The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 27


It was indeed a surprise visit, even though I already knew she’d be coming, I just wasn’t expecting her today. I took out my handkerchief and wiped off sweats on my face and composed myself so I won’t look or act like an idiot. I alighted from the car and walked towards them like a gentleman that I am. I fixed my gaze at the First lady; she was such a beauty even though Mirabel resembles her Father – the president instead. She was light skinned averaged height and weight cladded with a fitted outfit.
First lady: Hello Victor
**She greeted me first… ope o**
Me: Whoa… good afternoon your highness… sorry I mean, yo your Excellency. I’m deeply honoured having you here
**My confidence just quench**
First lady: Thank you
Me: Please…. **Ushering her into the house**
First lady: Okay… but I won’t be staying longer; you know this is not an official visit that’s why I came in disguise and also I’ve been here for almost an hour now
Me: Sorry I kept you waiting ma
First lady: It’s okay; I enjoyed your sister’s company, she’s good in talking; I like her
Me: Thanks ma
We got inside; I saw that Nancy has already offered her the wine I bought for her months ago expecting her coming.
First lady: John…?
The two security guards standing in the parlor walked out. I guess one of them is named John and the First lady called on him to excuse us. She came with three security guards and a car. Like she said earlier that she came in disguise that’s why she didn’t come with her convoy.
Nancy: Hhmmm… I will be in the kitchen (She excused herself)
I was seated looking around like a stranger, didn’t know what to say…
First lady: So… Victor; Mirabel told me many positive things about you and your family of which indicate that you’re from a good home. So your Dad is a Chartered Accountant right?
Me: Yes ma Your Excellency
First lady: **Smiling** Please just see me as Mirabel’s mother for I didn’t come here on official ground as the First lady but as a mother that want the best for her daughter
Me: Ok ma
**Confidence restored**
First lady: Good! Now tell me, what’s your vision in life?
Me: I’ll say visions ma, for I have many visions and wish to accomplish them all
First lady: Okay…
Me: I have a vision of being a big businessman; a manufacturer, importer of raw materials and exporter of finished goods. I see myself establishing a business empire with industries and manufacturing plants planted all over the country and beyond. By improving standards of living in the Country, establishing a special institution in training the orphans and the less privileged. I see myself representing my generation and also to be an influence to many generations to come.
First lady: That’s a big one Victor. What makes you think you can translate these visions into reality?
Me: Ma, ever since I became a believer, so many favours has been coming my way. I believe and have faith in God. I started praying over these visions of mine against my future since I started studying Business Administration. That is to say, I’m investing my prayers on what I want in future.
First lady: I see…Impressive
Me: And again, having Mirabel is another reason why I know that my vision will turn into a reality
First lady: And how is that?
Me: Ok look at it this way Ma, I’m young I know but I’ve learnt and observed many things about relationships and having a good, peaceful and influential home. Mirabel has every capacity of building a home as much as I know. With Mirabel, I know I’ll have a peaceful and influential home for I want her to be my future wife. We have absolute love for each other, she’s extremely humble, caring, and hard-working – she loves learning positive things, she’s kind, she has the spirit of giving. In fact, she’s perfect in all aspect of a woman that God has made to perfect a man…having Mirabel from now already shows how successful my visions will become in reality.
First lady: You sound so sure of yourself. I’m impressed with your courage, your determination and your belief
Me: Thank you Ma
First lady: You see… my daughter has been very happy since you both started getting close to each other and seeing my daughter happy, makes me happier. She told me everything from when you both met to when and how you started dating and all of that. Although I blamed her earlier for trying to woo a guy instead of the other way round. I tried to discourage her and make see reasons on why it’s not proper for a girl to express her feelings to a guy first. But my smart daughter proved my belief wrong when the result of her actions did her good instead. From how you snubbed her at first to how you passed her tests and how you eventually did the wooing. I trust my daughter very much and I support her decisions. So…assuming you were after her money, she would’ve detected it because she’s very smart but I just don’t know if you’re a master in your game and maybe your smartness surpasses hers to get what you want.
Me: **Confused** I don’t understand
First lady: I see…I’ve seen how things like this happen. When a guy claims to love a rich girl, he invests his time and love on her then later disappoints her after getting what he wanted. Like I earlier that Mirabel told me a lot about you and your family, but I want to hear from the horse’s mouth to give me reasons why I should belief that you’re not after my daughter’s money, hope you don’t mind?
