To Love And Leave Episode 22 FINAL


couldn’t believe my ears, Femi’s Mom dead?? It’s shocking! But what surprises me the most was the news that she’d always wanted to have me killed. I used to see her drive past me on the street, she never looked at me, never replied my greetings too. It looked like i never existed to her but it turns out she hated me. That just goes to say, the ones who you least suspect are your haters, are actually the ones plotting your downfall.
It’s been 3 weeks though and alot has happened, Femi and Wale got admitted to University Of Lagos and i couldn’t have been happier for them. I tried reaching Bidemi several times but her  number kept reading unavailable. It makes me freak out more because i had just two days to spend at home before resuming back to school.
We’re at the Adelekes for a condolence visit. It felt really weird going to greet the family of a woman who tried to have me killed right since when i was a kid. Femi sat at the corner of the room with tears in his eyes. I don’t blame him, no matter what, ones mother is ones mother, you can’t change that, even if it turns his Mother was a vicious and wicked woman, losing her still hit him hard .
My Mom sat beside me, Wale at the far end. Mom’s gaze was fixed on Femi’s Dad. I know deep down she wants to move closer to him and hold his hands but no one, no even me wants to witness that right now.
The Adegboyes stepped in, led by Bidemi’s dad, her mom, then her sister kikelomo and finally Bidemi herself . My heart skipped a beat, i wanted to run to her and hug her. Tell her how much i’ve missed her. Kikelomo went straight to Femi, she sat beside him and placed her arms round his shoulder, i think she dressed way too sexy for a condolence visit. Bidemi sat beside Funmilayo, holding hands and talking very silently. I hoped she’d look at me just once but she didn’t.
Wale: Why are we even here sef??
Wale interrupted my thoughts, i had no idea how he got close to me.
Me: We are here to sympatize with the deceased family.
Wale: which kain? Which yeye person die? Left to me, we all should be throwing a party, Dancing Shoki and laughing our ribs out..
Me: Haha…. Wale
Wale: The woman killed my father! I didnt get to meet my Father because the witch had him killed. So dont tell me to act nice!!
Me: Wale death is never a purnishment. Both good and bad people die!
Wale: well…. not everyone gets shot about 20 times.
Femi was close to us now, eyes red from tears but he had a smile on his face.
Femi: Hello boys!
Me: Hey brother! How are you holding up?
Femi: Well….. i’ll survive!  ……..Hello Wale!
Wale: Hello Femi!
Femi: so…… Wale, what will you eat?
Wale: Ugh?? Why you asking me? Why didnt you ask Dolly-p?
Femi: Because….. i know your other name is “Long-throat” you must be hungry by now… (grinning)
Wale: Femi Femi …. Sorry about your Mother’s death! I’m sure she’s proud that you took after him. This shirt is the exact one i’ll put on after someone shoots you more than 20 times too.
Femi: You should go keep the shirt right-away , looks like you’ll keep it for a long time.
Wale: If i decide to shoot you myself, it won’t be very long…..
I cut in…..
Me: Don’t you both ever take a break from biting eachother?
Wale: Hahaha…. Anyways… My condolences Femi! RIP to your Mom! (He stretched his hands)
Femi: Thanks man! (They shook hands)
Wale: Your mother killed my dad remember?
Femi..:(sighs) mehnn…. Dolapo, let me quickly go and wash up, i just shook hands with Wale, i don’t wanna contact any deadly virus…..
He turned and i laughed it off. My laughter must have been a little loud because it sent Bidemi looking in my direction and we caught eachother’s gaze. I mouthed the words “How are you” but she took her eyes off me almost immediately, i looked down in disappointment.
Olatunji was more sad about what his late wife did to Mary than the sadness he feels for Chioma’s death.  He had been a fool all these years, leaving with someone as dangerous as Chioma under the same roof. He.agreed he was lucky Chioma didn’t kill him herself. Everyone is here so decided to make a statement, to clear the air…
Olatunji: (clears throat)  Thank you all for coming here and showing your support towards our family in this trying time but we all can’t deny we finally know the truth about who my late wife was. One way or another she affected us all in a negative way but i beg you to please respect the dead and Let’s try and remember the good they things she did..
Wale: (cuts in) Name one…..
Olatunji: (turns to Wale) What is that Wale?
Wale: You said we should try and remember the good things she did…. So i asked you to name one good thing she did cause where i sit, i don’t seem to remember anything good..
