The Replacement Girl Episode 7


“Wallahi Ahmad when I held that baby I felt as if I was the one that delivered it, I felt as if I could hold it forever…” Naziha said as we got back into the car.

“Yes, that’s because the baby is yours too!” I blurted out igniting the engine into action. “What belongs to your sister belongs to you too, my love” I added.

“Ahmad this is Sister Hannatu’s 5th child, I held the rest before but didn’t felt anything like this…” She said.

“Toh, maybe because our own is coming soon” I smiled switching on the A/C.

“I hope so” She heaved a sigh and relaxed as we drove away…

On reaching the junction of our area, some Joint Task officers stopped us. That was when I realised we were late. It was a combination of well armed Army, Police and Civil Defence Corps. I quickly lowered my wind-glass…

“Hi, Ogas” I said with a gritted teeth.

“Don’t you know that there is a curfew?” One of them asked.

“Ehm, actually… yes, but…”

“Just turn and go back to where you’re coming from” the officer boldly said.

“Come on man, I’m the son of Jaa…”

“Reverse back now!”

I tried to bribe through but to no avail, thus I turned and drove away from the scene. Anything that has to do with the army, don’t expect it to be likely.

“We can just find a hotel nearby and lodge in for the night” I suggested.

“What?” Naziha squealed. “No, Ahmad”

“Why?” I puzzled.

“I don’t like that idea, just drive us to Baba’s house. I missed mama” she said.

“What?” My heart flipped a little by the mentioning of ‘Baba’ which means my father, someone that didn’t like her. I tried to change her mind but she was adamant, you practically know Naziha!

That was how we ended up in my father’s house, he wasn’t that happy to see us but mother was. We chitchat for almost an hour before finally bidding each other goodnight. Naziha and I went to my old room, almost all my leftover things were intact. I smiled at my old gaming console and its controllers, I was hell of a gamer in the past. My friends and I would play FIFA 24-7, we hardly pray at the right time…

“Come over here, my lawful husband”
My thought was intercepted by Naziha’s cool voice, she was already on the bed with her hijab thrown aside and her…

“It been a whole week, so don’t tell me you’re tired today” She said sexily.

“Oh, yes” I smiled gently switching off the light, and the rest is history…

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The following day in the morning, while having breakfast in the dining island, my mother cleared her throat and broke the silence that had crept upon us ever since we started eating…

“Naziha” She called out.

“Na’am, Mama” Naziha paused.

“I know this is a bit early for me to start asking question like this but, have you and Ahmad seen the doctor yet? This is 2 and half years since your marriage”

“Ehhmm” I cleared my throat about to chime into their conversation when my father vehemently intruded…

“She’s talking to your wife, not you!”

“Okey” I gulped and nodded.

Naziha looked me in the eyes, sadly, as if asking me to help her out. I only heaved a sigh and held her hand.

“Just tell them the truth, my love” I said to her. I didn’t want to see her tears so I turned my face away from her.

“I’m… I’m childless” she said amidst sob after a moment of silence. “I’m sorry, Mama” she added as she quickly stood and left the dining in tears. She was going out, and I had to follow her…

So I stood and glare at my father. “I know you did all this, but I promise you I will not divorce Naziha. I don’t care if she’s childless or not, I love her and will always love her!” I said and left.

“Ahmad wait…”

My mother tried to stop me but I pretended deaf ears. I ran out after Naziha to the parking lot, she was crying bitterly. I tried to embrace her but she kept pushing me away.

“Calm down please, Naziha…”

“You telling me to… to calm down?”

“Yes please, we can see things through”

“No!” She screamed.

“Please stop all these,” I implored leaning my back on the car with my aching heart. “Seeing you like this makes me… makes me sick” I said while panting.

Hearing that, she stopped and rushed to me. “Hey,” she sniffed. “I’m sorry” she gulped shaking her head. “I’m so sorry, I just don’t want to loose you that’s why…”

“You won’t loose me, Naziha” I said getting hold of her hands. “I promise”