The Replacement Girl Episode 4


“Is either you divorce her and marry a fertile woman… or I will disown you”

My father’s words kept ringing in my head over and over again while I was driving back home. I wondered how on earth he knew about Naziha’s barrenness, could it be that he was spying on us all these while?

I hit the steering wheel hard and muttered a curse. I loved Naziha, she was my whole. How did he expected me to divorce her just because of his carnal desire? I hit the steering wheel again, this time around I ended up hitting the car in front of me. I quickly pulled over and so did the car.

The first thing I did after storming out of the car was checking its frontage, I was so sad to see both the headlights and pointers martyred. Naziha’s car!

“Mr man, are you mad? What sort of a driver are you?!” I started yelling as soon as the driver of the car responsible quickly came out with the girl he was driving with. “Do you know who I am? Do you know who my father is?”

I was very angry, how could he apply brake in the fast lane? Didn’t he know how to drive? I insulted him and told him how expensive the car was, and that he would pay for what he did. He knew he was at fault so he didn’t say anything, but at least he should have begged me. I hissed at him and quickly brought out my phone to dial the number of one of the cops I knew.

“We are sorry, but you’re the one that hit us sir” The girl managed to halt me by speaking up for her whatsoever. She appeared to be in her teens, I really should not bother replying her.

“The girl is right…”

“Yes, the girl is absolutely right!”

The crowd started interfering on what concerned them not, I didn’t bother because soon the police will arrive.

“This isn’t fair, man!”

“To hell with Zaki yoghurt!”

I paused to check the person that just damned our company’s product but couldn’t find him. Thus, the rest of the crowd followed suit. They started shouting and damning all our products.

“Zaki bottle-water must go!”

“To hell with Zaki yoghurt and bread!”

“D–n Zaki Juice!”

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Hence, they left me with no other choice but to leave the scene with the broken car. I stormed back into the car and quickly inserted the key in the ignition. I tried igniting the car engine into action but it was very stubborn, I had to keep trying before it finally revived. Thus, I accelerated away.

Today was a very bad day for me, it was like I was cursed. The car case was a minor one, I could get Naziha a brand new one in few days time. But the problem was my father, if I didn’t divorce Naziha he would disown me. I wondered why Zaki Family was all about one wife, no matter who you are in our family you must marry just one wife. If you should think about marrying another woman, then you must divorce your wife first.

I pulled over in my mechanic’s shop and showed him the car. He smiled and told me he could repair the car in a day. I returned his smile and handed him the key.

“Bring the car to my house when you’re done” I said to him.

“Okey sir, but…” He hesitated while brushing his head with his fingers.

“Yes?” I wrinkled my brows.

“The other one,” he cleared his throat and continued. “I drove it to your house few hours ago, it is now working fine”

I smiled inserting my hand into my pocket, I already knew where he was heading to.

“Take this…” I handed him a bunch without even counting, thus he smiled and bowed with a thank you.

I left his shop after that to the main street and boarded a cab home. Naziha had already cooked dinner, immediately I stepped my foot in the living room she welcomed me and walked me to the dining island.

“This is not our usual time of taking dinner but,” she paused as she began serving. “Sister Hannatu called me recently that she has delivered a baby boy. I told her we are coming over this evening…”

“Wow” I blurted out. Thus, the thought of my father popped into my mind. I wanted to narrate everything to her but promptly changed my mind in order not to spoil such a joyous moment for her. After all, we could discuss about it when we return. But about the car, I had to tell her.

“Ma Shaa Allah, I am happy for her” I said faking a smile.

“Yeah, me too” she said as she sat close to me. “Lets eat, Miji na (my husband)”

I smiled as I gently washed my hands in a bow and began eating. It was towon shinkafa and miyan wake. Naziha loved cooking local foods, she said it doesn’t matter her standard of living.

As soon as we were done, I washed my hands again and helped her clear the dining table.

“I broke your car” I said as we began washing the dishes together.

“What?” She baffled as she quickly rinsed her hands and dried them with a towel. “I hope nothing happened to you, my love?” She queried searching for any possible defect on my body.

“Nah, baby” I smiled. How perfect? She didn’t even bothered about the car.

“Ya Allah, thank you for saving my husband for me!” She said as she quickly embraced me. “I love you, Ahmad”

“I love you too, Naziha” I said holding her tightly. True love is indeed sweet!

Oh yes, true love is sweet! May Allah bless us all with true love, Ameen.