The Replacement Girl Episode 14


Today, the weather was stone cold and it was due to the heavy precipitation that took place throughout the night…
I overslept and the time wasn’t by my side so I quickly put on my sweater and got myself prepared for work. Ahmad’s driver, Faisal would soon come for me so I lightly took my breakfast – which was cornflakes and milk – and bade my uncle and his wife a warm goodbye.

As I stood outside the gate waiting for Faisal to come, the early morning trade wind turned me to a sail as its suddenly began bashing me from all corners.

“What’s taking him long?” I wondered as I checked my wristwatch. The time was quarter past six in the morning!
I actually supposed to be in Ahmad’s house at six dot but now I was already late. What if they woke up and found out I was not yet in their house? Would they reduce my salary? I wondered.


The idiot almost blew off my eardrums as soon as he arrived with his reckless driving and parked in front of me…

“Faisal, are you mad?” I squealed.

“Yes, I’m mad” He smirked.

“No wonder!” I rolled my eyes.

“So, are you coming in or what?” He said as he wrinkled one of his brows.

“Do I have any choice?” I hissed at him.

The song that was blowing in the car was – Kill Me With Love – by one of the influential musicians in the country.

Be with me!
Be with me!
With all the love,
I need that too!

I mimicked as I stormed into the back passenger seat with my purse.

“So you can’t greet, huh?” I lightly knocked his head.

“Don’t you know I’m your boss?”

“Och!” He screamed. “You’re not my boss” He said as he rubbed his head – the spot I knocked. I loved doing that!
“You said what?” I blurted out as I gave him another knock. This time around he accelerated the car making motion to pull me back.

“Kai, are you mad?” I squealed as I fastened my seatbelt.

“That serves you right” He smirked.

“Huh?” I wrinkled my brows.

Ever since I knew Faisal we had been this way. We always play around, poke fun at each other and even call each other names. He was a very funny guy.

I sat comfortably in the back passenger seat while enjoying my favourite song as he drove us to our destination. The feeling of me being my boss’ wife was allover me. Maybe I was only dreaming but I had that feeling that I would one day be Ahmad’s wife In Shaa Allah!

Oh my baby,
That is true!
The love I have for you!
And the feelings,
together with all the care!
Be with me!
Be with me!
With all the love…
I need that too!

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“Good morning, Humairah” Mubarak said as soon as Faisal pulled over in Ahmad Jaafar’s parking lot. It was another day and my working hours had began.

“Morning, Mubarak!” I replied as I ran to the main house. Both Ahmad and his wife were sleeping in their room upstairs as usual, so I ran to the kitchen and began making breakfast for them.

I was frying egg when Ahmad walked into the kitchen Island wearing only singlet and that thing that men used to call boxers. To say I was speechless was an understatement. How could he…

“Are you waiting for me to greet you?”
His sudden utterance brought me back to reality. Thus, I cleared my throat and greeted him while looking away.

“Good morning, sir” I said as I gulped so hard.

“Morning” He huffed and continued. “Can I get a glass of something please?”

“Oh, yeah!” I lowered the cooker and took a glass cup from the wall cabinet thus, walked to the freezer and brought out a chilled Zaki Apple Juice for him.

“No!” He rejected it.

“Huh?” I wrinkled my brows.

“I would rather drink water than that thing. Infact, get anything Zaki out of that freezer later, okey?” He ordered.

“Okey, sir” I nodded as I changed the Zaki Apple Juice to a Can Coke for him.

“Now you’re talking, Humairah!” He said as he left the kitchen Island…

I heaved a sigh of relief as I went back to what I was doing. Immediately I was done cooking I served Ahmad and his wife their breakfast in the dining area.

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“Humairah, we are going out so try and do the chores and make sure everything is in order before we come back” Naziha said as soon as she summoned me after they were done eating breakfast.

“Alright ma” I said while clearing the dining table. Naziha couldn’t finish her own breakfast, but Ahmad? Hmmm!

“And again” Naziha cleared her throat and continued. “These days I really won’t be doing any work in this house so everything is now on you. Cleaning, mopping, cooking, and even washing our cloths. The washing machines are perfectly fine so you won’t have any problem with that. I hope you get it?”

“Yes, ma” I managed to say knowing the fact that it would not be easy for me. The house was big and even the unoccupied rooms were meant to be maintained at all cost. It wasn’t easy!

I packed the tableware to the kitchen, and just as I was washing them Ahmad salaamed in and leaned on the wall with his two hands in his pockets. He had changed into a caftan and was wearing a remarkable cap. He was super handsome. My Ahmad Jaafar!

“Hi” He waved with a smile.

“Hi” I coyly replied.

“Are you sure you’re okey with what my wife said?” He wrinkled his right brow.

“Yeah!” I absentmindedly said.

“Uhmmm!” He huffed and continued. “If you’re not okey with it I can hire someone to come and help you. I know it’s not easy, that’s why I’m saying this”

Well, if that should be the case then I think I should let him hire a helping hand for me. But what if the person ended up having the same desire as mine? The desire of marrying him?

“Yeah, it’s not easy sir” I heaved a sigh and continued. “Can you hire Sarah?”
Sarah was undeniably one of the best chefs in Kumbashi restaurant. She was a married woman and was no way a problem for me. He could hire her!

“Sarah?” He wrinkled one of his brows.

“Yeah, one of Kumbashi’s best chefs” I blurted out as I glanced at him again.

“Alright then, I will do that” He said.

“Thank you, sir” I beamed.

Thus, he left.

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Ahmad Jaafar was the caring type. He was always making sure everyone was fine. Starting from Faisal – the driver, Mubarak – the gateman, down to ME – the cook, cleaner and the one who takes care of everything that concerns the house. He was really the friendly type!

During my few days in Ahmad’s house, I learnt that he never had a child in his life and that he wasn’t in a good relationship with his parents. That was really sad, I wish I could make things better for him if I had the power to do that. Good people deserve good life!

There were fifteen beverages in the freezer with the name “zaki”, so I took them out as ordered by Ahmad. Five for Faisal, Five for Mubarak and Five for me, that was how I justly shared them.

“Please, keep that of Faisal for him till he comes back. Don’t drink them o!” I said to Mubarak immediately I handed him theirs which was ten in number.

“Hahahaha” He busted into laughter. “Why should I drink your boyfriend’s drinks? As if mine isn’t enough for me?”

“Don’t you ever call him my boyfriend again, else someone’s blood would be shed!” I glared at him with a threat.

“Like seriously?” He laughed out louder.

“Ni dai na gaya ma!” I hissed at him as I quickly turned to return back to the main house. He was bored staying with.

I didn’t know why he used to call Faisal my boyfriend and I couldn’t stop him from doing that. Although Faisal was handsome but not as handsome as my prince charming, Ahmad Jaafar Zaki!

“Okey, I’m so sorry Humairah!” I heard him squealed as I was walking away.

I didn’t say anything, I only went back and continued with my chores. If he ever tried what he did today I would make sure I starve him in this house. Didn’t he know I was one way ahead of him? I could even get him fired? I smirked at myself. Get him fired? As if I was the boss wife ? I shook my head.