself.

“Let’s go for dinner.” Nancy informed him.

Who told this one I’m in the mood for dinner? “I am working here, I’ll get back to you if I can come.” He replied and ended the quickly.

He accelerated till he saw the bungalow Chief drove his car into and he halted. “I know I’m in trouble with him already, to win this night will be a serious problem. But, I can’t leave Doris here, I can’t!” He said as he came down and folded his mask inside his pocket and the gun.

He peeked through the gate and cleared his throat. He saw some guards walking around. He moved to the end of the fence and climbed it, still on guard as he tried his best.
He jumped in when he saw the two guards discussing and walked to the back of the building stealthily, using his mask and bringing out his gun. He hid behind a tall tree there and waited for a while.

He didn’t know how to start, where to pass and how easy it would be. He just heard Chief’s voice. “Kill anyone that you find.” He turned around as he heard the gate being opened and Chief’s car was driven out. He took some steps away from the tree and walked to the other side of the building, walking slowly until he found out that the guards inside had come outside to discuss with their friends

He wasn’t sure if it was all the guards that came outside, but he saw many of them outside, seated and discussing. He picked his phone and dialed Doris number, but it was off already. He didn’t know where exactly he would pass because they were many in the compound.

He also didn’t know Craig’s number, he would have called him to get him informed about how things were going. He thought of an idea and smiled, rushing to the other side of the building and jumped out of the fence. He stood behind the fence, near the gate and threw stones at the gate. Then, he rushed back to the end of the fence and jumped inside the house again, watching the guards as their attention had fully been driven toward the gate.

Just then, he had the opportunity to walk into the house quickly. He started opening rooms till he eventually found out the room where Doris was locked up and a piece of cloth tied around her face.

He changed his voice to a huskier one as he approached her. He knew she would know he was the one as soon as he didn’t fake his identity. “I came to save you.” He said and carried her.

If he should open her face, she would like to know the person and might even suspect him. He only untied her legs so she could walk as fast as possible. Getting near the main door, he peeped and saw that the guards had walked outside to know who threw stones. He used the opportunity and pulled Doris along till they got to the end of the building,  the only problem was how she would jump.

He didn’t want to untie her hands because she would remove the cloth tied round her head and suspect him. It was tough but he had to climb the fence and carried her as both fell down outside the fence. He carried her up quickly and told her to wait there till he confirmed if all was well. “This might be a trick, go and confirm if she’s still in the room.” He heard a voice and noticed they ran inside.

He rushed back to Doris and carried her, both ran as quick as they could till they got to where he parked his car and he pushed her in, driving away.

“It was a trick! She escaped.” There was noise inside the house as they all rushed out again, but now with a leaflet of paper and all stared at it when they got outside. “The Unknown.” They chorused.

“Let’s go after them!”


Nicholas couldn’t reply all Doris had been asking him, to know if he came to save her or to kill her as well. He kept neglecting her and her questions till he got to the front of Area F Station and dropped her quickly. “My name is the unknown.” He told her before he sped off, to save his own life too.

To be continued after 50 share