The Replacement Girl Episode 11


As soon as I left Naziha in the room, I ordered for Pizza from Kumbashi Restaurant which was owned by my mother’s friend, Halimah Kumbashi.

“Hello, this is Kumbashi Restaurant’s hotline. What can we do for you?”

A girl’s voice blew from the receiver immediately I dialed the restaurant’s hotline. The voice sounded somehow, she must be a very new girl working with Aunty Halimah Kumbashi. I hadn’t heard her voice before? Perhaps!

“Ermm…” I cleared my throat while contemplating on what to order. “Pizza, please…” I finally concluded, after all it had been long since I last ate Pizza.

“Pizza? Okey, your address please!” She said after wasting some seconds perhaps penning down the order.

“House number 57, Peace Garden!” I said and ended the call. My stomach was already rumbling. I was hungry!

Some minutes later, I was patiently waiting for my delivery to arrive when I started hearing sound outside. It grew wider that I had to go and check. It was Mubarak and some people by the gate.

“What’s going on here?” I blurted out moving closer to them.

“It’s the delivery girl” Mubarak said.

“Huh?” I checked outside the gate and saw a young girl holding a Pizza box – mine! I was very hungry so I collected it from her and handed her the cash.

“Thank you” I said and head back.

Naziha was still in the room enjoying her chat with her friends. That made me wondered why she wasn’t hungry. Or was she just pretending?

“Hello dear, Pizza is here” I dropped the box on the bed close to her and quickly opened it. She smiled and huffed.

“Smells good” she said.

“Yeah, now get us some drinks lets eat”

“Alright, I’ll be right back” she said as she stood and left the room. In some seconds, she was back. “Ta-da! It’s the company’s Lemon juice” she said as she handed a can to me and sat down.

“Thank you” I said.

“You’re welcome” she beamed.

Thus, silence crept upon us as we began eating. A silence I later decided to break. “Naziha, I meant it when I said I’m getting us a cook” I said chewing.

“I’m sorry for my earlier response, but you can do that. No offence. I just need some time alone. I wanted to leave to Hannatu’s house for some time but I don’t want you to feel different that’s why I stayed” she huffed and continued. “I just need some time alone, Ahmad”

“I understand, I love you Naziha”

“I love you too, Ahmad”

And that was it, I made up my mind to get us a cook – but from where? Aunty Halimah’s restaurant? Perfect! I would call her later, we really need a cook.

Uhmmm, I’m so surprised he didn’t even remember Humairah! And talking about a cook, who could that be? I guess we all know.


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