Mary: Wale will you keep quiet!!!
Wale: No Mom!  We don’t have to pretend anymore. In this country, when someone dies, they suddenly becomes a saint, people cry and talk about them with respect and act like they never did anything wrong! We’re all sitting here and pretending, this woman killed my father, your husband! She tried to kill Dolapo more than once, she had Solomon killed and lets not forget she gave birth to Femi….. we all know giving birth to Femi is definitely a bad thing too.
Now his final statement got everyone giggling, even Femi himself.
Femi: Hahahaha…. I’m sorry Mrs. Martins but your late husband should have used protection… this Wale boy should have been released into a condom.
The whole room was still filled with laughter when Segun walked in. Everyone stopped laughing almost immediately….
Olatunji:Welcome My son! We have been expecting you.
Segun: I’m just here to get my stuffs…
Olatunji: And why is that….
Segun: You know why sir! I’m not your biological…..
Olatunji: (cuts in) Oh.. shut up boy! You are my son! You’ll always be! The mistake Chioma made was thinking i never knew all these while….i knew but never said a word. I went back to the village and found out Mary was getting Married to Adedolapo, i was heartbrokened so i decided to marry Chioma. I didn’t marry her because she was pregnant, i knew the baby wasn’t mine right from the start. Now tell me Segun, have i ever treated you differently from the way i treat Femi and Funmilayo??
Segun: No sir!
Olatunji: I’ve accepted you as my son and that’s what You’ll forever be. Come here son and give your father a hug.
Olatunji and segun hugged eachother while the females in the room were in tears. Femi stood up to join in the hug. Olatunji pulls off and looked at Wale.
Olatunji: Won’t you join us?
Wale: No sir! I don’t do group hugs.
Olatunji: we are a family
Wale: Hahaha… a very twisted family…. Four brothers: Dolapo and Femi have same father but different mothers, Dolapo and I have same mother but different fathers, Thank God Femi and I are not related…..
Olatunji: everything will change if Mary will have me as her own….
The silence in the room was so much everyone could hear their individual heartbeats…. Olatunji Continued…
Olatunji: One of the greatest mistake i ever made was walking away from you Mary! I love my late wife but i was always in love with you….
Mary: But you left Olatunji. You left when i needed you the most. How could you love me and then leave me??
Olatunji was quiet….
Wale : If you people kiss, I’m going fall and die right here and now? So…. i think I’m gone walk out… (stood up)
Dolapo: i want to go and do that thing that i have to do too….
Femi: Oh! Yes!!! Let me help you with it.
In no time, everyone was clearing off the room. The Adegboyes said they had to leave, Femi, Dolapo and Wale went out. Segun and Funmilayo disappeared into the house too…. leaving Olatunji and Mary alone.
Olatunji: I left you mary and I’m sorry! A day never goes by that i didn’t wonder about you. And I’m not doing this because chioma died, i want you like i did 20years ago and i know 20 years from now, i will still want you even more than i want you now.
Mary: (tears)  What if you leave again like you did before?
Olatunji: I’m here to stay forever!  I’m never leaving. I love you Mary….
Mary: I love you Olatunji Adeleke! I’ve waited too mary years for you to do this….
Olatunji: Do what???
Mary: (smiling ) …. Kiss me….
They kissed…….
I got home and laid on the chair. Wale had gone to God knows where and Mom…. Well, she’s still with My dad…. Mr. Olatunji Adeleke. I came home alone. I didn’t get the chance to speak with Bidemi and that hurts like hell.
I thought i heard a knock but i wasn’t sure so i listened again. The knock came again and my heart skipped a beat. I prayed it was Bidemi before opening the door.
Yes it was a girl alright but  not Bidemi… I’ve missed her so much, i never realised how much I’ve missed her until now, she stood at the door smiling at me, absolutely beautiful… i exclaimed…..
Me: Oh My God! ADA…….!!!!!!
Ada: Dolapo how are you? I didn’t know i was going to meet you at home o. I was going to call you but i have used the credit i bought last night to call a friend of my that has typhoid fever because the water in their house was not very clean and they usually forget to boil the water before drinking….
Me: Damn! I’ve missed all your irrelevant story telling Ada.
We hugged and i led her to the sofa. We both sat down and i kept staring at her like a medal i just won.
