The Replacement Girl Episode 12


Standing in front of me was a tall Chinese man from our Supply Company. According to him, my father sent him to replace me. But replace me? How?

“Take it up with your father, we spoke this morning” The Chinese man said in his Chinese accent with two securities behind him. They were here to take my office but I wasn’t willing to adhere.

“Wait, Mr Wuzie Mu” I said swiveling on my swivel chair. “I hope you’re not mistaking my office with that of the Managing Director, because I’m the…”

“I’m sorry Ahmad Jaafar, your service is no longer needed” The Chinese man said as he quickly ordered the two securities to take me out of my office.

“Okey… okey, I will leave” I said with my hands up in surrender. I took all the necessary things I needed from the table and left to my car outside. If my father was the one that sent them to me, then I should go and see him myself.

I drove to his mansion as fast as I could and parked my car in the parking lot. He wasn’t surprised to see me when I bounced into the living room. He was watching a Telenovela with my mother.

“Ahh, har ka iso?” He said as he smiled and turned to my mother. “I think I told you, he will surely come down here…”

“Is this a game or something?” I cut in.

“Ahmad, mind your tongue. He’s your father!” My mother chimed in angrily.

“A father that doesn’t care about what his son needs!” I said frowning my face.

“Kai Ahmad, ni uban ka ne! So mind your tongue. If you’re hurt about getting thrown out of your legitimate office then do as I said. Divorce Naziha and marry another woman!” He said.

“I will not!” I blurted out.

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“Then, wannan ya rage gare ka. No work no salary!” He said giggling.

To say I was hurt by his words is an understatement. I felt like punching him in the face if he wasn’t my father. He thought the money he was giving me was what was keeping me alive but I would certainly prove him wrong.

“Dad, I will rather look for another job or remain jobless than to succumb to your carnal desire. I’m ready to face difficult days for Naziha!” I blurted out.

“Saying and doing are two different matters, Ahmad!” My mother chimed in. “You say you can handle difficult times? You? You only know how to say the word. Have you ever even seen a difficult day in your life?” She added.

“I started seeing difficult days the day you and dad infuriated Naziha here. So there is nothing I don’t know about difficult days!” I said as I quickly turned to leave.

“Goodbye to you both!” I added.

“Ahmad, come back here this instant…” I could here my mother yelling at me to come back but I didn’t. I wished I had!

Immediately I drove back home, I went to Naziha and told her everything that had happened. She wasn’t happy at all. She even started talking about poverty, that she didn’t want to live in poverty.

“I have about 150milion in my bank account, so stop talking about poverty. The only thing is we should minimize how we spend these days” I said.

“Minimize?” She wrinkled her brows.

“Yes, my love” I amicably said.

“Whatever!” She rolled her eyes.

I only shook my head with a bitter smile and left the room to the kitchen. Aunty Halimah had provided a cook for us. She was very young though but could cook very well. It was the same delivery girl that delivered my pizza that day.

“Hi, Humairah” I said immediately I bounced into the kitchen. She was cooking lunch. Wow, It smelled good!

“Welcome, sir” She coyly said.

“Not done yet?” I wrinkled my brows.

“Yes, sir” She gave me the best smile ever. “I’m waiting for the water to dry”

“Alright, I will wait” I beamed and left.