Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 4


Two wrongs don’t make a right. Adoley had just taken a wrong step that may later not end well for her.
“Maybe I should be on my way? Fafa said and got ready to leave Nana’s presence. 
Nana on the other hand reached into his pocket, took some money out and  gave it to Fafa. That really surprised her, she wasn’t expecting that.
“Use this for your hotel bills, this is the least I can do for you for  bringing Adjoa home safely” Nana said.
“I can’t take this, not after everything I have done to your family” She said.
“You didn’t ask for it right? So just take it. We will get back to you soon” Nana said.
Fafa had no option now, she took it and humbly made her way out of the house.
After Fafa’s visit, everything changed. It had been over a week now, Adoley and her husband hardly talked.  Adoley was mad about the fact that her’ husband, Nana had allowed Fafa into their house, on the other hand, Nana was also holding it against her for not telling him about the job offer before taking it.
They all felt they were right and for that matter expected each other to render an apology, until then, they never spoke to themselves. Their only means of communication was on social media, specifically “Whatsapp”.
Married couple living together, sharing the same bed, will communicate to each other on “whatsapp” and even that was limited. Adoley would send a straight forward message to her husband when she needed something, Nana would  likewise respond.
And that was it, it continued throughout the week, Adjoa the little girl even noticed it, however, there was little she could do about it.
The silence broke and their situation even got worse when one morning, Adoley woke up very early than usual, took a quick shower and got dressed up in an elegant cooperate dress  and just left the apartment.
Nana was still asleep when  Adoley left. Soon afterwards, he woke up to find her side of the bed empty. Initially he thought, Adoley might have  already been  up preparing Adjoa for school. Nana got out of the bedroom and headed towards the kitchen only to find a young lady about Adjoa’s age doing the dishes.
Nana was so surprised to see a total stranger in their kitchen doing the dishes.
“Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing here” Nana quickly asked her.
“Good Morning sir” She quickly greeted.
“Yes, who are you” Nana asked again.
“Am Koko, madam brought me here this morning” She answered.
Apparently, Adoley in her own way had hired a maid to be doing the house chores without informing her husband. Nana was so confused about  what was going on, he just went about  the house shouting his wife’s name. He noticed that she was not in the house, the only option he had was to call her on phone.
“Hello, Adoley where are you” Nana asked.
“I will call you later, I’m at work” She said and hung up the line.
Adoley had already began work without the notice of her husband, this was going out of way. Nana couldn’t imagine that Adoley would go to that extent. He was completely aware of the situation, but for her to go ahead and do that, that was just over the limits.
It was all a dream, a night mare that Nana just wanted to wake up from.  He had never seen this side of Adoley and this made him wonder if he really knew who his wife was.
Whiles Nana kept wondering what was actually going on, Adoley’s first day at work was going on well for her. She met a good boss. Young, very gentle and handsome who gave Adoley a good reception at work. Hec took the time to take Adoley through her job specification.
And right on the very first day at work, Adoley got a salary allowance, which her boss personally called it “risk allowance”. Just on the first day at work , this allowance had already reflected in her account. That was unexpected,  She then decided to seek clarification from her boss. She went straight into his office and asked him.
“Sir, I don’t mean to bother you, but I just received a deposit from the company” She said.
“Oh yeah, that’s your risk allowance, it’s our company policy to motivate our employees.” He answered.
“Oh ok, Thank you sir” She said.
“I would prefer if you don’t call me sir, my name is Bob” he said.
Adoley was a bit uncomfortable with the way his boss was trying to create a friendly relationship with her other than employee and employer relationship.
Just as she thought she could adjust and handle this in a cool way, her boss asked her to join him for lunch. Well, lunch was no big deal, she could settle for that but there was more to it than she thought.
“And Adoley, I hope you read the profile of this company and our branches in other parts of Africa” said Bob.
“Yes sir, sorry Bob, I did thoroughly” She said.
“Good, we will be going to South Africa by the end of this month for a week to monitor our branch there, so I will entreat you to bring your traveling document so we can quickly proceed on your visa arrangement.” He said.
That came as a shock to Adoley, as much as she wanted to embark on this trip, she thought of her family and husband, she had responsibilities to take care of. Now she was in a dilemma, not knowing what to do.
To be continued @ 8:00pm
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