The Replacement Girl Episode 36


Ahmad told me more about his family’s decree of one wife only and I wasn’t surprised at all. Most affluents are like that. I just hoped that our undercover marriage should workout. But the big problem here was, what if I ended up not being able to conceive before everything blew up? A doctor had once told me I would face challenges in conceiving due to my past masturbating habit which took its toll on me.

“Just like he said, everything should be done secretly. We are not going to invite anyone. The Mallam will tie the knot tomorrow by 2pm. I hope the boxes and everything are complete?” I heard my uncle uttered with his husky voice.

“Yes, everything is complete. But one thing is not clear, Baban Faridah” Aunty Aminah said.

“What is that?” My uncle queried.

“It is about the…” Aunty Aminah was saying when my phone began to ring. They never knew I was by their door eavesdropping on their conversation. Thus, I ran to the parlor.

The caller was, just like you might be thinking right now, Ahmad.

“AsSalama Alaykum” I said calmly like a baby as soon as I picked the call.

“Wa’alaykumuSalam warahmatullah, my wife to be. Can you please come out?” He uttered.

“Okey, give me a sec…” I said terminating the call. Hence, I walked to the room I was sharing with Faridah, applied a little powder, put on a pink lipstick and took my veil from the bed.

As soon as I stepped out of the house, Ahmad gestured for me to come into his car. I wore a smile as I gently walked into the front seat.

“You really look hot” He said smiling.

“Thank you” I coyly turned my face away.

“I bought a house for you” He apprised as he started the car. “It’s a four bedroom flat, few kilometres away from the factory” He added.

“Wow” I covered my mouth with my palms.

“Yes, my wife to be” He said as he began driving the car. “It has a big compound”

“You’re amazing!” Was all I could say to him.

Ahmad had done a lot for me and to say I was very happy was an understatement. The boxes he bought for me were complete and everything was certainly in dozen. My parents were told about the marriage too, they expressed how happy they were and promised to come see me after the marriage. Like we chose it to be, an undercover marriage. No any gathering – just the Imam, we, and the guardians we chose. I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow. I would finally be my boss’ wife!

“And here we are” Ahmad said as soon as he pulled over in front of the gate of the house.

“Wow, this… this is amazing” I said storming out of the car. The gate of the house alone surprised me. We went inside and indeed, the compound was big. There was a parking lot and a black G-wagon parked inside. I smiled wondering whose car it was. Perhaps Ahmad’s new car. He loved changing cars, you know.

We went inside the house and Ahmad gave me a brief orientation. The house was fully equipped. There were beds, Android TVs, Air-conditioniners, couches, armchairs, name it.

“Here is the document of the house with your name allover it. All you need to do now is to sign the papers and keep them with you” Ahmad said as he handed everything to me.

“Oh my God!” I did not even know when tears began rolling down my cheeks – tears of joy. I promptly gave him a hug and held him tight.

“It’s okey, baby. I will surely do more as long as you trust me” He said with his hands on my waist. “I love you and will always love you”

“I love you too!” I absentmindedly said.

The house was really amazing. We took some pictures, rearranged some things thus, I signed the house documents and we left the house.

“That G-wago is…” He was saying when i cut in.

“Ahmad please don’t say it’s mine. This is too much for a poor child like me” I said in tears.

“Well, it’s yours” He said smiling.
That moment, I felt like I was the happiest woman on earth. I was so happy that tears kept rolling down my fragile / soft cheeks.

Ahmad drove me home and I bade him goodbye. I ran inside the house and I told my uncle and his wife everything. They were so happy for me. I showed them the documents and they congratulated me. Wow, Allah was good to me!