Ada: i heard everything that happened to you Dolapo! So Femi’ s mother is bad like that? She reminds me of one movie i watched with my cousin, the night that her husband travelled because he had a business meeting to attend. That film ehn, the woman ehn, was the same woman that acted one film where she acted a policewoman that collects bribe and acted in another film where she was the mother of one man and she didnt want her son to marry a certain girl because the girl was from another tribe that is different from theirs, those tribe also…… (sighs, she looked at me, smiled)…..emmm…. I’m i talking too much????
Me…(smiling) so far i heard a tribe, a woman and a movie…every other thing was…well, you know.
She laughed….
Me: but how did you know it was Femi’s mother that did all that?
Ada: Michael told me.
Me: You and Michael now talk???
Ada: Since the night he got your number from me, we’ve both been talking alot…
I started winking at her and making funny faces ..
Ada: Hahahaha…. shut up jor! Its not like that. Though he asked me out but ,you know…. i don’t know!
Me: I can tell you like him, he’s an amazing guy
Ada: He’s caring and cool. I like him, i’m just not going gaga about him yet. I was keeping his company when he lost his brother …..and by the way, do you know he now worths millions of nairas? He got a new apartment, he said he wanna start a business in Ibadan when we resume next week, he’s thinking bout buying a car and wants ……
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Me: (i cut in….) Ada don’t tell me you’ll date him for money?
Ada: What do you think? I’m a typical Igbo girl abeg, if love doesn’t work, money must work. Igbo girls like me are smart like that, we are allergic to suffering
Me: Hahahaha! Ada oooo ! You’ve killed me with laughter!
Ada: But that’s just by the way sha. Michael is a nice guy and i actually do like him, the money is just an added advantage. What can i do when the one i love is in love with someone else…
Me: (smiling, holding her hands) You are a special girl Ada. Any man would be lucky to have you, and you deserve someone who loves you more than i do..
Ada: Thank you best friend!  I understand that.
Wale stepped in. They both shouted when they saw each other. Wale sat with us, greeted me and face Ada. From the sitting position they both were,  i knew I’m set to have my head blown away with too much talk.
Wale: Kai Ada… you have missed alot ehn. So many things have happened
Ada: I know o! But that woman was wicked o. I was just telling Dolapo she reminded me of a movie i saw with my cousin the night her husband had to travel because he had a meeting. The woman also acted in a movie where she played a policewoman that collects bribe and another film that……
Wale: (cuts in) Is it the woman that acted a witch in one movie that she killed her own husband because he cheated on her with the girl that the woman brought home to help with the house chores and the girl now wears short gowns and skirt in the house,  so one morning when……
Ada: (cuts in) She also acted in that movie that she travelled to Norway to go and see her grandchildren but when she got to Norway she….
I got fed up!
Me: Shut up! Shut up both of you! Which yeye woman! Do you want to kill somebody with talk ni! She acted in this and that and still you have mention the main movie you were supposed to talk about…… the woman no get name ni??
They both froze for a moment, looked at me like I’m the one something is wrong with, they shook their heads in pity, looked at each other and then began again….
Wale: i saw one movie on the TV too where she killed one young boy because……..
I couldn’t do anything, anymore…. i went straight to my room, laid on the bed and slept off like a baby. If Solo couldn’t kill me with a knife, i won’t allow Wale and Ada kill me with talks.
I’ve been home all day, packing my bags and provisions. I have more things to take to school,  Thanks to Mr. Olatunji Adeleke i got a bigger wardrobe, new clothes, new years and a larger allowance money. Seems like i have all except one thing….  Bidemi.
I knew i have to see her before i leave tomorrow, if not for anything, i have to tell her how sorry i am for telling her to give me some space. I wasted no time in getting dressed and finding my way to her gate. I knocked and Abdul, their gatekeeper opened it and led me in…. I met Kikelomo in the sitting, she didn’t say a word, she just smiled and pointed me towards Bidemi’s room.
I summoned all my courage to knock on her door….. Come in….. her voice was low and husky. She almost jumped out of her skin when i opened the door and stepped in.
Me: Good afternoon Bidemi.
Bidemi: What do you want Dolapo?
Me: I came to see you….
Bidemi: Oh! And why would you wanna see me?
Me: Look …Bidemi, we don’t have to do this, we don’t have to fight…. I’m leaving for school tomorrow and i don’t want to leave this way….
Bidemi: Oh! Because you’re going back to school, that’s why you’re here?? Good! I’ve heard you. Thanks for letting me know. Is there anything else?
