Adventures of a Playboy (Episode 16 FINAL)


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Bidemi looked at the both of us with eyes filled with Tears, she turned  and went to the sitting room, Kikelomo was crying too but i couldn’t  care less about her.  i wore a short and a round neck and made my walk of shame down the stairs.
Bidemi stood up the moment she saw me and started out the door, i followed her
Me: Bidemi please wait! i can explain please
Bidemi: (crying ) okay….Explain
Me: emmm… i don’t know what came over me Bidemi I’m so sorry
Bidemi: (started walking away) Femi please leave me alone
she walked out  of the gate, i tried holding her but she wouldn’t let me , i followed her out and continued begging but she wouldn’t listen to me.
My sister, Funmilayo and Ruka who were just returning from school were there to witness the whole event
Funmilayo: Bidemi what’s going on? why are you crying
Me: shut up Funmilayo this is not your business
Bidemi: I saw your brother and my sister Kikelomo having s*x….
Ruka:(said angrily ) Femi you told me you didn’t have a girlfriend when you asked me out
Bidemi: (surprised ) ohh… so you asked her out too, you sent me a message last night saying I’m the only one on your mind!!
Ruka: You sent me the same message
Kikelomo who is now behind me cuts in too
Kikelomo: You bastard sent me that too
I looked down at my feet, how the hell did i get here? I moved closer to Bidemi
Me: Bidemi you know I really love…… (Gbosa) …..she slapped me. The slap adjusted me back to my factory settings and i realise neither my sweet tongue nor my lies can get me out of this.
I stepped back and looked up at the 3 girls I’ve been claiming to love for a while now, The sisters had tears in their eyes, Ruka was looking at me in disbelief and Funmilayo my sister felt sorry for me, she always helped me out in times of trouble but i guess this is rather too complicated for her. I turned around and made my way into the house, i needed to escape from here, i need to find a place to rest my mind, to get away from all my troubles. i dialled Tunde but his number was reading unavailable, there’s nowhere he can be right now except at the hotel, drinking. I myself can use a bottle or two right now.
I changed into a casual wear and made my way outside. i was about stopping a bike when my fone started beeping and i  looked at it and it was “Sexiest girl” iyabo. Well maybe I’m not of girls yet. i picked
Me: Hello Iyabo
Iyabo: Femi, how are you?
Me: I’m fine
Iyabo: My mom told me you called earlier today, I’m sorry i left my fone at home.
Me: Yes she told me. your mom sound young o and she had a nice voice
Iyabo:(laughing ) You’re not serious. She even told me your voice sound familiar too, like you guys have spoken before
Me: Really? Me i don’t think so o
Iyabo: that was what i told her too. by the way, my fone’s speaker has a problem right now, it makes voices sound thicker than normal, maybe that’s why
Me: Ok sha. enough about your mom, You’re back from the market abi?
Iyabo: Yes! I’m now really  bored at home and hungry. will you take me out?
Me: (Ole , gold digger) Where do you want to go
Iyabo: Take me to Tantalizer
Me: (Tantalizer ko, Fertilizer ni) Ok no problem but the thing is, i haven’t been able to withdraw cash from my account since Morning so i have Nothing on me right now
Iyabo: Awww… what will now happen now?
Me: Why don’t you come over to my house
Iyabo: No i can’t, I’m the only one at home. will you come over?
Me: (excited ) emmm…. let me think… ok sha, i will come
Iyabo: buy snacks for me when you’re coming o
Me: (long throat, na food go kill you) Ok dear i will. Just send me your address.
Iyabo: Ok i will. see you soon
Me: you too.
This girl will like food and money o, i don’t think i can cope with that. I’ve always disliked  girls who ask for money and likes to be  taken out like it’s their father that gave me money. but if snacks will let her open those legs for me, i will even buy her a whole bakery sef.
I stopped a bike, her sms has entered now and it says 5th Avenue, Festac! The best way to get there fast is if i take a bike. On our way, i had to tell the biker to excuse me cause i want to buy snacks
Biker: Iru were wo leleyi (what kind of madness is this)
Me: Tani were? Maa gba yin danu (who’s mad? I’ll hit you)
Biker: maa daa ese bo e loju o (I’ll punch you in the eyes)
Me: Take your money and go, frustrated human being!
