The Unknown Season 1 Episode 15 Final


Previously On The Unknown

. “What were you thinking? I know you very well, you are so timid to take such a bold step the guy took. By the way, I was rushed into a car, it seems the guy has a car of his own, but you don’t.” She chuckled.

“My ultimate surprise is just concerning the perfume. You know how expensive and scarce this perfume is, I don’t think I have ever met someone that has used it before. Are you sure the perfume worn by the person was just like mine?”

Doris curved her lips into a smile. “Surely, it was like yours. By the way, there’s nothing to worry about, you alone can’t be the one using the perfume, don’t you know?”


“Don’t you think The Unknown is connected to this lady in question?” Chief Sam asked his men.

“He might be. The concern is just about how he was able to locate this place again. Boss, don’t you think this guy has planted something?” One of the guards said.

“It is either something has been planted in your office or there’s really a traitor here.” Another spoke out.

Chief chuckled. “How would he have kept my office under surveillance? Does it mean you guys don’t do your work there well?”

“No boss, that might have happened when you allowed someone into your office, don’t you think we should search your office tomorrow?”

“Alright, let’s keep expecting tomorrow, no one should move.” He stood up and walked inside the house.

Nicholas smiled. “I just remembered tomorrow is Prince’s birthday, my band was invited to come there to perform.” He told her.

“That’s nice. But, I still don’t like this lifestyle of yours. You should still find a good job so that this music will just be a small business beside the real one.”

“I am still thinking on what to do.

“You have never finished thinking, only God knows the day you will finish thinking.”


“Boss, we just thought of another thing.” One of Chief’s men approached him as he walked out.”

“What?” He questioned, still looking so angry.

“Don’t you think if I get that lady kidnapped again, The Unknown might show up again? We can get him that way.”

“That is true, but who knows her house?” He enquired.

They all kept staring at one another.




“I was almost caught!” Nicholas slammed the door as he entered into the room.

He brought out his iPad quickly and the mp3 player he had. He unlocked the iPad and inserted a new  media card into the device. He copied the important voice notes on the memory card and he removed it and kept it in a small envelope.

“Tomorrow is the D-day.” He sighed as he started thinking on how he would get Chief Sam the very next day.


Nicholas brought out a new white shirt from his wardrobe. He took a glimpse at the wall clock and dressed up quickly. “If one isn’t a criminal, why would he keep guards by his side?” He wondered, dressing quickly so he could catch up with his plans for chief.

He brought out the envelope where he kept the media card and inserted it into a bigger brown envelope. He picked up his eye glasses and walked out of the house.

He was carrying a school bag and on the other hand, the brown envelope.


Nicholas parked by the road to Chief’s office. He waited for a while and noticed he hardly saw a car pass. He rushed to the nearby bush and pulled out a big log of wood to the road so that the car would stop instantly they get there.

He moved his car forward and parked it in a more hidden place before he walked swiftly and hid himself by the bush with a rag that had been soaked in chloroform in his hand.

Soon, he saw his car coming and it halted immediately the big log of wood was met. He noticed there were only two guards with him and they had gotten down to remove the log from the way.

He felt afraid but pulled up stake and opened the door quickly, covering chief’s nose and mouth with the rag, soon, he knocked him out.

As he was pulling him out of the car, the guards turned around and he pointed the gun at them. “If you play pranks, you will die.” He told them as he ordered them to walk into the bush.

He didn’t blink his eye, still pointing the gun at the guys and warned them never to look back at him or he would kill them. He clinched that they entered deeper before he lugged Chief Sam to his car and brought his head out quickly, pointing the gun at the direction where he told the guys to walk through.

He breathed heavily as he hopped into his car quickly and sped off. Chief had sent his other men to be searching for Doris earlier, hoping the two guys left would be alright to stay with him in the office.


Nicholas neglected the sharp bends and spikes as he drove as if he was being chased. He was glancing at Chief periodically, making his way to one of the thickest forests in the Kingdom.

He swallowed as he jumped down from the vehicle and brought out the bag. He fast-tracked to the other side of the car and pulled Chief Sam out of the car. He had parked the car in a secured place and carried Chief Sam up, turning his back at him, he fixed his hands in between his armpits and dragged him along, till he was satisfied that no one would notice anything was going on.

As he opened his bag, he brought out a very long and thick rope which he used to tie him to the tree. He was already sweating and his white shirt with blotches.

He brought out a small towel which he tied round his mouth. He let out a long breath as he sat on the floor, staring at him.

He remembered what he had to get done and rushed up to his feet again. He dipped his hands into his pockets and got his phone. He listened to the voice calls the phone had recorded so far and deleted the gratuitous ones. He removed the media card he used for the phone and outstretched his hand quickly, for the envelope.

He brought out a flier of his new signature- ‘The Unknown’ and dropped it on the floor before Chief Sam. He knew if he didn’t kidnap him, the evil man might plan to run away or waste more lives.

