The Replacement Girl Episode 35


The Zaki family wanted everyone in the family to marry just one wife. A decree against Allah, His messenger and all the believers in general. Well, it was time I change everything. I would definitely marry Humairah but it had to be undercover, then after having a baby with her I would make everything known to everyone. My father wanted grandchildren, I am sure he would understand this when it happened. And if incase he didn’t, then I wouldn’t mind if he send me away from his company. After all, I had gathered a lot of cash in my bank account.

Last week, I had proposed to Humairah with a diamond ring. She was very happy and since then, she hadn’t been aloof to me. In fact, she introduced me to her uncle, Habib and his wife, Aminah. Her cousins were also cute, Farid and Faridah. I was welcomed warmly with a dinner and since then, I had been eating dinner in the house whenever I drove Humairah back home. Sounds exciting, right?

Today being Saturday, there was less work in the factory – no production, no assembling of goods, no inspecting, just going through our expenses. I left the factory around 10am as soon as we were done. Rania had long been disturbing me to create time for her. According to her, I was changing gradually.


I horned at the gate and just then, Mubarak opened the gate for me. I drove in and, thus, walked into the house. I was so surprised to see Ka7 in the sitting room. I mean, he had never been to my house without a notice. Rania was there keeping him company.

“Honey,” She said as she gently stood from the armchair she was sitting in with her bump and walked to me. “Welcome back, my husband”

“Thank you, my love” I said as I embraced her gently. “How’s the baby?” I touched the bump.

“Fine” She said in the sexiest tone ever.

“I love you, Rania” I kissed her.

“I love you too, Ahmad” She smiled.

“Let me help you with this” She took my suitcase and gently went upstairs to our room with it.

“Hey man, welcome back” Ka7 said smiling.

“Hi” I said as I walked and sat close to him on the couch. “I… I wasn’t expecting you today”

“Yeah” He said as we shook hands. “I was kinda bored so I decided to come over, you know…”

“Hmm, why wouldn’t you be bored when you don’t want to marry?” I said smirking at him.

“And here we go, man” He cleared his throat and continued. “Just handover Humairah to me and I will marry her, even today I swear”

And that made me to glare at him. If he didn’t mind himself now I would just punch him very hard that he would bleed to his early death.

“Humairah deserve a good man” I said.

“And you’re the perfect match, right?” He said.

“Kai, low your voice” I gave him a light punch. “Do you want my wife to suspect something?”

“Hahahaha, you are too much wallahi, man. Two beautiful women for you alone. Why can’t you just give me Humairah, please?” He said.

“Because…” I hesitated as I drew more closer to him and continued. “Because I truly love her”

“Hmmmm” He heaved a sigh as he withdrew from the couch. “Alright then, happy weekend”

I didn’t say anything to him, I only watched him as he walked out of my house. He must be very stupid to think I would ever give him Humairah. I loved her and I also loved my wife. There were many beautiful women out there, if he needed any – he should go and get one.

I sttood from the couch and walked upstairs to our room. Rania was applying make-up when I salaamed in. She turned to me and blinked twice. She was always beautiful without make-up but even more beautiful when she applied powder and put on kohl. I walked to the stool she was sitting on and knelt in front of her.

“You are beautiful, Rania and I know the baby in here is adorable” I said as I kissed her belly.

“And you’re handsome, my king” She said placing her hands on my head. “I love you”

“I love you more, my love” I kissed her belly again and just then, she stood from the stool and walked straight to the door. I thought she was going downstairs but then she locked the door. I smiled as I gently stood to my feet.

“Lets make this baby more healthy!” She said as she walked to me and drew me to the bed.

“Alright then” I smiled unfastening my belt. And the rest is history…