Kafui stared at Afia with shock all over his face but Afia had recovered from hers.
“Kafui, why don’t you stay and have lunch with us, we haven’t talked in a while”.
Kafui swallowed. He didn’t want to put himself through this torture.
“it’s fine, I need to get home”. Afia smiled.
“why…do you have someone waiting for you at home?” Kafui looked at Elom and back at Afia
“no, no I don’t have anyone waiting for me”.
“then you don’t have a reason to go, join us for lunch, I insist”.
Kafui looked through the window, this was real torture. He had to endure seeing the woman he loved with his brother who had hurt her.
“I’ll be back soon, let me wear something”. She walked away as her statement gave Kafui an imagination that made him horny.
No…no, he couldn’t think of her like that, it was just too painful.
“Elom, you didn’t tell me Afia was here”. Elom looked at him surprisingly.
“well, I don’t remember telling you we got back together……..bottom line, I don’t owe you explanations based on what I do”.
Kafui looked at him angrily. He almost hated him now. He had made it a point to ruin his life and now that he thought he had changed and they could enjoy their brotherhood, he kept going, kept causing him pain.
“when it comes to Afia, you do owe me explanations”.
“oh really, now why would that be?” Elom asked him and watched the changing emotions on his face but he said nothing about it.
“are you going to tell me why with Afia I owe you explanations……is it because you are in loved with her?”
Kafui rose angrily and headed for the door just as Afia entered the room.
“Kafui, are you leaving?” Kafui turned and looked at Afia.
Damn…..that woman could knock the breath out of him. She looked amazing and it did things to him.
She looked at him as he stared at her.  “Kafui…..?”
“oh, i……….i was just going to get something from my car”.
Elom watched them and sighed. Kafui was a bigger idiot than he had thought.
Kafui stepped out and sat in his car. He lay his head on the steering wheel and closed his eyes.
He shouldn’t have come here, he knew he shouldn’t have but it was too late.
Afia would be offended if he left. He sat in the car quietly for about five minutes.
He was about to step out but he remembered he had left Lady in the house without much explanation so he called her to tell her he would take longer than he had promised.
When she agreed he hang up. He looked in the car mirror and talked to himself.
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‘You stupid idiot, you are in love, you have never loved any woman like you love her and look at you, being stupid and all tongue tied around her…so stupid’.
He got down from the car and walked  to the house. When he entered he saw Elom on the phone.
“ ok baby, I’ll call you when I leave the house, I love you too”.
Elom turned and saw Kafui. “urgghh, I thought you had left, are you my shadow or something?”
Kafui walked closer to Elom looking at him curiously.
“what the hell was that….who were you on the line with?” Elom chuckled and sat down.
“do I really need to remind you that I don’t owe you explanations?”
Kafui sat on the arm of Elom’s sofa. “are you cheating on Afia already………are you seriously seeing another woman……?”
Elom looked at him angrily. “you shut your mouth and eat your lunch then you can get the hell out of my hair and out of our lives……you are a pain”.
Afia entered the dining hall and turned to look at them.
“ Is there any special reason you guys keep bickering like kids, I hear you guys arguing, I just wonder what exactly it’s about”.
Elom laughs and looks at Afia. “ignore us, boys will always be boys”.
Afia looks at them for a while and smiles at Kafui.
They gather at the table as Afia serves them. Kafui watches her as she goes and comes whiles Elom stares at Kafui.
Afia goes to the kitchen leaving them together again.
“ so how did you find her?” Kafui asked as he stared at Elom.
“oh God will you stop already, what’s your problem?” Kafui ignores him and sits quietly.
Afia joins them a few seconds later and looks at both of them.
“Elom, have you told Kafui what you had to tell him?” Elom looked at Afia and laughed heartily.
“no, I was waiting for you to do the honours”.
“ok, Kafui” Afia said turning to face Kafui who was holding a glass of juice. “Elom and I have decided to remarry”.
Kafui dropped the glass. “you are what….” Kafui asked angrily and rose from his seat hurriedly.
He threw his napkin on the table and walked out of the room, drove his car and left the house.
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