Me: Not at all… well, I have a contented family that provide all of my needs, as you know my father is a professional chartered accountant; his income is enough to take care of the family but still my mother own a big shop that brings in more income. So…I and my family are not lacking Ma by God’s grace. And most importantly, I’m not lazy; I’m doing very well in school getting high grades so I can attain the utmost knowledge and qualifications in establishing my future goals. And with all due respect Ma, my father didn’t depend on his wife or any person to get to where he is right now, he only needed supports and that’s what I need too. My Parents taught me never to depend on a woman or allow her to perform my responsibilities when I’m still fit, for it’s not going to help the home. I love your daughter for who she is; her character, her perfection, her upbringing, her nature, and her kind of person. Lemme use this opportunity to thank you ma for raising such a wonderful daughter. Even with your busy schedule and little time you spend with her, you still managed to train her well. Her morals are too excellent for a girl from a wealthy home. She cooks pretty well too, all thanks to you as she’d say.
First lady: **Smiling** I’m short of words,,, So far you’ve proven to be of good behavior and come from a good home. I’ll like to meet with your mother some time so uhmmm… we can have a chat.
Me: That can be arranged ma
First lady: And your father, hope he’s cool?
Me: Cool but very strict only on morals and academic matters
First lady: Okay… uhmm… its ok, I like you (smiling) even though you look shy, you still know what to say that’d make someone follow your lead. With the few minutes I have spent here I’ve learnt some things about you. I see some aspiring greatness in you and I can see that you have the flair of a leader.
Me: Thank you ma
First lady: I have to get going now Victor **Standing up**
Me: Ok ma, I really appreciate you coming here
First lady: Anything for my daughter
Me: Is she aware of your visit?
First lady: Sure and so are you
Me: Ma…?
First lady: **Smiling** No need pretending, I know she told you about my plan of coming here and that stand as one of the reasons why it took me this long to show up.
Me: Honestly I wasn’t expecting you to show up today of all days. It’s indeed a surprise visit
First lady: Yea, even when my daughter tried to compromise my plan – she forgot that I gave birth to her.
We both laughed as I walk her to the door. Something then came into my mind to ask her of but I couldn’t, I became nervous. I don’t know when I’m going to get this type of opportunity again so summoned courage to ask her.
Me: Ma?
First lady: **Turns back** Yes…?
Me: Ma, I will also use this opportunity with your permission of course; to ask for your blessing to court your daughter
First lady: I thought you will never ask. You have my blessing and my full permission
Me: Whoa… thank you so much ma
First lady: But!
Me: What ma?
First lady: Don’t you ever hurt her
Me: Not a chance, trust me on that ma
First lady: And I’m sure you know your limit right?
Me: Absolutely!
First lady: Good… where is my new friend Nancy?
Me: Inside ma, lemme call her… Nancy! Nancy!! **She answered from the background**
(We’re now outside)
First lady: John…
The two security guards at the doorpost opened the car boot and off loaded stuffs from it.
(Nancy now with us)
First lady: Well… I didn’t come empty-handed; here, I brought to you some presidential supplies, you can have them
(Before I could utter a word from my already opened mouth, Nancy took over.
Nancy: Whoa…you’re very kind ma, thank you very much. **Already checking the supplies**
Me: Thanks a lot ma, I really appreciate the gesture
First lady: You’re both welcome… Ok time to go **Walking into the car**
Me: Goodbye ma
Nancy: Bye ma, hope to see you again soonest!
First lady: Not a problem, byee **waving at us**
Me/Nancy: Byeee…. **Waving at her too till they zoomed off sight**
I closed the gate and rushed back to the house to see what she brought. I saw Nancy already biting a strawberry fruit. The supplies contained so many stuffs such as: seven packs of frozen chicken, two crates of eggs, dozens of soft drinks, and a carton-full each for apples, strawberries, grapes and much more including food ingredients. I called Mirabel and told her how it went with her mother and also invited her to come over. She came in about 35 minutes later and we canceled a pack of the frozen chicken that night with no left overs courtesy of me.
Later in the night when we were already sleeping around or so, I had a call from an unknown caller. I just managed to pick up and the following conversation ensued.
Me: Hello
Caller: Let this sound as a clear warning to you, stay away from Mirabel effective from this hour. And if you chose not to, I promise to make life unbearable for you. This is Marcus and my words don’t come back to me empty without accomplishment…like I said earlier, it’s a clear warning.
**Hangs up**
All what he said was like a dream to me that night because I was so weak and sleepy that I just fell back to bed.