Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 3


“Thank you for this opportunity.” Fafa said.
“Just get on with it, we have no time” Adoley kept winning.
Fafa stood there watching them and suddenly tears came out of her eyes. She just went down on her knees and began to ask for their forgiveness.
Fafa really asking for forgiveness?  Adoley had not seen that side of her before. Since childhood, Fafa had always been the type that always had her way with everything. She was always right at all times and couldn’t just accept to be wrong. She always seemed to have some good reason for her actions even if she was wrong and now for her to be completely on her knees apologizing to them felt like a dream.
This even made Adoley more suspicious because she knew Fafa would never stoop so low to beg them. She may be doing this for a purpose, She thought. Nana was also surprised at her actions, he also knew Fafa to be strong and a hard nut to crack.
However, there was something very unique about Fafa’s actions. It appeared she was very sincere and remorseful of her actions yet Adoley had her doubts. It is easy win to Adoley’s trust yet if that trust is lost, you will have to go the extreme to win that back.
“You really expect me to believe that and it had to take you more than four good years to come back and apologize? Girl, I am not falling for that.” Adoley angrily said. 
“Take it easy Dear” Nana tried to calm his wife down but Adoley took that wrongly. She couldn’t come to the terms that Nana was very calm about this issue. To her, Fafa did not even deserve the hospitality she had received. This even made her wonder which side her husband was on.
“Whose side are you on anyway? Adoley asked Nana her husband. It was obvious Nana was surprised about Adoley’s question.
“Where from that? I think you are actually over reacting to this whole thing” Nana said.
Now Fafa watched on as the couples attention gradually drifted away from her. This shouldn’t have been something they should even quarrel about but in their case, everything was different. From a simple apology to a big misunderstanding between Nana and Adoley.
Fafa felt that her presence alone had brought the whole argument and the only thing she could think of was to actually leave the scene. Perhaps, it was a wrong idea for her showing up anyway. She stood up and got herself ready to go but angry Adoley geared up again.
“Oh where do you think you are going? You are not done with your apology yet. You can stay here with my husband and do all the apologies that you want for all I care. And am so sure that he is going to be the “Jesus Christ” to forgive you of your ridiculous and insensitive attitude. I’m not part of this.” She bursted out and left Nana and Fafa alone.
Nana knew his wife has taken matters out proportion. He understood her alright, but there should be a better way to resolve issues.
“I’m sorry for all this, It’s all my fault” Fafa said to Nana.
“Look, what’s your mission here anyway? Our daughter got missing over the night and the next thing, you showed up  at our door step with her claiming she was sleep walking. And after four good years, this is the only time for you to come back and apologize? Maybe my wife is even right. “Nana said.
Fafa felt very bad for Nana to talk about her in that manner, she thought this was the time to clear things up; she however didn’t waste any time about it.
“I came to make amends. I know I have been a bad influence on your wife, that’s why I’m here. It hasn’t been easy for me, I was just waiting for the right moment and if you think I have any other intention then I’m afraid that is not the case. Look, I have lost everything I had, my apartment and everything. I started life in Togo that generated some source of income and now I’m back here, living in a hotel for the past month, trying to figure out what I can do to make amends. I have nothing to lose; I just need your forgiveness. I don’t have anything on me, not even a pesewa to cater for my hotel bills. Just forgive me, so that I can go back to Togo and continue my way of life of there.” Fafa explained everything.
In a nut shell all she needed was just to make amends and go to where she came from. With her explanation, Nana thought his family and himself were not actually vulnerable in anyway. All they had to do was  forgive her and from what Fafa was saying, She would be out of their lives for good. That was not really hard to do.
Right in the course of this, Adoley showed up again.
“Oh so you are still entertaining her here right? She said to Nana.
“Anyway, I just want to tell that I have a job offer and a very lucrative one as well. I can’t continue to be your domestic wife. I need to start something.” She said.
Adoley took a hasty decision out of anger; she didn’t actually consider what her husband would say. The news just came as a shock to Nana as she didn’t know this coming.  Adoley just left them again.
Two wrongs don’t make a right. Adoley had just taken a wrong step that may later not end well to her.
To be continued tomorrow
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