All That Glitters Episode 1


His eyes felt heavy, He wondered how he got here, Here? Where exactly was here, It took some time before Muna realised he was still in the Club

*ooh right DRE asked me To come with him*

*but I feel Dizzy*

“Why” He didn’t even know when he said “why” out loud, The barman looked shocked at him and said

“Well you don’t have to tell me …why you suddenly getting so defensive”

It seems the barman had inquired about the necklace Muna was wearing and wanted to know, Where he could find His size cuz of his Head or something, Muna realising his mistake

“sorry”..”not you”..its ..He stammered “..erhm ,you know what never mind”

Muna got down from his seat at the bar and left… But while fumbling Thru the club his eyes were Roaming the entire place For the girl who offered to Buy him a drink

*she must have slipped something in my cup while I was distracted*

“D–n it”

He cursed out loud

*I’ve got a bone to pick with her.. If she was looking to get laid she shud Have found a perve Not throwing herself On me*

After searching and searching…
Muna gave up

*perhaps she already left** He thought to himself

*I better head home before people notice my intoxicated state*Muna started for the exit ..

Using the backdoor of the club (CLUBMATE) As it was called, Its the same door he and dre used to getting in *where the heck is DRE*

*he forced me out with him today and now he just bailed, leaving me by myself, Gosh he always does this, he probably left with on One of this club girls to a hotel, One?..if not two

He managed to reach the back exit.
..the back door was the easiest way He and DRE could get in to the building Without the security gishing Them out as minors who, Had not even reached 18yet… Dre,,,was just 17 and He muna was barely sixteen But from their physical Appearance they could easily Pass of as twenty five year olds

He left the club building and Headed straight home, He was still feeling dizzy from The effect of the drugs but he Managed To drag himself all the way to his streets area.

It was a cold night, He tugged tightly his baseball Cap

*good thing I always wear it*

He continued his trek down the road .. The streets of jos were busier than usual And its half past ten now, When he reached the last corner that leads directly To his house.. Billz was already running Down To greet him .

Billz was an injured puppy he Rescued from some street thugs Who wanted to use him For some fun games, Although he got a good Thrashing at that time but He managed to get the dog Away from their clutches, That was about two years ago, Imagine a 14 year old kid going up against hardened Hoodsters…

Sure when he got home the Old man attended to his injuries But gave him a long lecture about meekness and being Careful, He patted bills on the head

“Hey boy…how was ur day”
“Hope you r not too hungry sha..there’s no food in the house”
“And I was too drunk to buy you anything on my way home”

He stood up from petting bills and aproache His doorstep,, He took out his keys,, unlocked and got in With billz following closely

“Gosh no light”

He reached for his phone at his pocket


It was empty

“What wher…where’s my phone”

He kept searching for it frantically

Before he realised

*of course*

Back at the club, That girl was acting drunk, She pretende to trip and fall
But he caught her

“So she was a pick pocket”

He said aloud

*I should have known, and she
Looked so young*

*what is a girl her age doing
In a place like that*

Muna almost laughed at his words

*geez what is a guy of my own age doing in a place like That*

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He grunted,,and headed straight for his room, Nothing to eat tonigh He hardly eats at night, Anymore He’s been like this ever since The old man died.

He went straight for his bed and dumped his heavy body Flat on the mattress, He breathed a sigh of relief

*sleep at last*

He thought

After a few seconds of deep breathing in and out. He formed his hands to a fist And started knocking himself Saying the words out loud

“Never Follow Dre…To the club…if you’re sure…He is high on some cheap weed”

“I’ll surely have a headache tomorrow”

He was tired,he yawned out loud

Bills who’s been watching him the entire tym did the same And yawned
Muna was amused

“Lol billz wassup now, I bet you’re tired too right don’t, Worry…tomorrow I’ll find you. A niced canned meal, For taking care of the house while I was out”

As if the dog understood, It wagged its tail and started Breathing heavily
Muna smiled

“Good boy. Let’s just get some sleep for now,,tomorrow is Monday, Need to be up and ready for School”

He thought inwards

*I’m sure Mr Samson will be about looking for something to pin on me and the other guyz, well we will do our best to avoid him

Muna closed his eyes for a while then opened them again

“But seriously what the heck happened to Dre, that freak, he better not get himself into any trouble*

His hands were dangling from the bed and he was gently stroking, Billz laid quietly on the floor, He yawned again and closed His eyes one more time This time the sleep didn’t Need a second invitation He drifted off!

Something poked his nose
*what the heck is that* He tried to open his eyes but They fell shut, It poked him again, This time harder than before


*seriously whats that*

He opened his eyes almost fully but the bright morning light made him squint, He could see a figure in front of him now

“Oyibo ,,wake up you sleepyhead”

*wait that sounds like Mike’s voice, but how did mike get into…*

He jumped up with a start

“Mike!!”He screamed

“How the heck did you get in here”

The tall dark figure just stood smiling sheepishly at him, Mike just turned around went straight to his kitchen to find something to eat.

“U better get ready for school instead of trying to figure out how I broke into your house Again”

He emphasis on the “Again”

“As if that amateur door of yours can hold me back”

Muna was startled but all the same breaking into places was Mike’s specialty He sleepily asked

“What time is it”..

Mike replied from the kitchen, obviously stuffing himself

“I don’t know ,,my wristwatch is slow, check your phone now”

“I lost my phone”

“What”Mike peered from the kitchen
“How come”

“Guy long story” muna stretched hoping to get Some more little sleep. Mike appeared from the kitchen with bread in hand and a full mouth

“See this one o,,you r still in bed, Have you forgotten today is Monday? inspection? Mr Samson is on roll call duty”

Muna opened his eyes wide!!


He jumped up from bed ran to the bathroom like a madman, All this time he didn’t even notice that mike was all In his school uniform, Mike was just giggling

“Don’t worry bro, we’re only like 30 mins late”

How the hell shouldn’t he be worried
Muna just kept cursing himself, mike, and especially Mr Samson, As if they were the cause for His lateness, He fumbled around in the Bathroom For a while, Mike just kept chuckling Moved towards the door and called out

“Meet me outside when u r done !!” With one last laugh He stepped outside.

with lightning speed muna dashed out of the bathroom, Who cares he always looks fresh even without a bath, It was one of the advantages, Of being biracial, He sped into his room, Took out his half irone Uniform, Forced himself into it.

*comb ,comb Where’s my comb.

His hair was still wet and curled cause of the water

*geez no comb,i will just use my hand*

He tried his best to straighten the wet locks in his hair

*D–n .. I should have gone To the barber shop by now*

No time to worry about his hair, he grabbed his tie rolled it on his Neck like a Fulani, Picked up his bag And ran towards the door, He stopped short

“Aargh. I forgot my blazers*

He went back inside cursing and grumbling under his breath

*why can’t we ever change This school uniform*

He grabbed the coat and hurried back outside. Once outside he made sure
Bills secret passageway was Open then he locked the door, He could see mike down the road playing with some little kids tiny bicycle

He hurried off to him

“Oh muna you’re done So quick” Trying to steady himself on the bycicle that could barely hold him

Muna moved towards Him and grabbed Him off

“Come on come down before you spoil their bike” Mike was displeased with
Muna for ruining his fun But he just kept dragging him on

“We’re late and you’re still foolin around with children”Mike raised an eyebrow

“And yet I was the one who Snoozed you up”Muna didn’t reply

“Let’s just get to school as soon as possible”

They walked down the street increasing their pace as they left.