The Replacement Girl Episode 19


“Like seriously? You sent that girl away?” I blurted out staring at Naziha, she was angry.

“Yes Ahmad, I sent her away!” She yelled at me vehemently. “In fact, please… just fire her!”

“No, I can’t fire her because she’s just a teen” I said trying to make her understand the fact that there was practically nothing between me and Humairah. The only thing was that I liked seeing the girl around me which meant nothing, right? She was just sixteen after all!

“A teen that you might be in love with!” She squealed and continued. “Who knows if you guys have started seeing each other, Ahmad?”
That moment, my jaw dropped in astonishment. “Naziha, what did you just said?” I asked as I stood from the dining and walked closer to her. “Are you accusing me of adultery?”

“Well, it is obvious because…” She couldn’t complete her words when I quickly cut in.

“You’re nuts to harbour such evil thought in your mind, and even if it’s true then you’re the cause because these days you don’t like making yourself available to me. You will go out and wander around and if you come back and I asked for it you will say you’re tired, and you know the kind of person I am!” I thundered her with my words. She tried to cut in but I kept shouting at her. “Everyday you’re busy, you don’t even care about me. You don’t have time for me and it’s killing me slowly. You’re my wife, Naziha and I absolutely love you…”

“I’m doing this for us!” She squealed.

“For us? By depriving me my right?” I queried.

“You say I wonder around, well I want to have children and I’m infertile so why shouldn’t I wonder around and look for help from clergymen?” She said while widening her eyes.

“Naziha, you can’t change your destiny but you can make your life better by accepting it. I’m the one that supposed to complain but I’m not because I love you so much…” I said trying to hold her warmly but she pushed me away.

“Don’t touch me!” She yelled at me.

“What?” I puzzled.

“You heard me clearly” She rolled her eyes as she turned to walk upstairs to our room.

“Naziha, kada ki sa in shiga wani hali” I said.

I thought she was never going to stop but she surprisingly did. She turned and looked me in the eyes. “Duk halin da ka sa kanka ba damuwa na bane. Is either you fire that girl or don’t even dream of sleeping with me” She said and walked upstairs without turning back.

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It been long since I shed tears but that evening, tears rolled down my cheeks. I was burning and she couldn’t see it. I needed her so badly but all she did was to shun me. Now what? Go upstairs and rape her? What if I got her wounded by so doing that? No, I loved her and I shouldn’t hurt her. I should beg her instead, that is far better than succumbing to her demand or raping her.

I sighed and walked upstairs to our room but guess what? She had locked the door and placed a notification on it which reads; “From now on, this is my room. There are 5 more rooms in the house, go and choose the one you like and leave me alone!”

My head couldn’t process it. I didn’t know when I started hitting the door.

“Naziha, please open the door… Just open it, I want us to talk about alot of things… We can make things right, please open the f—–g door…” I was screaming and yelling when my phone buzzed. It was a text from Humairah.

• “Goodnight, sir. I’m going home”
I heaved a sigh as I stared at the text. Faisal was the one responsible for taking her home and bringing her back but now I don’t really trust him. They were talking about boy and girlfriends that day which frightened me. What if one day while taking her home he drop her somewhere else and… No, I should be the one to be taking her home from now on!

• “Wait for me Humairah, I’m coming out now!”

I quickly typed back and ran downstairs. The car key was with Faisal, so I summoned him as soon as I was outside and collected the key from him. “Where is she?” I wrinkled a brow.

“She’s in the car” He said pointing at the direction. It was in the parking lot.

“Alright” I heaved a sigh and continued. “Faisal, from now on I will be the one to be taking her home while you bring her, okey?”

“Okey, sir” He said.

“Good!” I blurted out and walked to the car. She was playing a game with her phone but as soon as I cleared my throat she quivered.

“Sir?” She said.

“I told you to wait for me, why then are you surprised to see me?” I said starting the car.

“Nothing, sir” she said.