All That Glitters Episode 16


•The Hated Heroes••

°°seduction or repulsion°°

The goons advanced closer towards us
Yet we kept taking steps backward as they claim closer
All of us cowering behind the cleansweepers
I could see fear written on the faces of Muna and the rest
Even tho they had confident stance
I wished silently
That these guys wouldn’t abandon us
Even though I knew that they had no chance against this mulattos

Carlos the leader of the goons whispered something to one of his subordinates And that one nodded

Soon carlos started walking towards us alone
Without the company of the rest
He stopped in front of Dre and said

Dre kept mute
“tu das opciones”

So he repeated again

“Mi amigos,,tu das opciones”

In a hasty voice,,Muna looked back at me and said

“Hey kenna what the hell is he saying”

I replied him

“He is offering us an option to either-”

Carlos continued
“Vienen tranquila o vienen por la fuerza”

Carlos gave them two options
To either come quietly or get dragged forcefully
On hearing this
Tobi smiled a little
As he thought

*so then they are not actually here to kill us,,,but to take us hostages*

Almost immediately after thinking that
Tobi’s smile dissapeared slowly at the prospects
He wasn’t sure which one was better
Between a quick and easy death here or
Being dragged to an ungodly mexican hood,,,where they’ll do all sorts of inhumane stuffs to them

Dre stepped closer
And in a confident tone he
spoke out

“Class rep,,,tell this punks that if they don’t get their mulatto asses out of this field,,,I’ll unleash my destructive wrath on them”

I widened my eyes at Dre ‘s words
andI hesitated in speaking for some time
Untill Dre beckoned me


Then I looked at carlos
And said

” Quiere que se vayan”

I watched as carlos face changed to strong amusement as he burst into a hearty laughter
I’m not sure why Dre asked me to say that
maybe he thought they will feel threatened by his confident words
but obviously
that didn’t work

still laughing carlos said
“ellos estan locos”
!!(What,,,these guys must be crazy)

He turned around to his guys still laughing
He said
“estan locos,,,no que pasa”
“They are crazy,,,ain’t they”

The men roared in laughter
He continued his hideous laughter for a few minutes
Before he suddenly stopped and stared with a straight face

I got nervous as his expression changed

Carlos suddenly changed his mind
Instead of taking only the cleansweep as he was ordered to
He decided to take in his words
“Take some girls they can have fun with”

His eyes drifted behind us to the girls cowering in fear
He licked his lips lustfully
And walked towards them
Touching one by the hair he whispered soft things to her ear
He moved to another one and did the same

Soon he stopped and his eyes shifted to sonia

His lustful smile increased
As he approached

I could see the look of agitation on muna’s face
As he touched her

Carlos then called one of his subordinate
To come have “his own feel”

Tobi’s face burned in fury and the other guys beared the annoyance of the whole scene
Even if Tobi was a player
He begged and asked before touching any girl
He’ll never force himself on a girl

He hated the fact that this guys touched their classmates

Carlos started running his hands on Sonia’s shoulder while his subordinate did the same to the other girls
Sonia started whimpering silently
As carlos leaned closer to smell her scent
“shhhhh,,, No te apuraré okay”
(Shhhhsh,,,easy,,little girl,,,i wont rush you)

The sight of these guys dis gusted me
Carlos was a pervert!

Muna watched quietly
But suddenly I saw a twitch in munas eyes as carlos gripped Sonia’s waist and pulled her for a kiss

Sonia resisted him and gave him a slap in the process

Everybody looked astonished
That’s it!
The deed has been done already
No going back now

Carlos fumed in anger as his face turned red
“perra estupida la puta”
(You stupid litlle b!tch)

He smacked her to the ground

Muna revved up
And flew to the air ,,with all force into his hands he gave carlos a jaw breaking punch
And the man crashed to the floor
His subordinate who already dropped his weapon so he could touch and caress the girls better (idiot!)
Watched in shock as his boss got assaulted

Before he could do anything
Tobi launched himself and gave the man a round house kick to the chest bringing him down

I was surprised
Everyone I saw Tobi kick like that,,flew into the air,,but this man barely staggered backwards if not for yahya who placed a leg,,,tripping him in the process

Carlos sat up and in a loud terrible voice he yelled at his men

“la impiaralos”!!!
(Maime them)

