Adventures of a Playboy (Episode 15)


I woke up on the floor, i had fallen asleep in my despair, i had alot of dreams i can’t quite remember anymore but all of them were about my funeral, i began to imagine what would be wriiten on my grave “RIP Femi, beloved son, brother, friend, boyfriend and amazing Playboy ” kai i don surfer o. but i can’t have HIV now, sebi i used protection, i even prayed to God after every sex sessions, ehn i remembered i said the lord’s prayer after one time like tha
God don’t let me die like this now, I’m stil young, i want to write GCE in few months and Mum still owed me the 1500 naira she borrowed.
Who can i tell , My brother Segun would laugh at me and probably tell me to stop using the same plate with the others, i know baddo so much.
I decided to call Tunde, afterall the guy looked like person wey get HIV before. he didn’t pick on the first ring so i dialled again, this time picked it
Tunde: Ikoko!!!
Me: Bro, how far now, where you dey abeg?
Tunde: where i for dey before? I’m at rooftop hotel now
Me: abeg i wan see you o, as soon as possible
Tunde:  wetin do your voice, why you dey shake? time na 6pm already shey you fit meet me for the hotel now?
Me: o boy leave my voice, I’ll come and meet you right now
Tunde: ehn shey make i arrange one babe for you ni?
Me: (pissed off) wetin now, i tell u sey i need babe ni, no arrange anything o
Tunde: haa Oga o. sha dey come
I dropped the call, put on a shirt and hurried out of the house. The first bike i tried stopping looked at me and sped off, i began to wonder if the HIV don dey show for my face. i finally got a bike and in 10 minutes i was sitting beside Tunde at the hotel
Tunde: what’s wrong Ikoko, you sound bad on the fone
Me: (whispering) o boy wahala dey o
i brought out my fone and showed Him the message Sarah sent. immediately he finished reading it, he adjusted his chair to move farther away from me
Me: Oloshi where you dey run go now
Tunde:: (laughing ) guy! sebi you dey used condom na, you have nothing to fear
Me: ehn en, why you con dey shift away from me na
Tunde: just in case noni. anyways we need to do a test right away to be sure, this one no be joking matter o. e get one hospital for that side, make we go quick.
we both stood up, the hospital was just a walking distance so we decided to trek. luckily the scientist had no other patient, she attended to me right away.
Scientist: Can i help you
Me: Good evening Ma……sir…
Scientist: Evening
Me: I’m here for test
Scientist: Okay which one in particular
Me (stammering ) ….Hv…IVH…VHi…Hvv
Tunde:(cuts in) O boy talk well na! (facing the Scientist ) it’s HIV jare
Scientist: Alright! for both of you
Tunde: rara o! na only him, me i dey ok
Scientist: (facing me) how old are you?
Me: 18 ma
Scientist: i will have to draw a sample of your blood, it’s a painless procedure, may i know the last time you had sexual intercourse? It’s not the only way you contact HIV but it’s the most common one.
Me: Today, few hours ago
Tunde: Ikoko Jegun jeran!!
Me: Tunde shut up
Scientist: (smiling ) Okay let’s start.
She took a blood sample and told me the result will be ready in 30 minutes. Tunde and I sat at the patients corner while i silently prayed. God please let it be negative, i promise never to fornicate again i swear. i counted all the seconds, 30 minutes suddenly felt too long.
It’s now 37 minutes and i haven’t been called yet, what’s happening? are they planning how to break the news to me? 5 minutes later, the Scientist called me in and asked that i close the door for privacy. my heart was beating faster now, my legs were shaking, i don’t know if i should sit or stand. she finally spoke.
Scientist: Sorry for keeping you wait. i have the result in my hand. would you  like to open it or should I?
Me:(hands too rigid to move) Open it
Scientist: okay
i watch every action as she opened the sealed envelope, brought out a white sheet and unfolded it. my eyes were closed, waiting to hear the worst or the best….
Scientist: Congratulations Mr Femi, you are HIV negative
Me: (jumps up) Jesu! negative means no HIV abi?
Scientist;:(smiling ) Yes
Me: Scientist i love you ooooo
Scientist:  hahaha, congratulations
i hurriedly took my result, asked for my bill and she told me HIV testing is free.
i thanked her again and left. Tunde started smiling when he saw me dancing Shoki as i approached him
Tunde: I tell you sey you no fit get am
Me: shut up jare you wey don dey shift from my side before.
