Pastor orders women to strip and kisses their butts to attract marriage


For the past few days, a picture has been circulating on social media depicting several naked women bending on a beach while a “pastor” kisses their behinds to apparently ensure they get the right marriage partners
Numerous reports have surfaced, claiming to know the source of the image. We aren’t so sure.
It’s a bit odd to see so many women in their birthday suits, with their hands and knees in the tide, eagerly anticipating the “blessings” that this priest will bestow upon them.

Some reports claim that the picture is of a South African pastor while others claim it’s a Nigerian man of God.
By now, we all know that there are some church leaders who have a peverse inclination to take advantage of their church members. But this is just out of hand!
Do any of you, our readers know where this picture actually comes from?​