All That Glitters Episode 2


Meanwhile somewhere along dango street a 3 storey house, a boy is seen clutching a Pillow,,,he’s probably dreaming. a girl gets up from the bed
Looks at the time and Gasps, Tapping him by the shoulder

“Hey,hey wake up”

She hurries of to get her clothes putting them on,,she looks at him,, on the bed he was still asleep

“Omg Dre wake up,,it past 7 my dad will be here any minute”

She grabs his clothes on the floor and throws it on him,,sleepily Dre sits up on the bed and lazily stretches ,,he could barely remember what happened last night apart from meeting this girl ,,and she dragging him all the way to her house,,then a thought flashed thru his brain

*o boy,,,,,, muna!! oh that’s right I forgot about muna back there*

He thought to himself as he slowly picked up his clothes,suddenly a knock came on the door.

”hey Eva are you still asleep,,I’m off to work.

The girl almost froze,,,

“Oh my God that’s my dad,,, quickly put on your clothes and get out” Dre turned and faced her.

“Yea, you didn’t tell me your name”
The girl looked shockingly at him

“Is my name important right now? or you escaping from this place”

“Come on atleast lemme know the name of this angel Who gave me a wonderful night”

The girl seemed almost flattered the knock came again

”Hey Eva are you dressed let me in already, why isn’t the door opening” The girl rushed to the door using her body as a blockade

“You heard him call me Eva now get out of here before he catches you” Dre putting on his shoes now

“Hmn Eva…Eva what” Almost panting, Eva manaro” she couldnt bear the door anymore

“That surname sounds familiar …my English teacher bears the same name he Is…”

Before Dre could finish
Eva’s dad broke thru and forcefully entered her room

“Hey why were you behind the door I thought you…”

His eyes drifted to the stranger in his daughters room

“You!!!!” Dre couldn’t believe his eyes, Standing before him was Mr Samson manaro

“Sam…sa..Sammy” The words barely came out

“You!!” He repeated ”how dare you, to my daugh….” Mr Samson didn’t even complete his words he launched himself like a missile towards Dre But with the agility of a cat Dre jumped towards the window and held tight

His daughter eva held tight to her dads leg while he tried to reach for Dre, Dre knew there was no other option if mr sam gets him, He is done for, The only option was thru the window,

*but its too high* He thought to himself

“What are you waiting for jump out”
Eva screamed at him still holding on to her dads leg

Dre hesitated but he had no other option,, as mr sam was getting free from his daughters grip he lurched himself downstairs he landed strong on the floor.

“Ayi ayiii ayiii, My leg o” He was wearing only one shoe so no shock absorber for his left leg, From upstairs eva was busy throwing his clothes and other stuffs for him

“Quick he’s at the stairs now headed your way” She blew him a kiss and waved as he scampered, he waved back at her

*she is so gorgeous Who would have thought that mr sam would have such an angel for a daughter, Hold on, I just had a one night stand with mr Sam’s daughter, Score !!!! He screamed, I be bad guy!!!….yoooohuu, Real G mehn…correct rockstar”

Dre was still doing his victory dance before he heard a loud Andre!!!! Okon!!!!”

*Noone’s voice is loudsr than* He slowly turned around and saw mr sam running towards him faster than usain bolt with that big ugly whip of his…

*Without further ado* He grabbed his left shoe in one hand and clothes in the other and picked a quick race screaming.

“God pls save me from this man just for today and I promise I’ll change” Mr sam still gave a hot pursuit from behind…they ran down the streets like two madmen from the psyche ward..

Passersby probably thought they were being chased by psycho hospital runaway catchers, Some people laughed pointing towards them But this was no joke, Dre kept running and mr sam was not ready to let go

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Rand high School,,,at a corner, A girl is pinned to the wall with a guy looming over her, He placed his hands to the wall Side to make sure she doesn’t escape, He seems to be trying to convince her to do something, He was a tall light skinned guy With a nice slim frame.. Quite very handsome and manly for his young age

“Come on, Just say yes,,and I promise I’ll give you free tickets to our next Cleansweep show”

Cleansweep is the name of the band Muna, Dre, Mike and this guy tobi was into…they made up the band when they discovered they all had an interest in trap music,,, although Dre came front and made himself the “Divine leader” of their group

“Or don’t you want to see me
Perform on stage? You know how good I’m with the bass” He pressed further

“Well I really want to but…”
“But”? What’s wrong” he asked again
“Can’t you just give me some Here,,do I have to come to your house”Tobi was starting to get irritated

*obviously this girl is really stubborn* He thought *but no time To loose my patience*

“Listen…. I don’t carry tickets around …the only person who Does that is our wacko leader, And lord knows where he is right now, But if you come to my house I’ll present the gift to you myself as a sighn of my love to you” The girls eyes almost widened
“Did ..did you just say love? me?

