“Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 5



That came as a shock to Adoley, as much as she wanted to embark on this trip, she thought of her family and husband, she had responsibilities to take care of. Now she was in a dilemma, not knowing what to do. She was driven into taking this job because of the financial situation of her family; her husband needed her support in some way. Now with everything going on between her and Nana, she felt if she wasn’t around, the maid she had personally hired would take care of the house. That was not a big deal to her. “Ever since Fafa showed up at their door step, everything had changed. Who was to be blamed? Obviously not Fafa” Nana said to himself while he was waiting for Adoley to come back from work. This was something that he needed to settle with his wife before it got out of hand. He was then determined to do that as soon as Adoley showed up from work. Adoley came home late that night and very tired as well. You could tell she wasn’t in the mood for any form of talking but Nana on the other hand didn’t want to spend another day like that with his wife. It was obvious that their current distant relationship was eating him up. Adoley just ignored him went straight to the kitchen to grab herself a glass of water. Nana followed her to the kitchen and that was where everything began. “So you’ve started working without my knowledge right? Nana said. As if he wasn’t existing, Adoley completely ignored him and went about doing her own thing. “And you hired a maid without consulting me, Adoley I am still your husband” Nana said. She acted indifferent to the situation, she was doing her own thing . Nana couldn’t take this anymore; he went straight towards her and grabbed her. For a while it appeared that they were struggling which even resulted in Adoley losing a grip on the glass which fell and got broken on the floor. All along, Adjoa who couldn’t sleep was watching them from a distance, this reminded her of her life back on the streets, where she was molested and raped. It frightened her, that she childishly ran out the house looking for help. The struggle was still on, Nana wanted to just get his wife’s attention. “What is it Nana, What is It?” Adoley shouted . “Just listen to me for Christ sake. How long do you want us to keep living this way” Nana said. Nana was still holding her, he was not willing to let go until his wife gave him the attention he needed. “Leave me alone, you are hurting me” Adoley cried out. They were all sweaty as a result of the struggle. Adoley’s hair was already messed up. Her feminine side began showing up that she began crying. Nana couldn’t bear to see his wife in that manner, he had no option than to let go of her. Adoley quickly ran off to the living room leaving Nana in the kitchen. Nana didn’t hesitate, he followed his wife and stood right in front of her. “Stay away from me, Nana, Just stay away from me” Adoley said. “Why are you doing this Adoley, you are tearing us apart” Nana said. “I should be saying that, you are the one who let Fafa into this house. It’s your fault not mine. You have already torn us apart and not me” She fumed. Before they knew it, Fafa and Adjoa barged into the house. Apparantly, She was the only person Adjoa could ask for help from. As much as Fafa didn’t want to come to the house again, she had no option, she might have caused this, maybe it was time to right her wrong. “Oh yeah, talk of the devil, there she comes again.” Adoley said. “You can call me all the names that you want, I deserve it. But this little girl here is frightened of whatever is going on here” Fafa said. “Adjoa go to your room now” Adoley said. Adjoa quickly ran to her room and locked the door behind her. “Fafa, I think you should leave now, this is not the best time for you to be here” Nana said. Surprisingly, Fafa refused to go. She was there for a purpose and until that purpose was fulfilled. She was not going anywhere. “I’m really sorry but am not doing that until you two finally behave like two matured adults and settle this issue. I was a bad influence on your marriage but your bond kept your marriage going. So why now, why are you doing this to yourselves. I don’t care if you don’t trust me anymore and am not trying to win that back anyway, so work this out.” She said. Adoley and Nana stood there very quiet, they couldn’t believe that this was actually coming from Fafa. Maybe, they have been wrong about her, She seemed like a changed person. Fafa went closer to them and took their hands and joined them together. “I’m not married, so I don’t know how marriage feels like. What I see here is two people who are in love but their ego is drifting them apart. What is ego when you can’t boast of the one you love. Work it out now.” She said. Adoley remembered the good times she had with Fafa. She had never seen her that way, that was the very moment she knew Fafa was a changed person. “She is right Nana, I’m sorry for everything I guess…” She pleaded but Nana placed his finger on her lips shushing her. “There is no need for that my love, I guess we all have a part to play in this. I’m sorry” Nana said. Finally the couple ended up hugging each other tight. You could tell they were both not happy with what was going on but their ego won’t let them settle it. It had to take the one they least expected, Fafa to do that. Fafa without saying anything, made an attempt to leave them alone. “Hey old friend, why don’t you spend the night” Adoley said. That was unexpected, Adoley wanted to show gratitude but that never changed the fact that she still didn’t trust Fafa. 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