We turned around and saw the goons running towards us ,,,each brandishing their favourite weapon of choice ,,,ready to draw blood

“We are finished”,! Mike exclaimed again

“Pull yourself together man” Tobi chided him

Muna turned to look at us and yelled

“Run,,,crawl,,,just got out of here”
He ordered

We all took cue and started moving
If we can atleast make it to the assembly hall we could lock the doors
I looked back for a moment as I saw the cleansweepers also taking a few steps back in fright

**how the hell were they going to face those diablos**

I thought

The Diablos got closer
Just a few inches to the cleansweepers
As they raised their weapons to strike

Teargas got shot into the air
The diablos looked around in confusion

*what is going on they thought*

Very soon we started hearing numerous sirens all around us
Police vehicles poured into the school building
As swat teams jumped out and moved to positions

A loud megaphone then rang through the air


There was smoke everywhere due to the teargas

Dre and the others decided to use the cover of the smoke to slip quietly away from the field

From inside the assembly hall
I breathed loudly in relief as I saw the police

The diablos soon
Got into their jeeps and made a run for it

I saw as one man went forward and pulled carlos up
The man swore at us as he was being dragged away

” Esto no ha terminado todavía”
(Its not over yet,,,I’ll still get you punks)

The whole commotion continued before it died down a little

By this time the diablos had left
And we all came through without getting clipped(maimed)


Tired and hurt we dragged ourselves to the main block


We saw that some students still remained in school
Most of them still had
Friends trapped in the field
They couldn’t come back to us because of fear of what might happen if they did

But now that we came through
I could see them rushing to greet their fellow classmates and checking how they were

I leaned on yahya as he helped me walk slowly to class
I just needed to rest a little before going home

The cleansweeps were behind us walking and chatting on the
John just kept teasing Mike about his countenance on the field

“Its no joke man,,,we could have died out there ,” Mike said

“And I’ve barely reached my prime”
He added

Tobi confessed
“I almost peed in my pants when that carlos of a guy came closer to us,,,”

Dre smiled and told him
“I’m surprised at how you got the courage to,,,move and stunt that surbodinate of his”

Tobi grinned and with his. Nose in the air
“My brother,,,my hormones were raging,,,can you imagine the way that b!stard was fondling that babe I’ve been trying to get since”

They all laughed at tobi’s comments

Then suddenly Tobi stopped and with a serious face he said

“Come to think of it,,,where is that babe gan”

He started walking faster away from them

“Ahn ahn,,,she should thank me for rescuing her now,,,”

Tobi left them to find the girl

Mike shook his head at him then said

“typical Tobi”

As they passed through the hallway

A girl peered front
Then she gasped and covered her mouth in shock

She ran towards Muna and threw her hands around his neck in a tight embrace

“I was so scared something happened to you”
She laxed and looked at his face
Touching his body
She said

“Are you alright,,,were you hurt anywhere!!,,,did they hurt you!!”
She asked him in concern

Muna replied her

“I’m ok I’m fine,,,as you can see”

She scoffed
Then hugged him again

“I was so worried thank God you’re ok!”

Everyone watched as Muna and halima hugged and conversed

Then halima said again

“When it all started,,,I was so frightened,,,I looked for you frantically,,but then I remembered you said somethin about the snooker room!,,,”

She looked at his face with concern again

“I’m so glad you are ok!!”,

“I’m fine,,,completely fine” Muna replied

She frowned a little

“I was worried when I didn’t see you in the snooker room,,,then someone told me they saw you heading towards the field”

Muna peered at her then replied

“Yeah,,,I went back,,,I had to go cos our classmates were there”

Halima glinted in admiration
For he to selflessly go towards danger cos of his comrades was an undeniably honorable feat

Muna opened his mouth to say something

“Um ,,halima ,,could you”

He was interrupted by baro
The man who works at the staff office

“Uh,,,are you the cleansweep guys”
He asked them

Then they nodded slowly

“Come with me,,,the police has a few questions for you”
They nodded again
And followed him
“And so you can say for certain what their mission was”

Dre shook his head

“No officer we can’t”

The policeman looked at his boss then the boss nodded to go ahead

The policeman continued

“So why exactly did you guys intervene”

Dre took a deep breath then started

“Well officer,,,if you must know,,,you see we are-“….