We both laughed it off and left the hospital. I’ve never been happier in my life.
The time is now 7:16pm and i know i had to get home quick before Mr. Custom arrives. Tunde drove me home. i stopped at the gate, peeped inside and was glad neither Mum or dad was home yet. i was about entering the house when i heard someone called out my name, i turned around and saw it was Ruka.
Me: Hello Mama mi
Ruka: (smiling ) hope you haven’t forgotten my audition tomorrow
Me: how can i forget anything about you, darling. plus remember you promised to give me an answer tomorrow too
Ruka: i know and i will fulfill the promise. but please don’t disappoint me by not coming
Me: you know i can’t do that. you are too special to be disappointed
Ruka:(blushing ) Okay. i have to go home and rest now. Goodnight
Me: Won’t you even hug me at all ni
Ruka: haa Femi o
She moved closer to embrace me, her perfume filled up my nostrils while i wrapped my arms around her waist. my OGA was getting hard, that yeye thing never learn. We both reluctantly let go but i could tell she wanted more. I have won this bet i swear, Baddo is in trouble.
She waved goodnight and i entered the house. I met funmilayo in the kitchen cooking..
Me: my beautiful sister
Funmilayo: Boda Femi, it’s like you are hungry again abi
Me:(laughing ) no o. I’m just admiring my baby sister jare. by the way i just want to sleep right now
Funmilayo: Ok o… ehn en Bidemi came here looking for you o, i told her i didn’t know  where you went, she looked sad but she said she would call you.
Me: oh okay. by the way i saw Ruka outside the gate now and we  hugged (winking)
Funmilayo: Oga o, my friend has fallen in love o, just take it easy with her sha.
Me: Hahahaha. i will try to. Tell mum and dad I’ve gone to bed o. Goodnight my beautiful sister.
funmilayo: Goodnight my Playboy brother.
i laughed and went up to my room. today has been an adventurous one, from Kikelomo and bidemi fighting to S*x with Motunrayo and collecting her stepsister’s number to me almost because i thought i  had HIV. I quickly deleted Sarah’s number on my fone, Alakoba eyan, me i don’t want to die yet.
i was too tired to make any calls to my numerous girls so i decided to send a message that says “You’re always on mind and i can’t wait to see you again” i added kikelomo, Bidemi, Iyabo and Ruka’s number to the recipient list. i didn’t put Motunrayo because….well… i think I’m done with her. All the sms was delivered except Ruka. i laid flat on the bed thinking about the mini heart attack i almost had thinking I’d die soon . Tomorrow, i hope Ruka says Yes to me . i was thinking about my plans for Ruka when i slowly fell asleep.
It was after 9am in the Morning before i woke up. i had my Morning drills, went downstairs and saw my bread, tea and egg on the table. i didn’t eat anything last night and i was so hungry. i ate as fast as i could as if someone would come take the food away, i was almost done with the food when my brother, Segun entered the dining room.
Brother Segun: (surprised ) Haha! Ounje mi niyen na  ….meaning “That’s my Food ”
Me: (mouthful ) baddo! i didn’t know o, i  thought….
Segun: (cuts me off) you thought what? i will slap you now
Me:( laughing ) oya sorry, come and take the rest
Segun: Gbenu soun… me i should now eat your leftovers abi? thief boy like you. you owe the money for the bread o. I’m going out now sha
Me: Ema binu si mi (don’t be annoyed) i will pay. where are you going?
Segun; I’m  i small boy to tell you where I’m going again ni. goodbye jor
Me: Goodbye
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Ruka’s audition is 3pm and i have no idea what to do before then, i can’t go to the Adeboye’s fuji house of commotion today, Ruka won’t be at home, Sarah , the HIV carrier is out of my life and Motunrayo is out of the question, i had s*x with her yesterday. I remembered i still haven’t called Iyabo (Motunrayo’s sister ) like i promised and if I’m lucky, i might convince her to come over. i dialled her number 3 times with no response, disappointed, i decided to try one last time when she finally picks up
Voice: Hello
(that’s not Iyabo’s voice o, shey this girl gave me a wrong number ni)
Me: good morning, pls I’m i speaking with Iyabo?
Voice:  No i sent her to the market and she left her fone at home.
Me: ok so who I’m i speaking with then?
Voice: Her Mom
Me:(surprised ) haa, good Morning ma, sorry for disturbing you
Her voice sounds too young i thought her would sound older than that.
