The Replacement Girl Episode 8


Ever since Naziha and I returned from my father’s house, things had not been the same. She talked less and often replied me with two words. I had told her I wouldn’t divorce her but she just didn’t believe me. She thought I was a coward, someone that practically didn’t know his rights… but I was heck of a stone, someone that would never take self-centered orders from even his parents. I wish I could tell her that in the language she would understand!

Today, I deliberately refused to go to work because seeing my father around makes me sick. I was already tired of working with him. If only I could find another job that would be paying me in millions just the way he was doing, I would have left his company for good!

“Naziha, this is quarter past 2. Ain’t you gonna make lunch today?” I queried immediately I bounced into our room.

She heaved a sigh while swiping through her phone as if too busy to reply me. That was actually weird!

“Naziha, I’m talking to you!” I blurted.

“Sorry” she huffed as she lazily kept her phone aside. “I was busy chatting with my friends, I didn’t check the time…”

“Now what?” I yawned hungrily.

“Well, since you are hungry you can just place an order for food, or what do you think?” She said in what seemed like a whisper while adjusting her veil.

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“Order for food?” I puzzled.

“Yes…” She cleared her throat and continued. “After all, I’m very tired”

“Naziha, you are really changing!” I blurted out and continued. “So after keeping me hungry you’re asking me to place an order for food, why can’t you just tell me you’re tired of cooking in this house so I can get a cook for us?”

“What?” She huffed.

“You heard me, Naziha!” I thundered.

“Wannan kai ya dama” She took back her phone and began operating it.
I shook my head not knowing what else to say to her. God knows I had tried my best to make things right but all she did was to frustrate me. She had practically changed in the past few weeks…

“Suit yourself” I said and left the room.