The Replacement Girl Episode 10


Immediately we arrived at the address 15 minutes later, Sam pulled over and I took the pizza package from the back of the van to the gate of the house. Two knocks on the gate brought the gateman out. He was in his uniform and had a stick with him. He wasn’t smiling.

“Yes, what can I do for you” He asked.
I wasn’t expecting him, I wasn’t expecting anyone but the person that placed the order which was Ahmad Jaafar!

“Ehhrrm” I cleared my throat. “Is your boss around? I brought him his Pizza”

“Okey, bring it let me take it to him” He said almost snatching it away from me.

“No!” I quickly drew the package back in an instant. “I need to see him first”

“Why?” He wrinkled his brows.

“Because,” I began thinking of the kind of lie to tell. “Because, because that’s our protocol! We must see the person that placed an order first before we…”

“What’s going on here?” A voiced chimed into our conversation from inside the gate. It was Ahmad Jaafar!
My heart began racing nitro. I had wanted to see him, but now that I was about to my heart was telling me to run back to the van. I was scared.

What if he bullied me? We crushed his car huh? Wasn’t that what he said that day? What if he remembered and decided to punish me here? My head was filled with so many strong questions!