The Replacement Girl Episode 18


I really missed a lot, Humairah!” Sarah lamented as soon as I finished narrating the whole story to her. “So, he drove you home after acting coldly and aloofly towards you?”

“Are you doubting it or what??” I said.

“No Humairah, why should I doubt it when in fact I know you both are in love?” She teasingly said.

“In what?” I wrinkled a brow.

“In love!” She squealed.

“Okey, if you say so” I said as I hastily dialed Faisal’s number and told him we were ready. Actually, today was our shopping day!

“Okey, you guys should meet me outside” He said through the phone.

“Alright” I said and quickly ended the call.

Sarah and I went out and met him in the parking lot, thus we drove out to Bonnie Mall. I took a cart and strolled the first roll while Sarah went to the second roll. The list that was with me was for foodstuffs so I took my time in selecting the products we were used to.

“Still shopping?”

My phone suddenly buzzed, It was a text from Ahmad. I smiled and quickly typed back.

“Almost done, sir. Do you need something?”

“Humairah, if I don’t need anything I won’t just text you. Buy me some polar beer, okey?”

At that moment, my heart began beating fast. Did he just said beer? I gulped. I never knew he was into drinking, or was it typing error?

“Beer or coke?”

“I said polar beer, please just get it for me!”

My head couldn’t process that. I kept staring at his text until Sarah’s sudden voice brought me back to reality.

“Humairah, what is wrong with you? I’ve been yelling your name since!”

“I’m so sorry, Sarah” I said as I quickly hid the phone in my bag. “I was just… I mean, I was…”

“Oga sent you a text, right?” She wrinkled a brow.

“Yeah, Sarah” I heaved a sigh as we began moving with our carts. “He said he wants a beer named polar…” I said as she cuts in.

“What?” She squealed. “You mean, beer?”

“I’m also surprised, Sarah. He never talked about beer until today” I said feeling sad.

“Hey, I know you’re worried but don’t be obsessed. Maybe he needs the beer for something else. There is also a possibility that he want to gift it to a drinking friend”

“And what does that supposed to mean?” I blurted out.

“What?” She wrinkled a brow.

“Your last statement” I said.

“Well, uhm, it means…” She was saying when her phone began ringing. It was a call from a very important person i.e her husband, so she excused herself with her own cart while I strolled to the beverage section with mine.

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I was able to get the type of beer he asked for, thus I took 5 bottles into my cart and walked to the salesgirl. Sarah met me there after her VIP call, hence we paid off and left. It was a slow ride home, the evening traffic wasn’t as it used to be. Today, we had to follow some shortcuts. I actually didn’t enjoy the ride because my mind was filled with Ahmad’s thought. What could possibly be wrong? I heaved a worrisome sigh.

We arrived back some minutes to five in the evening. Faisal helped us in conveying the packages to the kitchen, thus I took Ahmad’s order to him upstairs. He was the only one in the room. He looked lonely and that made me to wonder why Naziha was always not around.

“Thanks for the beer, keep the remaining change with you” He said as he hid the package under the bed. “What are you waiting for?” He queried as soon as he saw me still standing.

“I… I am sorry, sir” I stuttered turning to leave.

“Wait, Humairah!” He yelled at me and walked closer to me. “The beer is for something and I don’t want anyone to know, not even my wife!”

“Okey, sir” I nodded my head.

“Good, now you can go!” He said.

“Thank you, sir” I blurted out and left.

There is nothing much to say about today. We cooked dinner, served Ahmad and guess what? Since Naziha wasn’t around he asked me to keep him company in the dining table.

“Go and get your food here, Humairah. I can’t be lonely!” He yelled at me in a command tone.

“Huh?” I wrinkled my brows.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” He queried.

“No, sir!” I said as I ran and brought my plate of food and glass of water to the dining table.

Silence crept upon us as we began eating. He was the fast type and that made me to smile.

“What’s funny, Humairah?” He asked.

“Nothing, sir” I blurted out.

“Sure?” He wrinkled a brow.

‘Yes” I nodded my head.

“Okey” He shrugged.

We continued eating, thus Naziha bounced in unannounced. How did that happened? We were supposed to hear the sound of her car but today was different. She was bewildered to see me with her husband eating in the dining together, she didn’t actually expect it!

“What the hell is going on here?” She squealed.