The Replacement Girl Episode 9


Satisfied with how good I looked in my blue polo top, blue jeans and a face cap containing the logo of the restaurant I was working in, I bounced out of the house after having bade everyone goodbye. These days, I was the first to leave home and the last to come back. I was so happy, I really didn’t used to have time for m———-n anymore!

“Where to?” A cabman said as soon as I stopped him. He was a very old man.

“Kumbashi Restaurant, opposite Top Medical” I said storming into the cab.

“Alright” He said as we drove away.
It was a very slow ride, the old man was a very good Nigerian. He loved obeying traffic lights even in an empty street. I liked the idea at first but later got bored because I was already getting late…

We arrived at the restaurant quarter to 8. I paid him and he drove away. Actually, it wasn’t nice boarding his cab and I wouldn’t board such a cab anymore!

“Good morning, everyone…” I greeted the brewers and waiters as I headed to the Madam’s office to write my name in the time book as usual. She was so surprised to see me at such time, I normally arrived around 7 dot but reverse was today’s case. I was almost late!

“It was the cab I boarded. The man drives very slowly” I complained.

“Eyyah” She grieved.

I wrote my name in the time book and quickly left her office to the telephone unit, a place dedicated to deliverers of the restaurant.

“Morning, Sam” I greeted my partner with a smile.

“Morning, Humairah” He sighed going through the delivery book.


“Thank you, Sam” I sat close to him.

“What orders do we have?” I asked.

“Coffee as usual. Both Cyril and Ali are on it, so relax for now” He calmly said.

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“Alright” I huffed.

This was my third week at work, I should work even more harder so that Madam would pay me my full salary. She had asked me to choose between salary and wages, and I chose the former. Ali Imam said I was childish to even nurse the desire of choosing salary, but I preferred things in bulk!

Both Cyril and Ali came back hours later, thus Sam and I began our own deliveries across the city. We started from Unguwan Sarki, up to Maitumbi with our van. He was the one driving, while I deliver orders to people’s doorsteps.

To cut the story short, we arrived at around 2pm. I was so exhausted. We had so many customers placing orders everyday, our restaurant was the best in the whole city and everybody wanted our food. That was a success to our boss.


The telephone began ringing. I was the one close to it so I stretched my hand and picked the call. “Hello, this is Kumbashi Restaurant’s hotline. What can we do for you?” I said amicably.

“Ermm…” The person cleared his throat and continued. “Pizza, please…” He said.

That moment, my heart nearly missed a bit. Like, I mean, of course I knew that voice. It sounded like that of the handsome man that hit us with his car the first day I arrived at the city!

“Pizza? Okey, your address please!” I chirped hoping to hear his voice again.

“House number 57, Peace Garden!”
What? My heart flipped a little, he was actually the one! I mean, my uncle told me that day that his name is Ahmad Jaafar and he lived in Peace Garden.