After answering all the questions to their satisfaction
The police released them
But Muna noticed the strange way
That police cheif kept glaring at them

They went back to their classes to grab a few things
There was nothing left for today
So everyone seemed to be heading home
Mike grabbed his bags then gave Muna his notebook as they got ready to go
Halima stepped into the class
And walked to Muna
She handed something to him

“Here is your. ,phone I found it in the snooker room”

Muna scrunched and said

“Oh,,thanks I,,almost forgot about it” he took it from her

She was about to say something when baro
Peered his head into the class and asked for Muna and Mike

“Hey you guys,,,mr samson would like to see you in his office right now”

Halima frowned

“What again!”

“Don’t speak to me like that young lady,,,its between them and mr samson” he replied her

Halima revved she was about to say something,,,when Muna nudged her

“Its ok,,,”

He looked at baro

“We are on our way”

As soon as they were done they made to leave

Halima nudged Muna and said

“After all you guys have done,,,they should let you go home and rest,,,why all these pushing around”

Muna peered at her and said

“Don’t worry,,,I’m sure its a minor thing that won’t take long,,,we’ll be done in no time”

He assured her as they left
They took the stairs and headed straight to the staff block
They got to mr sams office and pushed it open

Dre Tobi and john were already there,,,
Mr sam sat on his chair with a satisfied look

*what is he upto now*

He started

“Good,,,now that you two are here let us get down to business”

Mr samson pulled out his glasses and started

The boys could not believe their ears
Is this man crazy or somethin


“For what” Mike almost yelled

Mr samson replied calmly

“For breaking the rules of course”

*what fvcking rules!* Muna thought

Apparently mr samson placed suspension as the purnishment for any student caught fighting in school
It was one of us his political reforms as Head of disciplinary

“Sammy are you joking or something,,,we were protecting our wounded classmates from those thugs,,,and you wanna suspend us for fighting” Dre stated

Mr samson chuckled and replied
“You call them thugs,,,then what are you guys,,,look look,,,fighting is fighting,,,wether is for protection or whatever you call it,,,we don’t condone such acts in this school so park your stuffs and leave, You guys are suspended for two weeks”

Dre couldn’t believe this man

“Look sammy le-”

Mr samson cut him off

“Look my friend don’t sammy me,,,you should be thankful I’m not expelling you guys”

Mr samson stood up from his chair

“I won’t condole any more nonsense from you boys,,,now leave my office”

He pointed towards the door

And one by one they stepped out of mr samsons office

Laying on his bed doing absolutely
Muna was just relaxing and passing time at home
After the whole incident, At school
Everyone was told to go on a one week break to recover from the trauma

Muna s belly rumbled
He was definitely hungry
He stood up from his bed and went to get something to eat

He picked up a cornflakes container and shook It

He sighed loudly

It was empty

Mike had finished the entire thing yesterday

He sat down in a half depressed state
On a normal day he would have been really annoyed
But he’s been in a good mood since that encounter with mr sam

He remembered the look on mr sams face while the principal embarassed him in front of them, Callin him a “coward”

He remembered his words clearly

“While these kids were out there trying to help out,,,what were you doing”

Mr sam stammered while tryin to answer

“Well,,I ,I, I you see,,,I was”

The principal said

“So you can’t talk now,,,but you can boldly say ,,,you are suspended,,”

Muna smiled as he remembered the way mr sam dropped his head in shame
Not only did the principal cancel their suspension
He also, Commended them for a job well done

It was priceless

Muna was still roaming his thoughts
When a knock came in the door

*ooh,,,that must be yaro*

He had asked him to come and fix his light bulb

He went towards the door
Then opened it
He was surprised at what he saw

Halima was standing at his doorstep
Looking as beautiful as ever in a red dress
Muna stared at her in surprise

Her long legs looked freshly tanned
With very little make up
She looked like a runway model

“Uhh,,hello” she said

“Urh, hi” Muna managed to reply

He still stared at her

“What’s wrong” she asked

He shook his head

“Uh nothing” he replied

She sighed

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten its Tuesday already”

Muna scratched his eyebrows

Then she asked again

“So,,,aren’t you going to let me in,,”

Muna revved
Then opened the door wider so she could come in