Iyabo’s Mom: It’s fine
Me: please tell her Femi called and i just wanted to greet her
( i heard a  Hip hop music playing at the background )
Iyabo’s mom: i will tell her that
Me: Thank you ma…. you have a very lovely voice too ma
Iyabo’s mom: (laughing ) Thank you oo
Me: Bye ma
Iyabo’s mom: ok later
Ehn?? later ke. i felt disappointed. I’m i going to die of boredom at home ni. i felt my phone vibrating and it was Bidemi
Me: Hello Bidemi
Bidemi: Femi mi, i came to your place yesterday and you weren’t home, are you still mad at me? femi I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday, pls forgive me
Me: I’ve you apologized to your Sister?
Bidemi: Yea i have and it’s only because you asked me to. i will do anything for you Femi (crying )
Me: ok i forgive you
Bidemi:  Thank you so much. I love you
Me: i love you too
Bidemi: Are we seeing today?
Me: I  and Brother Segun are going to a friend’s house. His younger sister and brother were hit by a car that their father’s brother was driving. so we need to be there for him
Bidemi: (Sad) awww… that’s very sad
Me: Yes i haven’t ate because of what happened sef
Bidemi:  Sorry my love, should i cook for you?
Me: No! I’ll be fine. you are to caring my girlfriend
Bidemi: it’s because i love you Femi
Me: i know and i love you too. i will call you when we get back.
Bidemi: alright dear. bye my love
Me: Bye
I dropped the call and gave a sigh of relief. I like Bidemi but She’s just too innocent for me. By the way She’s a “V” sef and lacked the experience Kikelomo has. The thought of Kikelomo reminded that i should call her. i dialled her number and she picked at the first ring
Kikelomo: Hello  My sister’s boyfriend
Me: Stop jor Kikelomo
Kikelomo: What is it? is she not your girlfriend
Me: I don’t know. i thought you said you love me more than she does
Kikelomo: Yes i do, but i don’t have to be jumping around you to show it
Me: If you love me truly, why don’t you come and see me at home now
Kikelomo: Bidemi just told me You’re going out, did you lie to her??
Me:  lied just because i want to see you
Kikelomo: (laughing ) lying boyfriend
Me:(laughing too) Are you coming or not?
Kikelomo: I’m coming jor, give me 10 minutes
Me: Ok love.
i dropped the call and thought to myself who the bad one is between me and Kikelomo. I’m the one coming between sisters but only because they allowed it, well it’s not my business jor
The time is almost 11am now and i still have over 4 hours to attend Ruka’s audition. There’s alot of time to be spent with Kikelomo. i went to my room, sprayed my perfume everywhere,  i took the s*x enhancing drug i got from baddo, very ready for action. Theres one condom left and i intend using it for Kikelomo finally.
I had someone knocked the gate and i rushed outside. Opening the gate i saw a tall slender man with a very hard face
Man: Your Electricity bill
Me: (ko ma ni daafun eleyi fa) it’s pasted there now
Man: Okay
i was so pissed i thought it was Kikelomo.
i was about closing the gate when i saw her coming. She  wore a pink mini skirt and a sleeveless top
Kikelomo:  I’m i too late?
Me: No babe, You’re just in time.
she smiled. The drug was taking effect already so i pulled her close the moment she stepped inside the premises. she responded with a passionate kiss and we made our way inside the house…..
We went to my room and our clothes started coming off, in no time, i stood up to wear my protection, the only the thing that saved me from Sarah. My OGA was too hard i had no time for foreplay but Kikelomo wouldn’t let me, she started doing her thing and touching my OGA all over. she gave me mouth action and i started speaking in tongues. my fone started vibrating, i could see from where i stood that it was Ruka calling but even if Angels call me at this time God knows i won’t pick it.
it stopped vibrating after a while, not that i cared anyway. It was time for the main course, Kikelomo was already fidgeting and i was very ready. I finally entered her and it was a dream come true. There  were alot of sounds from the bed and  from Kikelomo but i think i heard the gate creaked …  I stil didn’t care, life is still good here.
The drug is always effective, 15 minutes in and I’m still hard as ever, i got faster, Kikelomo shouted louded and i still think i heard the front door open…..Who cares? life is good here and so we continued.
Kikelomo gave a loud scream when she  got to her peak and i felt satisfied. I was about to attain mine when the door flung open and a figure stood by the doorway…… I froze!
i forgot to lock the gate
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~To be Continued ~