Serpent's Love Episode 10


He quickly rushed to the kitchen and there was Phil, sitting on the floor with his boxers shorts, chewing notes of 50GHC. He appeared mentally unstable. 
Everything he said to Phil at that point fell on deaf ears, as Phil laughed at everything that was going on.
 How did this happen? Elorm kept asking himself. Elorm tried to rush Phil to the hospital but Phil, who was not himself took a knife and threatened to stab him if he, Elorm, dared to come closer. 
There was nothing Elorm could do than to leave him right where he met him and hope that by the close of the day he might come back to his senses.
 Going back to his own was difficult for him. He thought of rushing back to Nana Ama’s place, maybe her company was just what he needed. 
Notwithstanding, he was still feeling guilty. There was no way he could actually confess to Nana Ama about he being responsible of her sister’s death. That will defintely jeopardize their healthy relationship. He thought of finding his own way of making amends and correcting the wrongs he had done. 
In no time he got to Nana Ama’s apartment very late in the night. Nana Ama didn’t expect him to come, however she was still worried about his safety, especially with the way he left in the first place. She was so happy to see him well and safe than she couldn’t help it than to rush towards him with open arms and give him a warm embrace. 
“Now would you tell me what that was all about? You just left without saying anything. I kept calling your phone, yet no answer” She asked. 
Elorm looked straight in her eyes and noticed how vulnerable she was once she was with him. If only she knows the kind of person he is, she would hate him forever.  This was all he wanted, to be close to Nana Ama. To be honest, that was the moment he noticed he had deep feelings for her. He was in love with her.
   He had completely forgotten about the question Nana Ama asked him. His mind was focused on her and the love he had for her. 
“Elorm, you are scaring the hell out of me, what is it? Talk to me for Christ sake” Nana Ama asked again. That was enough to get his attention now.  Elorm came back from his fantasy world to reality. 
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“I just lost my kid sister and my mom blames me for it” Elorm finally spoke out. Just like the way rational person would feel, Nana Ama was sympathetic and tried to console him. She was more or less concerned about consoling him now, rather than interrogating him on why his mother blamed him for his sister’s death. 
She thought it might be one of the usual things, where every mother would want her child to be around, at crucial times, but it was far from that. 
Meanwhile, Phil was still at his apartment, in the kitchen to be precise and was just messing the place up. It seems his condition had gotten even worse than when Elorm met him. He was totally out of control. He was shouting on top of his voice, making unnecessary noise that even caught the attention of his neighbors.  
Concerned as the neighbors were, they rushed to the house to see for themselves what was really happening.  There, they met Phil in the kitchen smashing and disorganizing things in there. They tried to hold him tight and calm him, but his strength was too much for them to handle.
He forced his way out of their arms, got hold of the knife and again threaten to stab any of them if they made any attempt to hold him.  
Acting oblivious of his threats, they tried getting hold of him, as they struggled, Phil stab himself with the knife.  The neighbors had to rush him to the hospital. However before they got there, Phil had lost so much blood. He was already dead upon their arrival. 
Things were turning around now, the ball the three friends kicked against the wall was coming back to them and it was happening so quick all because of what Elorm did, that is breaking up their sacred pot which contained the handkerchiefs. 
Elorm was still with Nana Ama. She was doing the consoling  and before they knew it, they were both asleep in their arms. Elorm woke up, and was staring at her as she laid on her chest. He got tempted, he couldn’t resist her, he wanted to kiss her. He raised her up slightly by the chin. That was enough to wake her up. 
They were both caught in the moment, looking at each other in the eyes and before they knew it, they began kissing each other passionately.
To be Continued. 
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