The Replacement Girl Episode 20


“Look Ahmad, whatever is happening in your house wallahi you’re the sole architect. I am saying this because you chose your wife over your parents” My uncle, Bappah Zaki said in disappointment. He was my father’s immediate brother and had eleven children.

“But kawu Bappah, my wife wasn’t like this before. She started all this the day my parents talked about her barrenness. They want me to divorce her and marry a fertile woman, that is why she started acting strange. She’s scared of losing me” I said, hoping he would understand.

“But Ahmad, why wouldn’t they talk about her problem? You know, your father is the sole owner of Zaki Company and he wants only his blood to rule over the company. If you don’t provide a heir right now there is a possibility that your cousins are the ones to take over the company from you when you’re gone, and your father is against that” Uncle Bappah said.

“But we are all from Zaki family, why can’t we share what we have? If brother Salman, Jibril or Yasir takeover the company after my death what harm will it do to Baba? They also have Zaki blood in them ai, kawu!” I exclaimed.

“You are right, Ahmad but just respect your father’s decision. Do as he told you to because things are now getting worst in your house. If Naziha can spend more than three weeks somewhere else without your permission then I’m very scared for your union” He lamented.

Indeed he was right, I also feared for my union with Naziha but what could I do? The more she pushed me away the more I loved her. It wasn’t easy for me when she left but Alhamdulillah, Humairah was there for me.

“But kawu Bappah wallahi I still love Naziha, I love her so very much” I uttered and huffed.

“Ahmad, don’t listen to your heart. Use your brain and do the right. I fear for you the evil of women like Naziha. Idan ka ga dama heed my advice, if you like don’t. I’ve said my own” He said as he gently stood from his armchair and left the parlor to his room. He was done talking and I dare not stop him from leaving.

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I left his house in the evening and returned back home late in the night. Humairah was already home, same as Sarah. I couldn’t eat my dinner which was on the dining table waiting for me so I walked upstairs towards my room. Naziha’s room was close to mine, so just as I passed through her door I heard her talking on phone with somebody. Their conversation caught my attention so I began eavesdropping.

“Kai Mallam, nifa na gaji. You said three weeks with you and now you’re saying I should come back for another week?” She said and paused. My heart began beating very fast, what did she meant by her words? Did she…? Oh My God!

“Ya zaka ce haka? I’m someone’s wife not a prostitute. Do you know the curses that was rained on me because of the three intimate weeks we had together? If you know wallahi you won’t ask me to come back…” She said.

Now I got it, I really… really got it!

“Ya ishe ka! Macuci kawai. You used me the way you like for nothing. I never knew you’re a fake Mallam. Ya zaka mun haka?” She started sobbing. “Ka min shiru! Kuma kada ka sake kira na baby. I’m not your baby, and woe to you. I will make sure I reveal your secret to the world so no woman will fall into your trap again. Wicked man, may Allah burn you!”

She was yelling and cursing him when I decided to barge in. She was astonished on seeing me. She didn’t even know when her phone dropped to the floor and broke down.

“Ahmad?” She puzzled in tears.
I wanted to be strong but I couldn’t. I loved her, I took risks for her, I abandoned my parents because of her, I could die for her but all she did was to cheat on me in the quest of conceiving against all odds. I didn’t even know when tears began rolling down to my cheeks. I bursted into tears and ran out of the room.

“Ahmad, I’m… I’m so sorry my love…” She chased me while begging me to halt but all I did was to keep running. She broke my heart!

“Mubarak, open the gate now!” I yelled at the sleeping bastard and quickly ran into my car.
Naziha met me in the parking lot and kept begging me to stop and listen to what she would like to tell me but I quickly ignited the engine into action and reversed back. I almost wounded her but I didn’t care. I accelerated out of the house and drove in a very high speed to the highway. I didn’t care if I died at that moment. I was in a serious pain after all!

I don’t know when I’m coming back.
I’ll be gone for a little while, But I will keep myself for me and you,
I’ll be back for you.
I don’t know what the future brings,
But I want you to be with me.
I go dey hope and pray say make you wait for me,
Cause I’ll come back for you!
It pains to be betrayed!