The Replacement Girl Episode 13


What’s going on here?” A voiced chimed into our conversation from inside the gate. It was Ahmad Jaafar!

“It’s the delivery girl” The gateman said.

Thus, before I knew it Ahmad Jaafar was already by the gate. I was totally scared and coy. If he knew who I was then he’d definitely kick me away. But guess what? He had only collected the pizza package from me and paid me before leaving. He didn’t say anything nor did he seemed to recognize me.
I heaved a sigh of relief and returned back to the van.

“Is everything okey?” Sam asked me with a suspicious gaze.

“Just drive!” I squealed.

Thus, we drove back to the restaurant. I couldn’t stop thinking about Ahmad Jaafar, not when his thoughts continue to linger in my mind. I couldn’t concentrate on my work again. There was only one way for me to keep his thought away, at least not all, and that was to m——–e. I went to the washroom and did what I thought was the best.

The following day, I was hoping to receive his call again but instead I received the call of my madam.

“Come to my office, now!” She said.
I didn’t hesitate to do that. As soon as I was in her office, she asked me to sit down in one of the visitors’ chairs.

“I understand delivering food is not what you wanted but yet I gave you, so now are you willing to change to something else?” She said with a smile.

“No!” I protested. “I’m okey”

Of course, I should be okey with my delivering job. After all, that was my only way of seeing my prince charming!

“Alright dear, you can go” She huffed as she took the telephone to make a call.

“Okey, ma” I said as I stood to leave.

“Hello Ahmad…” I heard her said as I was walking to the door. “I’m fine… Yes… I’m sorry, the girl I’m hoping will do the job says she’s okey with her present job… Alright, I will keep searching… Please greet Hajiya and Alhaji Jaafar for me… Alright, see you later… Thank you!” She ended the call.

I gulped standing perplexedly. I should’ve asked her to explain more about the job. Now what? Was Ahmad needing a Nanny for his daughter or a cleaner in his house? I mulled over.
“What are you still doing here, Humairah?” Madam asked.

I turned with a gritted teeth and gently walked back to the chair I was sitting in.

“What kind of job is that?” I asked.

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“Cooking” She cleared her throat and continued. “Ahmad and his wife needs a cook and also someone to help them with lot of things. The person would be independent from me and would be paid N70,000 monthly by Ahmad…”

“I’m in!” I blurted out.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes!” I blurted out.

“Okey, but is the salary okey for you because you are going to do alot there?”

“Yes, it is okey for me” I said. She really didn’t know that I could even do the job for free. Yes, for free – so far I would be around Ahmad Jaafar all the time!

“Okey, you can go for now. I will talk to your Uncle’s wife first. You will hear my feedback from her” She said smiling.

“Thank you” I took my bow and left.

After work, I went back home so exhausted thinking I would have a peaceful nap only to be summoned by my Uncle and his wife for an uncalled interview. It was about my job switch.

“Humairah, are you insane? That’s Ahmad, the boy that hit us with his car and insulted us that day” My uncle said.

“Yes… yes, I know but please I need to do this. He’s offering a huge salary…”

“What if he humiliate you, Humairah? He blamed us for his broken car that day, remember?” He said sadly.

“He doesn’t recognise me, uncle Habib. I swear it!” I said trying to convince him.

“But what if he later does?” Aunty Aminah chimed in with a wrinkled brows. She hadn’t been talking since.

“He will never, In Shaa Allah” I said hopefully. And that was it. They both approved, and I had my beautiful nap.

The following day, I went to work as early as possible. And by 12 in the noon, Ahmad Jaafar came to pick me up. He was surprised to see the same pizza girl as his new cook and whatever! He drove me to his house and I got to meet his wife, Hajiya Naziha. She was fair in complexion unlike me, and she was more beautiful than me in every other aspect. I was nothing compared to her. She was Kanuri by tribe and I was a combination of Hausa and Igala.

My first day at Ahmad Jaafar’s house wasn’t that bad. I literally thought I would be sleeping over in his house but that wasn’t in our agreement. He told me his driver would be bringing me and taking me back home everyday. I didn’t protest against that because I was new. Maybe someday I would do that!