Gift Episode 55


I vex para for the guy why he spoil my night for me, Anderson didn’t even bother talking back at me it was late sha… We walked in together, he made sure am safely inside my apartment and still reminded me to stay away from Naomi and Eva. This time I was calm, I didn’t say a word to him and he left, this one just dey see me like small pikin na wa oohh…!

I picked up my text books and started reading, I studied for an hour before I went to bed. Eva called later in the day asking me where I have been that they didn’t see me in the club again, club I left 12midnight na now this babe dey notice say I nodey the club hall.

I told her I was ill and I couldn’t stay any longer, so Anderson drove me home and she asked about my health and I told her am fine.

Our results came out and I had all my courses A, I don’t know how. But before I even knew about it my coursemates were the ones telling me about it, I was so happy and I called my dad to inform him about it, he surprised me with a new car. Me that can’t drive, he asked me to do more that he will buy me more gifts, I was so happy. I didn’t relent from my studies.

Naomi and Eva went out of the country when lectures was still on and I wondered if they really came to school to study or just to bear the name I be student for this school.

Anderson and I became very close, he’s such a sweet talker and overly protective of me. He didn’t allow some guys come close to me telling me those ones are fu-ck boys, as if he is righteous. Around him I felt safe and happy, he doesn’t skip lectures like before. Anything that he didn’t understand he will meet me and I will explain to him, there is one day he couldn’t make it to lecture that the lecturer gave us unannounced test. I wrote for him and called him, he later claimed he travelled to Lagos. All these big boys will not like coming to school.

I became popular in my department, but I didn’t let it get into my head as everyone who approached me for one thing or the other got a friendly reply, every guy wants to be my friend nobody dey reason to even date me because of the cutes guys around me, Jackson was something else. He will narrate his escapade anytime we hang-out together with other of my friends.

Too many male friends around me, those guys didn’t even allow girls to come close to me saying they will spoil me. I was like ehehhhnnn…!! these people are seeing me as virgin and their last born in this department oh!!

Anderson was busy teaching me how to drive one weekend and I wanted to know why he loved me so much and yet made no move to make his girlfriend.

Me: Andy, am I beautiful?

Anderson: *laughing* who tell you say you ugly my break em head?

Me: nobody, but why you no like me?

Anderson: how? I no like you. I love you.

Me: why I no be your girlfriend.

Anderson: *laughing* I love you pass my real girlfriend sef.

Me: why?

Anderson: you resemble my twin sister wey die.

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So I be replacement girl for him life? pathetic. I felt like crying my eyes out for what he said, so am not attractive enough to make his kulikuli rise for me. Anderson took me out on dates and even bought lots of things for me, his girlfriend and him quarreled over me but he didn’t give a fu-ck about it. Jackson tried to make me his girlfriend when Anderson knew about he told him off, he asked me not to accept any heart-breaker. The thing make me laugh when he dey talk am oh, someone that cheat his girlfriend anyhow and the girl no send sef.

My dad was fond of Anderson and anything Anderson said my dad nodey gree object am. He doesn’t like coming to faculty course lectures and General courses, so one cute guy walk up to me talking sweet things inside my ears. His name is Effiong, when he asked for my number Anderson appeared from nowhere.

Anderson: sweetheart *he peck and hug me*

Me: Anderson *I blush*

Effiong: who he be?

Anderson: her boyfriend, something block your eyes.

Anderson is very handsome and he knows how to use it and intimidate anybody, when Naomi and Eva got back and tried to put me back into their gang, Anderson refused and even had a heated argument with Naomi.

Naomi is fair and more beautiful than Eva, one of the finest girls in my department. That is how I knew Naomi and Anderson had dated and he dumped Naomi afterward having se-x with her and went back to the arms of his girlfriend, I was like this guy and playboy lifestyle.

The lecturer handling for unit course in our department invited me to his office and asked me out, I refused and he threatened to fail me. Wetin I do this old man na? When I told Anderson about ehnn..