All That Glitters Episode 15


The Choice

°Save ourselves or save our comrades°

It was very nerving to stand by and watch something like that and not be able to do something about it


Muna screamed again

but little johnny couldn’t hear him
he was still busy concentrating on the guy on the floor
he didn’t notice the man sneaking behind him
Muna felt sick when he saw the man raise the dagger
to the sky

the blade shone verybright against the sun
the man aimed carefully and brought the dagger straight towards john’s back

blood spurted out from the place the man had stabbed
the dagger passed through his back and pierced out his chest
he coughed out blood
and john’s eyes went blank as his lifeless body slowly fell to the ground
the scene was like an unbelievable dream as
everybody watched in horror as little john fell to the ground and bled to death


(sorry sorry,,,I’m just kidding,,,there was no stabbing,,no killing,,,our dear john didn’t die,,,so just relax,,,^^sorry if I scared anyone,,,don’t worry he is still alive)

-Back to the story-

Muna yelled john’s name again
but john did not hear
it was no use
with all the strentgh Muna could muster
he ran towards john to atleast do something
but the man was already bringing down the dagger towards john
he was already 5inches close to his skin
then suddenly

a flash of a shadow passed the man and the guy flew freely through the air

Muna stopped running as he saw what happened
the man fell effortlessly on the feild

Muna thought in his mind


of course
nobody else moves that fast

“haven’t I always told you guys to always watch your back” Dre chided john as john turned around to see what happened

A big smile formed on Tobi and mikes lip

Muna who was running like crazy before now relaxed and breathed in releif

honestly there was no better Timing than this
Dre just made an appearance at the right time

me on the other hand I was shocked
where did this one even come from
I mean Dre just came out of nowhere and razed the john’s assailant to the floor

as I was still wondering about this

I saw Dre call his entire crew to order

“alright boys,,,enough foreplay with this b**tards,,,time to round things up”

he stood in their middle as they made a circle around him
to do their usual pact

at this same moment I noticed another strange thing
the hill crest boys and the mercenaries they hired suddenly just stopped harrasing random people around but now
they all gathered together and surrounded the cleansweepers

I was confused
is there history between these guys before
or were these mercenaries originally after them

while I was still dwelling in this thought

I saw the guys move and turn their circle into a curved C
that must be what they call the “cleansweep formation”

“hm wow!” I exclaimed

then in a span of a few minutes
there was a dash of left and right
and they had engaged them
there was punches and kicks flying in different direction
I couldn’t even make out what I was seeing
but honestly looking at this now
it was way better than watching “kids in the dragon”
I mean where did this cleansweep boys learn such skills
I won’t deny it
at that moment I felt jealous
I was feeling useless and unhelpful as I sat and watched them protect us from those maniacs
I blamed my leg for my predicament

**stupid leg,,,me me too I can fig-,,,I mean ,,I could have helped and done something instead of watching like a buffoon** I thought

but who was I deceiving
which help exactly will I offer
when just one tackle from that idiot hill crest boy,,my leg don already kpaka like dry stick
I must be stupid or something

I scolded my self for having such crazy thoughts
what I’m I thinking sef
I should go and follow them and fight kung fu ,,so that in the next few years they’ll be pushing me around in a wheel chair
weldon,, so what will I tell my mama,,,that I was playing karate kid in real life abi
ehn you try

(I know its weird , but sometimes I talk to myself like there is two of me,,,its crazy I know,,,but I’m just like that)


Dre and the guys had managed to dispell all the attacks the hill crest and their thugs aimed to cause
the ones still standing
made the right choice and took to their heels

the guys rejoiced and lauded themselves in their victory

while Dre was busy giving john a long lecture about being careful

Tobi and mike were busy exchanging jokes at which one of the guys proved to tough for them

Muna walked slowly towards wasabi
he helped him up

“come on man,,,can you walk”
“easy,,,here ,,,lean on my shoulder”

