The Replacement Girl Episode 37



The knot was finally tied in a small mosque close to Humairah’s uncle’s domicile. They said 2pm after Zhur but guess the time it happened? 8pm after Isha prayer to avoid suspicion. I shook hands with the Imam and his companions before leaving the mosque.

“When do you want us to convey her to you?” Humairah’s uncle said on our way to his house.

“I am taking her now with me” I said smiling. “I hope that won’t be a problem, sir?” I asked.

“No, Ahmad – not a problem at all” He said and continued. “It is an undercover thing after all”.

“Yes” I said and, thus, we went into his house.

Humairah was already waiting for us with her head covered while sitting on the couch. All her belongings had, since in the morning, been conveyed to the house I purchased for her. So now, it was only going to be the two of us driving to the house. Hmm, it felt really good.

“Muje, koh?” I asked if we could go.
Just then, Humairah sniffed and said


“Okey” I smiled as I gently held her hand and stood her up. I knew she had been lectured thoroughly about the kind of life she was about to step in. And I knew she had sobbed.

We were escorted to my car and, thus, I drove my new bride and myself away. It was a very silent drive to the house. Humairah alighted gently from the car as soon as I parked it in the parking lot close to the G-wagon I imported for her. I held her hand and walked us into the house. There was no light so I told her to wait for me in the room while I go out to the backyard and ignite the generator into action.

Immediately I started the generator, I pressed the supply button and light came out. I huffed as I walked back to Humairah. She was still there with her head covered. I smiled and gently took the veil off. That moment, I knew I didn’t waste my money on her make up.

“My best cook is now my wife” I said and that made her to smile and turn her face away. “I love you, Humairah” I took her hand into a warm clasp. She was kindof insecure. I knew she heard a lot about this and I knew she was definitely scared so I decided to give her time. “We need to pray” I announced as I stood and walked into the bathroom to perform ablution.

After performing my own ablution, I waited for her on the big prayer mat. She came back minutes later and we prayed two rak‘ahs together thus, went back to the bed. She sat there fidgeting her fingers while I took off my cloths and changed into a shorts and singlet.

“Seems like you’re tired” I said sitting close to her. “I thought you would change your cloths too” I gulped with my eyes steady on her.

“Ehm…” She cleared her throat and sighed. “I am not tired. I am… I am just shy” She said.

“Hmmm” I smiled as I moved more closer to her. “Humairah, feel free please, okey?” I said.

“Okey” She said as she gently stood to her feet. I thought she was going to change her cloth but guess what she did? She sat on my lap.

“Wow!” I blurted out.

The night went well and in the morning, Humairah cooked breakfast for us. I ate and drove back to my house to check on Rania, my first wife. I had lied to Rania that I would be flying to Abuja for business deals these days.

“Good morning, my love” I said to Rania as soon as I walked to her in the dining area. She was eating breakfast while going through her laptop. “I hope you slept well?” I pecked her.

“I was lonely” She said not looking at me.

“I am so sorry, my love” I held her hand as I sat, facing her, in the dining. She was sad.

“It’s not just about me, it’s about our baby too” She complained. “Our baby needs our care…”

“I know, Rania but…” I hesitate and continued. “I… I really need to do this. The business trips won’t last forever, right? Please bear with me”

“Okey” She said as she shut the laptop off. “Have you eaten? Do you want some Irish potato?” She said as she began serving me.

“Since you’ve already served me, yes” I said.

Thus, we both laughed and ate together.