Gift Episode 52


I and my father were so happy when my name came out in the merit list to study Accounting in the prestigious Federal University in my state, Sarah wasn’t happy because she will be the only one at home with our old gate-man. Wetin concern me?

I went to the school to pay acceptance fee and make School fees payment also. I moved from Cyber-cafe to the bank around the school, lots of people were also making their payments especially cute guys, I no see their opposite sha.. I will meet my dream boyfriend here las las. Bad boy and jealous sweet lover, abi? na wetin I want.

After making those payments I visited my Faculty and that is how I met one of my senior colleague Franklin. Tall and fine boy like that, he told me that he is our senior colleague and we exchanged numbers promising to call me. I left the school that day in a high-spirit, after I did physical clearance and medics.

My dad asked me to look for a self-contain to rent that he doesn’t like his only daughter to live in a miserable hostel, I told Franklin about it and he told me one of his friend lived in a lodge close to campus that he will ask him to check if there is vacancy. Franklin was there for me when I washed and repainted the apartment, he wasn’t that financially buoyant, all those mama thank you boys na. I didn’t really like any boy to provide for me before they will be acting like demi-god.

Franklin helped me settled and he showed me all the lecture rooms my level will be taken lectures, he even gave me the course rep number. I was happy because everything was moving well for me.

One Night Franklin was in my room on a Friday night after we all came back from lectures he called that he wanted to come over, he chatted me on Whatsapp about it on Monday sha. We were busy watching movie on my laptop and it was getting late, I was wondering if he will really go home that night.

Me: Fran, you no go house today?

Franklin: I want tell you something.

Me: wetin be that?

Franklin: I love you so much, I nofit do without you. Gift, will you be my girlfriend?

Me: yes na, you always dey there for me. He leaned and captured my lips and we kissed smoothly, I no wear bra and he gro-ped my firm bre-asts and squeezed it. I tugged on his trouser pulling his belt hook, we broke the kiss and we pulled our clothes. We resumed the kissing again kneeling on the bed, he dropped soft kisses on my face and neck, down to my bre-ast. I fell back and he leaned over me capturing my ni-pples with his mouth, he started su-cking me and pressing my other brea-st.

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He separated my legs and positioned to enter, I used my palm and covered my sugar-pot told him to get condom. He got up like Elder State man running to his trouser with his kulikuli leading the way, he fished out Dorex Condom and tore it open with his teeth. Sharply wore it and buried it in my we-t opening.

He started moving his waist, pounding me hard and steady, I crossed my legs around him as he pushed in deeper making me to mo-an and scratched his back. We never even start he groa-ned and made a face filling the co-ndom with his cu-m, he disposed it. He was so happy and I wasn’t, he claimed to be the happiest young man on Earth,

Franklin loved me but our se-x life is like making a delicious meal and refused to eat it, I was always left ho-rny anytime we had se-x. I just had to find excuse to stop having se-x with him anytime he wanted us to.

Ine day Jay friend to Franklin who lived in same lodge with switched on his generator after days of no light. I haven’t had the strength to buy one, but I have told my father about it and he has sent me the money. I went to his room and charged my phone and we started watching movie together and got on talking.

Jay: you enjoy head?

Me: see you, who no enjoy head. Every woman dream na for em bobo to dey lick her sugar-pot na.

Jay: I sabi give head well well, iffa give you head you go flood my bed with your toto water.

Me: your friend nodey gree give head.

Jay: leave that bush man.

True to his words, Jay laid me on his bed and ate my sugar-pot, licking every corners till I flooded his bedsheet. He made sure I had multiple o—-m, he then wore his condom and inserted his hard kulikuli. I asked him to stop maybe he was hearing harder and faster, the energy he used in pounding me hard till we both climaxed was not of this world. I was so ashamed of myself, I truly love Franklin well well.

I chatted him up about his friend raping me, Franklin just broke up with me just like that. Mumu boy, na em no gree give me head oh.