Nigerians are always angry and in a haste, God knows where we are all running to and who always offends us. it’s only normal to see people fighting or arguing every time you go out. I’ll have to cross to the other side of the road to get the snacks, i looked staight ahead and i saw a Zebra crossing lines, atleast vehicles are supposed to slow down for me to cross… or that’s what i thought.
i decided to use it, i was in the middle of the road when a danfo bus with full speed was coming my way, no one had to warn me before i dashed to the side and narrowly escaped being hit. The driver looked at me and shouted
Driver:  Afoju niyin ni sir? (are you blind)
Me: (angrily ) Shey you no see Zebra crossing?
Driver: (laughing ) Zebra ko, Kangaroo ni… Shey you na Zebra?
Everyone in the danfo laughed at me as I turned around and walked away. i bought a meatpie and a fish-roll which cost 300 naira. I took  a bike and got to the place Iyabo asked me to drop, called her and she said she’d be with me in 5 minutes.
10 minutes passed before i saw her, all my anger vanished when i saw her, Iyabo is an epitome of beauty of beauty, Motunrayo could never compete with her, which isn’t much of a surprise because they both have different mothers but same father.
Iyabo: Femi, sorry i kept you waiting
Me: for a beautiful girl like you, I’ll wait forever.
Iyabo: hahaha You and your sweet mouth ehn, let’s go jare
We got to her place and i handed her the snacks
Iyabo: (smiling ) Thanks. I haven’t eaten all day
Me:(na food go kill you) It’s nothing dear, i can’t bear to see you hungry
We chatted for a while and i was glad that she  helped take my mind off the disaster that happened at home, i lost three girls within an hour, maybe if i played my game right, I’ll keep both Iyabo and Motunrayo, the step-sisters, one would think i have learnt my lessons by now but what’s the fun in having only one girlfriend? I still can’t take my eyes  off Iyabo and when  she came closer to show me pictures on her fone, i couldn’t help but make a move and placed my hands on her waist, she didn’t pull back so i held her even a little tighter which she responded in kind. in no time we were both deep in passion and i wasted no time in trying to take off her blouse, she stopped me this time and gestured that we go inside her room. My lucky day, one thing happen for the good of another, i wouldn’t be here right  now if the 3 witches at home didn’t find out about  my plans, the thought brought Smiles to my face.
We got into Iyabo’s well arranged room and continued where we stopped. She opened a drawer and brought out a pack of condoms, this obviously isn’t her first time.
I quickly wore a condom over my OGA. The s*x was good, Iyabo was such an experienced girl, she kept moving her body in ways I’d never seen before and when i finally came, she held me and my very stubborn OGA rose up again. We continued in a faster pace, i was going to turn her over when the door opened wide….
O God!!! not again! what are the chances of getting caught during sex twice in day? Someone stepped in and it was  …….. What!!!!?????………….SARAH???
And when she saw me, she started screaming “Mo daran Mo daran” meaning “I’m in trouble ” still feeling guilty and trying to beg her to please lower her.  She just kept shouting until Motunrayo  rushed in to confirm what the noise was all about.
Immediately she saw us…. she passed out and that was when i knew the gravity of what i had done. Sarah is Iyabo’s mother, How could I not have recognize her voice when we spoke earlier. So i have slept with Sarah the mother, Iyabo her daughter and Motunrayo her step daughter. Three women in a family!
They rushed to help Motunrayo up, i was fastening my belt when someone else stepped in, this time it was  a man wearing Police uniform, i went on my knees immediately.
Me: Good Morning sir
The man:(angrily ) It’s one o’clock in the afternoon You  idiot! You came to my house to sleep with my daughter?  i will make sure you rot away in jail
Me: (crying ) it’s not like that sir! I swear this is our first time sir!!
The man: (slaps me) You’re mad!!!
The slap was hot, i heard church bells ringing, birds singing and a band beating drums. everything went dark and i saw my whole life flash in my eyes
I woke up, only to see my mom and brother segun standing over me as a lay down. I had passed out and was rushed to a hospital nearby, my mom was contacted through her number on my fone. The doctor said i was in shock and they need to take me home to rest. Baddo took me to the car, i sat at the back. He looked at me shaking his head, mom got into the car and we left the hospital premises. Mom spoke
Mom: I had to beg the man whose daughter you were having s*x with. He was going to jail you before
Me:(silently ) Thank you Ma!
Mom:(angrily ) Shut up your mouth Femi!  is this the way i raised you? going around and having s*x at your age. you have GCE exam to write and You’re running after girls, do you know…..
She continued talking but i wasn’t listening anymore, they brought the car Dad drove out this Morning, he obviously knew about it and no matter what mom says, i know I’m going to hear the worse from dad. Mr. Custom would be extremely angry. i have no idea what I’ll face when i see him but i know it won’t be good.
