Gift Episode 56


About it, he flared up and went to the man’s office, me sef come dey fear. He came back after an hour and assured me that no lecturer will try that rubbish except He/She wants to loose His/Her lecturer job, waaoohh! my superman. I was very happy, I mean proud to have someone like him.

Naomi and Eva avoided me even during the examination they didn’t sit close to me. Somehow am happy that I can give my all to what am writing and also felt sad that I have lost their crazy gists about their romps, bad girls.

After the Examination, I wonder who gave my father’s the information that we are done with our Examination because I lied to him so that I can stay back for the end of the year departmental party. Somehow somehow the man find out and demanded to see me home immediately, I drove home sad and Anderson told me that he is the one that did it, I wanted to knock that guy on his head. But d–n!! I can’t help it, he is the sweetest thing that could happen to any girl. I think my heart have started beating for him.

Sarah was the happiest girl on Earth when I arrived home, she didn’t even allow me to breathe fine when she started her day-dreaming of marrying my brother, how can someone be narrow-minded. She brought her SSS2 results and showed me, I was shocked the girl just dey knack A’s upadan. She even said she wanted to be a doctor so that she will treat my brother whenever he fell ill after their marriage. I was like hmmm, na waoohh for you oohh..!!

She started pestering me when my brother will return, I nodey see the future na was my reply.

Anderson called me that he is visiting, I was so happy and he came then we went to his house together. I now understood why he has so much influence because his parents are filthy rich, see maids and servants everywhere. And he is the only son, his mother called me Agnes. I was like who be Agnes again na?

Anderson mom: Andy, who you bring home?

Anderson: my friend.

Anderson mom: my daughter *she hug me tight*

Me: good afternoon, ma.

Anderson mom: no call me mother.

They treated me like their daughter, the woman refused to even let me go home. My dad has to come on his own and take me home, He was like Gift those people wan thief you from me. Am now in two families, gosh! and everyone of them treated me like their own.

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Anderson’s father was the worse the man changed my name to Dotted Gift the way he showered me with gifts, the christmas was one hell of fun. As I went places with Anderson’s family, the funny thing was that Sarah in the midst of fun was still jacking text books and buying more medical books from the money she got from well wishers during the christmas. The extra she spent it on skin care to look beautiful, I say this girl dey jobless.

She started disturbing me that I should video call my brother. I did and this girl couldn’t even face the screen for ten seconds, she will blush profusely and hid her face. My brother asked who she is and I told him is his Nigeria wife, chikena. That day she treated me like Queen Elizabeth of England.

After the Christmas Anderson’s father called me to come and see him in their house, I went and met the man.

Anderson Dad: Gift, you go like follow us to America.

Me: when, daddy?

Anderson Dad: this January.

Me: school go soon open.

Anderson Dad: you go school overseas.

Me: what of Anderson?

Anderson Dad: he is also going with us.

Me: make I first inform my dad.

I told my father about it and he refused, he claimed am the only child he has in Nigeria how can all his children leave him. Anderson wasn’t happy to leave me behind, his parents asked me to persuade him because his presence is highly needed there for him to get used to the family business. He now told me how he lost his twin sister, he blamed himself for the death of his sister, he was drunk when he went to pick up his sister in a shopping mall and both of them got into accident, he survived but his twin sister lost her life. I felt for him and kissed him but he didn’t respond, I tried again but he didn’t. I just hug him when I realized he only have that sisterly love for me.

When I escorted them to the airport and they left the country with a huge part of me, I realized how much he meant to me. Things began to fall apart when he left,

Our Elder say the chick will values its mother when she has deserted it for the c–k.