The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 29


Mirabel spent the night with me to take care of me and the injuries I sustained from Marcus and his gang. But it didn’t stop me from going to school the following day.
After the incidence and the arrest of Marcus and his gang; everything started going smoothly and peacefully.
Ike did exactly what he said he’d do. He handed over his website’s ownership to me with every arrangement necessary. It’s a downloading site that has anything downloadable like Application softwares, games, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Tv series, Wrestling WWE and TNA, football highlights and full match, music audios and videos, technology features and so much more. He taught me everything I needed to know on how to run the site.
The site was extremely large. That was when I got to understand fully that success doesn’t come easily without working for it. I had conflicts with both my studies and the site that made every day a stressful one for me. There were already six people working at the site before I became the owner; I became the boss of six foreign people.
I started earning thousands of dollars (millions of naira) as time passed by. I opened three current accounts in three different banks. I still didn’t stop collecting money from my Parents because I don’t know how to tell them about my source of income
With the underground help from the first lady; Marcus got tried where he was found guilty and got convicted for attempted murder to serve 27 years jail term along with his gangs. The news got into the newspapers because his Father was a notable man in the society and a billionaire at such. The press met with him and questioned him on what he’d say about his son’s case that could ruin his reputation. He simply replied saying that he has no son. Then sources reached the media saying that he has long disowned Marcus as his son.
Sometime later, the meeting for my mother and Mirabel’s mother to meet were arranged and they eventually met in the house I was staying (I was staying there temporally, so I can’t call it my house).
My Father was on a work trip when she came with a girl (Her house help) she was quite pretty and well statured. Mirabel’s mother – the first lady came a day after my momma’s arrival. Good compliments came from both ends after their meeting. Momma left a day after their meeting.
Day after day, my bank account kept growing big – odikwa large!
I pay my tithes and also keep 10% from my income for my personal use. I always buy gifts for my sister and my girlfriend and sometimes for my best friend Promise.
One certain day when I was in my best mood because of how happy I was; Vincent approached me requesting for my permission to date my sister Nancy. He caught me unaware seriously. I knew that my sister was matured enough already so I played cool and gentle.
Me: Well…You’ve been a nice guy since I know you and you’re Ok. You can talk to her first then face me if she’ll agree to date you
Vincent: Actually…it was her idea that I should ask for your permission
**Inside my mind I was like what?! Although I still remained cool but my facial expression changed instantly**
Me: That means she has agreed to date you? **controlling myself**
Vincent: Uhmmm…not fully bro, that’s why she told me to seek for your permission
Me: Ok listen up; she knows why she asked you to seek my permission. You can go ahead; she’s smart enough but if you lose your cool towards her? May God help us! She’s never had a boyfriend before which will make you her first. Don’t ever even think of seeing her nakedness talk less of attempting to, because she won’t dare give in and you also shouldn’t even try it.
Vincent: Chill bro…why all this? I’m not s*x inclined please. I came from a Christian home and I was brought up to fear God. I’m not lusting after your sister bro! I fell in love with her because of the kind of person she is. She’s all I ever dreamed of. She’s a virgin I know and so am I. I hope it doesn’t surprise you. My ex-girlfriend who was also a Christian and we fellowship together broke up with me because of s*x; she thought I was impotent. I don’t like girls that will allow a guy have s*x with her before marriage. Girls that have s*x disgusts me bro! That’s the first thing that got me attracted to your sister when I discovered how reserved and cool she is and how you’ve been protecting her as well. I won’t even kiss her because I’m made to understand that kissing before marriage isn’t right as well. I think you should know that too.
Me: I feel like I’m being blasted
Vincent: **Laughs out** Ahhh! Not like that bro; I’m only trying to defend myself and also present myself clean as well
Me: So…what do you want from my sister?
Vincent: Well…my real intention is to court her. She’s a nice girl and I wouldn’t want her to fall into the wrong hands in the near future by not presenting my intentions towards her from now. So…I’ll like to reserve her for myself before the bad guys come get her first for I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity because girls like her are very rare.
Me: It’s okay….just trying to make things clear so there won’t be any mishap in the near future
Vincent: I understand; I will do the same for my sister
Me: Good thing we understand each other
Vincent: Absolutely!
Me: So you have a sister or sisters?
Vincent: Three sisters; two are out of the country
Me: And you protect them at home from guys?
Vincent: Not really, she’s a big girl; she can take care of herself and I trust her
Me: You both are very close?
Vincent: Not really but we share with each other
Me: You know if she has a boyfriend?
Vincent: Yea
Me: You seem not to worry about it
Vincent: You won’t be dating her in the first place if I should be over protective of my sister like you
Me: How do you mean?
Vincent: Mirabel is my kid sis bro
Me: What?! **Shocked and confused** how is that possible?
Vincent: Surprised? What an irony of life. The guy who disvirgined my sister is threatening me not to even see his sister’s nakedness…catch you later bro **Walks away**
**I was like what?!**
I felt so ashamed of myself. But how come Mirabel never told me about this? I need some explanations
I dialed Mirabel’s line and she picked up
Mirabel: Hi love
Me: Hi…who is Vincent to you?
Mirabel: He told you?
Me: Please answer my question
Mirabel: He is my brother
Me: Why didn’t you tell me?!
Mirabel: Baby I will come over so we can talk about this; I didn’t know he’ll reveal it himself
Me: What are you talking about?
Mirabel: We’ll talk about this when I get there please dear
**I hung up**
I was too annoyed to hear another word from her
I think I owe Vincent an apology.
Me: Nancy! Nancy!!
Nancy: **From the background** Yes?!
She came to me in the parlor
Nancy: Yes?
Me: What do you know about Vincent?
Nancy: As in?
Me: Are you aware that he is Mirabel’s brother?
Nancy: What? I don’t understand…how?
Me: Meaning you don’t know?
Nancy: I don’t get it; he is Mirabel’s brother?
Me: He just told me that few minutes ago that Mirabel is his kid sis. I called Mirabel to inquire from her and she confirmed it
Nancy: Does that mean…he is the President’s son? **Surprised**
Me: Seriously…I’m confused. I can’t believe she hid this from me
Nancy: What do we do?
Me: Mirabel is coming over to explain
Nancy: If this is true **walking slowly around** then we’ll both be dating the President’s children; isn’t it cool?
I just looked at her not much surprised; of course she’ll love it.