He brought out a pen and another sheet of paper, writing down the description of where he tied Chief Sam. After, he packed his things, he seated and waited for him to wake up, putting his mask on.


Craig had picked Doris up so he could know how she was fairing. He had been worried about her, if she was safe, until he saw her that morning. He was chuffed that he could see the shining lady out again. At first, he nixed her going to work that day, at least she got into trouble earlier and she had to rest.

Doris never conceded as she hopped into his car quickly as hit him by his shoulder to drive quickly. One thing she like was to hit someone by the shoulder and shine a grin after.

She was strong, Craig knew and smiled that he had a wonderful team mate. He drove her to work happily and both walked to the office together.


“I don’t want you or your friends to drink in a wrong manner, a good and reasonable man won’t drink excessively.” King Dennis told Prince Edward as he smiled beside him.

“The Prince isn’t that kind of a person too, he wouldn’t do that.” Harry cut in, exposing his teeth.

Prince glistened a frowned at him and smiled after. He had started hating him for making life hard for him. He got annoyed when he was told Harry had gotten to the palace that morning, to wish him a happy birthday.

“That’s true.” Queen Katherine supported Harry.

Harry gave her a bad look that she only could decode what it meant. “I trust my son. So, when is your party getting started?” King Dennis enquired.

“It will start latest by noon and till midnight.” He smiled.

“It’s nice, I like the fact that you wish to celebrate your birthday in the palace and not a civic center or a hotel.” Harry chimed in again.

Edward shook his head wondering how foolish Harry was. At least, he had strut his stuff at him in different ways that he didn’t like him and didn’t want him to interfere in the discussion. He had no volition because he was the King’s brother but everyone knew he was a tough guy too.

“I have a special gift for you on this occasion.” The King smiled at Edward, expecting him to ask of what the gift was.

“So, what Dad?” Edward grinned, anticipating to know what it really was.

“Alright, come in!” He said and a lady walked in.

Prince Edward was wowed as he saw the lady walk in, astonishing and beautiful. She was simply a knockout, a light and ravishing lady. If that was really the gift, he would never reject it. He kept smiling, licking his lower lips to show that he really liked the lady. “Dad, is this?” He narrowed his eyes with a wider grin.

“Yes. This is the daughter of Engineer Ashley, one of the directors of the consummate Della Companies.”

“This is a great gift!” Harry jammed his hands together, admiring the lady.

Prince just scintillated a bad look at him for a moment and hissed silently before returning his gaze at the lady. “Dad, what’s her name?” He enquired.

“I won’t tell you the rest, you should take a walk and get to know each other better.” King patted his back.

“Alright, Dad.” He stood happily and held her left hand. The lady was also smiling, beautiful in her wine glitzy gown that had flower decorations around it.

“Don’t take long, Prince.” Harry said as Edward walked out with the lady.

“Don’t you think it’s high time he got married?” King smiled as he spoke with his brother.

“Yes now, he’s old enough. By the way, the custom of the Kingdom is that his wife must have given birth before he becomes the King.”

“Yes, Harry. That’s what I am trying to get done.” Both laughed, Queen just kept watching the two, smiling too.


Chief Sam’s eyes popped open. His vision was still blur as he tried to rotate his head but met himself fixed at the point. Nicholas stood quickly on seeing him open his eyes. He waited for him to get to his normal senses, rotating him till he could speak out. “The Unknown?”

Nicholas chuckled. “I’m glad you know who you are dealing with.” He brought out his gun and moved closer.

“What have I done?” Chief Sam asked.

“You can still ask me? After killing a lot of people to get this fame and popularity, you still can ask me?” He made his voice sound angrier.

“Please help me, I will give you whatever you want.” Chief Sam begged him.

He laughed. “What I want is for you to tell me the other people that joined you to kill the people you have killed.” Nicholas said. “That’s why I brought you here, I need to know others.”

“Please, don’t kill me.”

“I never knew you would be as soft as this.” He laughed out. “Tell me your other fellows in the game!” He shouted.

“No one… I didn’t kill..” Chief Sam started stuttering.

Nicholas was infuriated and grabbed him by his throat. “Don’t mess around with me because I can kill you here!”

“Okay… I will speak.” He said and Nicholas released his throat and moved backwards.

“Promise me you won’t kill me..”

“So, you fear death a lot too. You kill people as if you are God, you kidnap as if you are the mightiest on earth.” He pointed the gun at him.

“Please don’t kill me.” Chief begged him again, shivering already.

“I said tell me the names of others!”

“Em.. Engineer..Engineer As..Ashley.” He stammered.

“Engineer Ashley.” Nicholas repeated and picked up his bag. He walked to the back of the tree and ensured that Chief Sam was well tied up before he left.

He rushed to where he parked his car and was shocked to meet what he couldn’t believe

End of season 1

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