Serpent's Love Episode 11


They were both caught in the moment, looking at each other in the eyes and before they knew it, they began kissing each other passionately.
Their breath became heavier and faster as the kiss got more intense. Elorm had completely forgotten himself and was just in the moment. At least that alone distracted him from his worries yet endangered Nana Ama’s life. Now it was out of control.  Nana Ama took off her blouse leaving her with only her bra on. They were about crossing the limit. 
Elorm turned her around came on top of her leaving him in total control. Nana Ama opened her eyes, gave Elorm a passionate kiss. All of sudden, she saw her sister Herty standing beside them in tears.  Out of fear and panic, she pushed Elorm aside. 
As it stood, she was the only one seeing her. She began shouting while Elorm on the other hand wondered what was actually going on. Herty was still standing there looking at her while she was in tears, and all she said was “Don’t fall in love with the serpent.  It’s venom brought me here. It’s not yet your time to join me”.
That was it. Just after saying that she disappeared within a twinkling  of an eye. Nana Ama didn’t see her anymore. That was enough to wake her up from her dream.  She was sweating all over and realized that Elorm was still around. 
Apparently, they both had fallen asleep when Nana Ama was consoling him of his sister’s death. She became afraid and very frightened. 
 She had no idea of what her sister was talking about but it was obvious that she was warning her about  something, against being in love. 
Elorm was still sleeping in the couch and didn’t realize when Nana Ama woke up. She starred at him in panic while he was still sleeping. For now she was the only guy in her life that she was so close to and that meant that her sister’s warning was actually against Elorm. He was the serpent. 
It was 2:00am when Nana Ama checked the time. There was no way she could not have taken this strange dream seriously. She needed to do something or probably stay away from Elorm as soon as possible. But Nana Ama was a girl of substance. She was more interested in knowing the real meaning behind her dream and perharps finding the relationship that really existed between her sister and Elorm. Without wasting any time, she woke Elorm up. 
“Get up, you need to go” She said sounding very rude. 
Elorm woke up and was surprised to see Nana Ama act that way.
 “I’m sorry, I had fallen asleep” He said.
“Don’t worry, just leave” She said and left Elorm to her room.  
Elorm was just amazed with her reaction. He kept wondering over her reasons for acting that way. He then had no option than to leave just as Nana Ama had instructed.  He then went away thinking. 
Nana Ama sat on her bed in the room lost in thought. The dream was not something she had to ignore. She needed answers and the only thing she could think of was to take her bible, read and pray. 
Elorm drove off still wondering why Nana Ama bursted out that way. Somehow, he felt that he deserved more than that, he was actually responsible for Herty’s death. Now his kid sister had also passed away. His mother was right after all. He just wished he could turn back the hands of time and make genuine and clean money both in the sight of men and God. 
The harm had already been done, there was no way he could  bring those innocent lives. Now that he is trying to fix things, its seems everything is rather getting out of hand. 
He tried looking for answers from Yaw yet it was to no avail. He had already been to Phil’s place only to find him in that awkward way. If only he knew he was dead, he would have noticed the situation was even worse than it already is. 
Now, he kept thinking of how to make things right. There was no way he could confess about everything. That was the last thing he thought of doing.  To him, making amends meant that no more renewing his commitment by sleeping with random girls but by just living a normal life and being good. He thought by doing that, he would be able to get back on track.
Now, He was in love with Nana Ama. That was the first time he actually felt that way. And no matter the danger posed to Nana Ama, he was not ready to give up on her. He thought it was the right time to tell her how he felt.  He then planned on doing that next time he saw her. 
For now there was nothing more he could do, than accept his past and make amends.
 “People are dead because of me, as much as I hate it, there is nothing I can do about it than to just be a good man onwards.” He said and comforted himself with that. 
In no time he had arrived home but before he could enter into his compound he saw Yaw sitting on the floor of his gates. It was as if he had been chased. He was panting and sweating all over. 
Elorm quickly rushed to him to see what was wrong. For a moment, Yaw couldn’t even recognize him, he tried running but Elorm got hold of him.  
“Hey, Hey Its me, Elorm. What is it” He said. 
He began crying and shouting out loud. Elorm kept asking what was going on as his actions began scaring him. 
“Our time is up Elorm, our time is up. I keep seeing things that is not there, I keep seeing dead bodies everywhere.” Yaw lamented. 
“What are you talking about? Calm down and tell me everything.” Elorm asked. 
“Phill is gone and we are next. It’s over Elorm and I don’t want to die. I can’t die” He cried out.  
“What do you mean Phill is dead, I was at his end later in the evening. Look I think you need to rest. Let’s go inside” Elorm said. 
“You don’t understand me, its over Elorm” He kept saying this and began to walk away from Elorm. He noticed Elorm wouldn’t be of any help to him. He then began running to nowhere in particular. Elorm ran after him just to catch him up and try to calm him down. The road was dark making it difficult for them to see.  Just when Elorm was closing up on him, Yaw tripped and fell heavily on the ground with his head hitting against a rock.
To be Continued. 
Watch out for the Final Episode 
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  1. Serpents love is a thrilling story with interesting episodes.the devil gives nothing for’s good to be content with what we have whether little or much

  2. Serpents love is a thrilling story with interesting episodes.the devil gives nothing for’s good to be content with what we have whether little or much