She looked speechless, he flashed a large smile that Showed his cute dimples

“Yes sweety I’ve been meaning To tell you but you don’t wanna give me a chance, I want you to be my one and only girl”

“Oh my gosh” she said..placing her palms in her mouth, Obviously bubbling with joy, To her this was a golden moment, a member of the famous underground trap music cleansweep team just confessed love to her, She would be telling all her friends about this for months.

She was willing to ignore Tobi’s reputation as a notorious playboy who has caused many girls to drop out of school for abrupt pregnancy and other related issues…just for this opportunity to be with him, But to tobi

*hmph…girls, Just give em the “L” word and they’ll turn to jelly* He thought in his mind.

Meanwhile a few metres away A class was going on in a two story building block, Some students paid rapt attention as Mrs Kate spelled out the details of the world war two, Although some of them had no interest in world history some students were busy chatting…while most other students especially the girls had their attention pointed towards the back of the class where muna and mike was seated, It was not an easy thin having band members sharing the same class with you…

The teacher noticed where her class was being distracted
Muna had his arms folded ,, with his eyes shut and two legs crossed over a chair…the way he was moving his heads to and fro..its obvious he had an earpiece on with music blaring from it…mike on the other hand was simply poking another student in front of him with a long stick just for fun …He just liked to amuse himself whenever he could.

“Munachi ikenna, Michae Alani, is there a problem? She looked sternly at both of them, Muna didn’t even look up, his eyes were still shut but he heard her loud and clear

“No problem ma”

Mike answered trying to be polite, The student Mike had been poking was grateful for his teacher coming to his rescue, All this while He dared not
Retaliate back at mike.. For fear of ending up on the wrong side of his fists, Cleansweep were not only known for their trap music skills..but also their reputation among street thugs

“If there is no problem then I suggest you allow that boy concentrate” Mike dropped the stick and leaned back but still used his leg to push the guys chair back and forth,,,he did it discreetly so she wouldn’t notice

“Mr ikenna…can I have your attention please”? Muna didn’t even look up “Mr ikenna!” She almost screamed.

Muna took of his earpiece and slowly looked up at her, He shot a straight look towards her…and she almost flinched, Gathering herself she cleared her throat, “Even if you re not
Interested in my class I don’t see why you should distract my other student”

Muna just turned his head sideways and replied

“What makes you think im not listening? and Why should I be responsible if your students prefer to drool all over us than listen to you rabble on and on”Clearly he touched a nerve with that sentence, Mrs Kate was furious

“How dare you speak to me in that manner you rude kid, Now take your feet of that table and stand up this instant” Mike stopped what he was doing and qlanced at muna. The whole class was awed at The drama going on between the two

Muna quietly brought down his leg and stood up with his two hands in his pockets She ignored his attitude

“Now since you claim to be listening why don’t you tell me the details of world war two and the events that followed afterwards”

The whole class turned their attention on muna,,,He opened his mouth and started

“World war two was woven around the Japanese military who wanted to conquer the rest of Asia and move onto the shores of Europe…but the superpowers ,,France,USA ,Britain, Russia e.t.c were not ready for another Hitler on their hands so they formed an alliance and launched an attack on Japan,,This led to the Hiroshima nagazaki war that left millions of Japanese citizens dead”

“But ma u failed to mention kaito takahema the general who surrendered to the allied forces… So can I know what regiments his troops were posted to…and which year the event took place”

Mrs Kate was at a loss, There’s no way he just said all that right now, He had an earpiece on for crying out loud, The whole class was awed by him everyone had their attention towards him,,,even mike was listening

“Ma you havnt answered my question”