The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 41


​I got to the lodge some minutes past 7; I parked outside Cynthia’s lodge. I called Vincent to inform him of my presence and he told me to go straight to the venue and wait for them. I went to the venue and saw how well they did to the place, but the place seemed to be dark a little. I moved closer checking the place out and saw someone there.
Me: Promise…?
Promise: Hey you’re here
Me: Why are you here alone?
Promise: I have to stay here na to avoid Mirabel from suspecting anything
Me: Yea that’s right
Promise: You’re very serious about this, I mean look at you
Me: **Just let out a smile**
Promise: So you’re really doing this?
Me: Yeah
Promise: Okay… wish you both nothing but the best
Me: Thanks
Promise: Yea… are they aware that you’re here?
Me: Yea I told Vincent, they should be coming soon
Promise: Okay…
Me: Isn’t it kinda dark here?
Promise: Yeah… it’s part of the arrangement
Me: How?
Promise: Don’t worry, you’ll see
Me: Ok oh… I really appreciate your coming
Promise: Thanks also for making me a witness to this
Me: **Smiles**
Promise: They’re coming
**I turned and saw Vincent coming hand in hand with Nancy, Mirabel and Cynthia**
Me: Oh… **Trying to compose myself**
Promise: Hope you’re not feeling nervous?
Me: Seriously I am nervous
Promise: Come on… It’s Mirabel, your girlfriend for almost four years
Me: Yea I know… I just can’t help it
Promise: Well you have to fix that and have the event under control; I need to hide for now
Me: Why?
Promise: Also part of the plan… Good luck!
Me: Ok Ok
(I watched her passed through the garden till I lost visuals of her)
I turned my back on the four of them coming on my position and started composing myself. I gat this, I know I gat this. I started hearing approaching footsteps so I stood calm; you gat this Victor!
Voice: Who’s there?
**I turned around on slow motion and saw Mirabel’s figure, I thought i saw four of them coming? Why am i now seeing only Mirabel?? Or is it also part of the plan???**
Mirabel: Victor?
**The place suddenly lights up, I saw how shocked she was…. I was shocked though but i had to maintain myself so she’d know it’s my doing**
She started coming closer while i also walk towards her till we met face to face.
We stood facing each other for a couple of minutes with my left hand crossed behind me holding the flowers.
I was looking deep into her eyes sending the message of love. I refused to say anything, just hoping the magic would work.
I noticed how it was taking effect on her, i saw how she was melting but trying to control herself.
Then i made another move by stretching forth my right hand towards her. She stared at it for some seconds before she flung herself on me giving me a tight embrace.
*It worked oh…*
I also embraced her and caress her hair and also hailing myself inside my mind Victor! Victor!!
The warm embrace lasted for almost two minutes before we broke it. I saw tears hanging in her eyes. I presented the flowers to her and she let out a soft cough in amazement.
Me: I apologize for how i said what i said to you back in the clinic, I really felt bad when she did…..
Mirabel: **Cuts in** Shhhhh…. it’s Okay… Promise already explained everything to me
Me: She did?
Mirabel: Yea and i apologize for how I’ve been acting ever since
Me: You don’t have to apologize, it’s all my fault, I was too curious to know if he…
Miarabel: **Cuts in** He didn’t raped me, but i kissed him
Me: **Speechless**
Mirabel: He tried to win my heart by bringing past memories and all he went through just to come back for me. I pretended to fall for him so I had to kiss him so he’ll think i am going back to him. Yes he tried to have $ex with me, but i told him that i wasn’t ready, that he should wait a little more. That was the wisdom i used to avoid being raped. Even when they showed me your dead body, I was extremely hurting on the inside but I pretented to be strong on the outside deceiving them like i don’t really care about you. I got very mad at you as a guy to be raped by a girl when i as a girl was able to escape it. And you didn’t describe how helpless you were when it happened
Me: I’m really sorry, I was so full of anger and hatred for her that i couldn’t act wise… please forgive my imprudence
Mirabel: It’s Okay… I’ve forgiven you before now, just waiting for you to come
Me: Thanks my love…. **hugging her**
The lights suddenly changed to all red from white. Those guys did very well, i’m sure they have been watching us.
We broke off from the romantic embrace when we started hearing some cool instrumentals close-by.
We looked around and saw that we were surrounded by Vincent, Nancy, Cynthia, Promise, Frank and Jummy.
Vincent was playing a guiter while Frank was playing harmonica. Mirabel was like ‘Wow’ and i was like ‘It’s time’
I collected the flowers from her and dropped it one side. I held both of her hands looking her straight in the eyes.
Me: Our love for each other matched right here on this garden. Ever since you told me how the garden got to be important to you since we started our love relationship here, it became very important to me too. I love you more than you think, You complete me Mirabel and I sincerely want to spend my existence on earth with you. Our friends and siblings here will stand as a witness to this moment **Going down on my left knee, brought out the ring box from the left side of my suit using my right hand**
Me: I sincerely want you to be my life partner in marriage, will you?
Mirabel: **Her hands covering her mouth; she looked around… they all gestured her to say yes**
Me: Mirabel, will you marry me?
Mirabel: Yes! Yes!! Ofcourse Yes!!!
**All of them started cheering while i place the ring on her finger and stood up after i kissed the hand**
That moment, fireworks started shattering up in the sky. Those guys did a wonderful job even more than the money I transferred to them to get the event done.
They started congratulating us… the guys shook hands with me while Nancy hugged me like never before. Promise tried to shook hands with me, but I pushed her hand away and hugged her.
After that, Jummy ushered us to another part of the garden and announced that we’re gonna have a picnic. It was indeed an exciting moment, a night to always remember. We ate and drank, gisted and laughed out happily.
Right there, I appreciated Vincent, Frank, Promise and others for the wonderful night they arranged. Mirabel also did the same to everyone and most especially me for being the man of the night’s memorable event.
Frank made it known to us that everything that took place in the garden was recorded in a video camera from five different angles.
We watch the drama that took place from the main view of the recorded video when we got into Mirabel’s lodge. While discussing, Cynthia suggested that Promise should come stay with her till we graduate in a few months time, we all bought the idea and made Promise agreed to it. Minutes later, Mirabel also suggested that the both of them should come stay with her and we all agreed to it. We all spent the night in the lodge including Promise who doesn’t like sleeping out of her domain.
Two days later, I decided to pay Dorothy one last visit before she get executed; I met her mother there and she started begging me while crying to do something about her daughter’s case so she won’t get executed. I told her there’s nothing I can do about it but she insisted on saying that I am connected to the President, that i can plead on Dorothy’s behalf so she’ll be granted a Presidential pardon.
☆ What is this woman asking me to do?
☆ Should I listen to her?
☆ Should i try to help the girl that wanted to ruin my life?
It’s not like I like the fact that she’s going to be executed, but then….she has gone bad…. Geez!! What should I do??
☆ ☆ ☆ TO BE CONTINUED ☆ ☆ ☆