Muna was a very caring person yes he’s like the most gloomy and depressed human being I’ve ever met
but still im yet to meet anybody more protective or caring like Muna
he always has a weak spot for individuals who suffer one kind of injustice or the other
Apart from his gorgeous looks Another one of his attributes was his instinct to help people in need
that was one thing girls didn’t know
to get muna’s attention,,,you need to get his heart

wasabi whimpered in pain as Muna supported him in walking

“uurgh,,,thanks man,,,” he told Muna

Muna helped him to one of the girls and handed him over

“take him to the school clinic,,,somebody needs to attend to him ASAP”

the girl nodded as she took wasabi from him

he turned to another and said

“quick call an ambulance,,,lots of people are badly wounded here”

the girl obeyed

“and somebody should pls call the police,,,let’s atleast know what the hell just happened here”

Muna walked towards Dre and they started a conversation

“nice of you to show up at the right of time,,,john almost gave me a heart attack” Muna said

Dre laughed and said
“don’t worry,,,that kid is always gonna be alright ,,,infact we are always gonna be alright as long as we stick together” Dre blurted in his cheerful tone

Muna smiled as he heard Dre assure him

then he said

“but seriously what is the banana with these guys,,,an ordinary football match and they went crazy” Muna said while looking at some hill crest boys groaning and rolling on the floor in pains

Dre looked around then shifted his gaze to the guy who tried to stab john

he bent low and studied the unconcious guy for a moment

dre’s blow must have been devastating because the guy was knocked out completely

Dre picked up the dagger the guy used
and examined it
he frowned when he noticed the Eagle logo by the handle

“Muna do you think Boanno may have something to do with this” he asked him

Muna turned and looked at him

“whah,,what makes you say that”

Dre stood up and handed the dagger to Muna

Muna studied it closely
then flinched his eyebrows

“but..but this doesn’t make any sense,,, what would boanno be doing with this hillcrest punks” Muna said with a puzzled face

Boanno,,or Antonio boanno was the mexican druglord gangsta Dre and the others encountered on one of their trips to gwaza city
they were supposed to perform at a show in gwaza but unfortunately they got into trouble with Boanno
although they got rescued
thanks to Tobi’s father who was a well known Godfather right here in bongos

Tobi’s dad promised all of them protection from Boanno and his Gang, as long as they don’t make direct contact with them but it seems like Mr spanito still has unfinished business with them

but how did he find them

Muna was still contemplating as Mike tapped his shoulders and pointed, just outside the school
almost twenty jeeps parked by the lot

Muna’s eyes widened in shock
as some deadly mexicans jumped out of the jeeps
and started walking towards them
each brandishing sharp looking cutlasses and machetes

(the original spanish way)

“I hoped I was wrong,,,but guys now ,,we are in deep trouble” Dre announced to them

Muna couldn’t believe it
but how?
how is it possible

he decided to stop asking foolish questions
and think of a plan
or a means of escape for them

he looked closely at the men as they slowly approached them
almost 30 in number each wielding fatal weapons of their choice

he studied their clothing materials and tatoos,,,and judging by the way they shaped their beards
these guys were not ordinary soldados they were the original diablo’s themselves

“we are finished!!” Mike exclaimed

“but how,,,my dad said,,I mean my dad promised they wouldnt-,,,so how did they” Tobi couldn’t point out the words correctly as he spoke

“well your dad has been out of town for a while,,,and I think they would know that by now”

john flinched

“Dre ,,,these guys are diablos,,,what do we do, nothing touches a diablo,,,what the heck are we going to do” john fiddled

“easy john,,,we just need to be calm” Muna replied john

Tobi revved up

“be calm?,,,be calm and do what,,,for crying out loud diablos are coming towards us and you are talking about being calm,,”

“let’s make a run for it while we can,,,we could escape using the school backyard by climbing over the fence” Tobi said

Dre looked at him and scolded

“you want to run and leave these guys here,,,look around you Tobi , ,our classmates are here,,,our comrades,,,if we run and leave them who’ll help them”

“but Dre this guys are diablos ,,if we waste any much time here we’ll get killed”,,”is this school really worth dieing for” Mike said it rationally

Muna revved up and replied him

“Nobody is going to die here Mike ,,,yes we can run and escape,,,but can’t you see, , most of these guys can’t even walk,,,we should atleast-”

Muna got intterupted by one of the goons mockery

” Guarda tu aliento para el ángel de la muerte”
(save your breath for the angel of death)

the ring leader who was very close now
had a strange vily smile as he Announced gladly!

“Dónde quieres que empieces?”
(where would you guys like us to start)