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We got home and i stepped out of the car, Funmilayo came rushing out and gave me a hug, she had tears flowing and i couldn’t help but cry too, we went in…. Dad had a whip in his hand, sitting on a chair and shaking his legs, he saw me, stood up and came closer but he wouldn’t beat me, he looked at me with a narrow eye and said Go inside and pack your bags and books, You’re traveling first thing tomorrow morning”.
Traveling?  where to? but i dare not ask.
i couldn’t eat much that night. My Mom, Brother Segun and Funmilayo came into my room at intervals to see me. i saw Tunde’s missed call and i wasted no time in blocking his number from ever calling me again . The night was lonely and long, i did packed my bag and books as instructed, waiting for the unexpected.
Dad came in at 7am to make sure i was  ready. i went down with my bags and the rest of my family. Dad spoke finally
Dad: I have made arrangements for you writing your GCE in the village where you won’t be distracted. Segun has helped you fill another form. I’m taking you to go and stay with your Grandma there
Me:(sad) Daddy please i won’t do this again but don’t let me go to the village
Dad: I’ve made up my mind, it’s only for a month and two weeks.
it’s sad but dad has made up his mind and not even mom can change it. i put my luggage in the trunk and as i tried opening the door, Baddo handed me a ward of cash, a power bank and his PSP he whispered
“i don put two pack of Condom for your bag o, incase you need am” I smiled but i wondered what I’ll be needing it for, Village girls can’t be my taste. I hugged the rest of my family and we said our goodbyes, Funmilayo promised to call every day
The trip lasted for 4 hours and i slept all through. Grandma was happy to see me, i was happy to see her too but staying with her for 6 weeks would be Nightmarish.
Now I’m sitting outside, extremely bored, dad had left and I’ve been here for 2 hours, no light in the house and i take solace in watching village boys and girls run and play around, each looking at me like a king in the street. My fone rang and i was glad. it was an unknown number…..
Me: Hello!
Voice: Hello!
i recognize the voice immediately
Me: Bidemi
Voice: Yes!
An awkward silence followed
Me: Look Bidemi, I’m sorry for what happened, i hope you can ever forgive me
Bidemi: i will forgive you eventually. Funmilayo told me You’ve been sent to the village and i just called to see how you’re doing
Me: I’m fine. Your call means alot to me and it’s really sad what i did to you,  i hope we can still be friends
Bidemi: We are still friends Femi that’s why I’m calling and i feel sorry for you
Me: Thank you!  can things ever be the same between us?
Bidemi: I don’t know but i doubt it. i have to go now maybe I’ll call you tomorrow or next tomorrow
Me: Thank you! Bidemi……. I love you!
Bidemi: Goodbye Femi!
Me: Bye
The call meant alot to me, now i have no doubt in my mind that Bidemi really loves and i messed up by hurting her, i need to find a way back to her , i really need to. i was lost in thought and looking down when i heard the female voice…..
Voice: Good afternoon
i looked up and it was a girl, a very pretty one, looking down at me and smiling
Girl: Good afternoon
Me: (lost for words) emmm… sorry… Good afternoon
Girl: My name is Tayo! i live at that blue house, Are you new here too??
Me: I’m Femi and I’m new here, came to write an exam
Girl: Thank God! finally someone who is not a village boy. I’ve been bored here, i hope we can be friends
Me: (smiling ) yes we can be friends, who wouldn’t wanna be friends with a girl as beautiful as you? (there i go again, will i ever learn??)
Girl: Ok then, see you later.
Me: See you later too
She smiled as she walked away and i watched as her body sways seductively. Perhaps brother Segun, the baddo himself saw this coming and that’s why he gave me packs of condom. What was it that my sister Funmilayo called me? Ehmnm   “Femi , the Playboy” the  “Ikoko jegun jeran”   Have i learnt anything?  Yes, never go for sisters and never think you can have all the girls, all the time, Playboys don’t always win.
I looked up again and the pretty girl, Tayo isn’t far gone, maybe I’ll see her tomorrow, maybe we’ll talk, maybe she’ll fall in love with me and maybe we’ll…. you know….( Smiles ) maybe, just maybe…  I shook the bad thought off my mind when she called out
Tayo: Femi!! they just brought the light, will you come inside and see a movie with me??
Me: ( make i die if i no go) yes of course i will……
I stood up and as i take my first step, i looked up to the sky and smiled…….
God Help Me!!
~The End~
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