Kafui heard his phone ring again but ignored it, Afia had been calling him incessantly since he left.
“Aren’t you going to pick your call?” Lady asked him whiles looking at him curiously.
“No, it’s not important” he said, avoiding her gaze.
She rose and smiled at him. “I need to go out, I’ll see you later” he nodded and watched her walk to the door.
” see you later” he said and smiled back at her for the smile he gave her.
Kafui poured a shot of whiskey and downed it with a frown on his face.
He heard the doorbell ring and muttered under his breath ‘ what is It this time’.
He walked to the door, opened it and looked at Afia in shock.
“How did you know my house……and…what are you doing here?” He asked.
“Can I come in before


start the interrogation? ” Afia asked him.
Kafui looked at her, he couldn’t tell if she was angry or not, her face was expressionless.
He stood aside and let her in. “How did you know my place?”
Afia sat and laughed. “I have my ways dear, now let’s talk, what happened when you came to Elom’s,  why did you leave so hurriedly?”
Kafui looked away and walked to the bar. He poured another glass of whiskey.
“I want some” Afia said and watched him, amused regarding how oddly he was behaving.
He poured some for her and sat opposite her.
“So are you going to tell me what’s going on? ”
“Why did you get back with Elom?” Kafui asked her, countering her question.
“You seem really offended by that, why is that?”
“Why is that, did you just ask me why is that, you and I know who Elom is, you know you deserve better”.
Kafui rose and went to pour more whiskey for himself. He looked at her from behind.
She was so beautiful and it scared him how Elom was capable of treating her.
“Do I, because no one else wants me, I’m stuck with him” Afia said looking carefully at Kafui for any sign.
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Kafui’s jaw dropped as he stared at Afia as if he was looking at an alien
“Is that really what you think, that no one wants you, have you seen yourself, have you looked at yourself in the mirror, so many men will do anything to have you”
“Except the man I want ” Afia said and looked away.
“The man you want?”
“Yes, I’m in love with someone,  but he hasn’t shown me anything that assures me that he also feels the same way” Afia said,  looking distraught.
“Wow, well, have you told this man what you feel for him?” Kafui asked, he stared at Afia, he was curious…..very curious.
“Have you ever been in love Kafui?” Afia asked.
“Yes I have, still in it” he said when suddenly the door opened.
Afia rose as she stared at Lady. She walked towards her and Kafui looked at them sheepishly.
“Hi, I’m Afia… are….?”
“I’m Lady, boo didn’t tell me we were having a visitor” Lady said causing Kafui to stare at her.
‘What the hell did she mean by boo’ he asked himself.
“We as in you live together? ” Afia asked and smiled when Lady nodded.
“Ladies wait, relax” Kafui said, rising to their side.
“She’s really beautiful Kafui, much more beautiful than me, I’m happy for you, it’s great to be in love”.
Before Kafui could say a word, Afia picked up her bag and walked out of the hall.
“Boo….really? ” Kafui asked Lady who laughed mischievously.
“I was just teasing” Lady said to a fuming Kafui.
That woman is the love of my life, I’m in love with her”.
“Oh dear,  I wonder how daft some men can be, why are you telling me,  go tell her” she said and left him standing there.
Watch out for Episode 8……