Me: Yes!
Bidemi: What is it?
Me: I love you! 
I let the words hang in the air for a while. She widened her gaze and for a moment, it looked like she was going to smile until she frowned and snapped at me.
Bidemi: Is that a joke? You practically chased me out of your life like i was a plague and now you’re here, telling me you love me…
Me: i had alot going on Bidemi…i didn’t wanna get you mixed up in the whole thing. It was a hard time…
Bidemi: During the hard times are when we need people we love the most…. not time to push people away. Face it Dolapo… you didn’t need me in your life and that was why it was so easy for you to leave me…
Me: No! I care so much about you, i didn’t want you to worry about me. I left you bacause i love you…..
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Bidemi: How stupid is it for you to love and leave someone??
Me: Apparently, very stupid. But I’m here now….i realised and I’m sorry! I want you back Bidemi…
Bidemi: I’m not just a thing… I’m a person… all my life I’ve always been treated as an option by the people i love. I was dumb in the middle while Femi and my Sister were having sex behind my back, I’ve watched as you and Femi decide on who should date me like i don’t have a mind of my own, you had me and then you decided to kick me out of your life just when you felt like…. I have to make a statement for myself… I’m tired of being treated like a thing rather than a person, I’m not your Toy, you can’t just decide when you want me around and when you don’t….
Me; But Bidemi…..
Bidemi: (cuts in)  Go back to school Dolapo… I’ve gotten an admission too and I’m resuming tomorrow too. Let’s just forget everything that happened and move on with our lives..
Me: Congratulations on your admission.
Bidemi: Thank you!
Me: What school were you admitted to?
Bidemi: (Sighs)….. You have to leave now, i believe we’ve both made our points here.
Me:Bidemi please come back to me….
Bidemi: Why would i wanna do that?
Me: Because i love you!
Bidemi: I’m sorry i can’t, please leave now.
Me: Do you still love me?
Bidemi: No
Me: What??
Bidemi: Please Dolapo…. Please leave.
I dropped my shoulder in defeat, absolutely dejected. I tried moving towards her but the jerked back. I realised there was nothing left to do than leave. I turned around and began to walk out, i looked back for one last view, i caught her eyes but she quickly looked away and there at that moment, i realised i had lost the girl that meant the world to me. I stepped out of her room and gently closed the door behind me. I started walking off as my heart beat faster and ached with every beat. Behind the door, in her room, i heard her gave out a low cry, she cried even louder when i got to the stairs, it was then i realised  i had tears in my eyes too.
The next morning, everyone was on ground to bade me goodbye. My Dad had asked his driver to drive me down to Ibadan. I wasn’t very happy but i had to put a smile on my face for them all. Mom was in Mr. Olatunji’s arms, she had a look in her eyes that i haven’t seen in a long time, she was genuinely happy and i had no doubt in my mind they both loved each other.
Wale: Dolly-p!  I’ll miss you brother
Me: I’ll miss you too Wale! But We’ll both be busy with school work soon.. Tell me, will you get hostel or what??
Olatunji: (cuts in) I’ve decided that both Wale and Femi should take the car to school but only on one condition; that they both have to go to school together..
Femi: You hear that Dolapo? Now i have to go to school everyday in the car with a semi-Madman.
Wale: Well… you can decide to not go to Unilag with me….. Stay home and learn Auto-mechanic or something… Don’t let Dad waste any money.
Femi: I got admitted to study Mechanical Engineering not be a vehicle  Mechanic
Wale: What’s the difference??
Femi: Well It’s better than studying….Emmm … What are you studying again??
Wale: Statistics!!! 
Femi: What’s that ??? And why does it rhymes it Bullsh*t??
Wale: Shut up dummy!  It doesn’t!
Mary: Shut up both of you! Dolapo, don’t let this trouble makers waste your time.. you better get going.
Me: Hahahaha… Okay Mom!
I hugged everyone and promised to update them as the journey goes. I got in the car and watched through the rear mirror as Femi and Wale countinued their arguments.
Me: Hello!
Ada: Where are you best friend?
Me: In my hostel, why you asking.
Ada: Come down to “Spices” right now i wanna see you!
Me: Ada please! Just let me be!
Ada: Okay will you come to “Back of U&I” ?
Me: Haaaaha…. you know that place is for couples, i can’t meet you there.
Ada: Ooooh! But i want you to meet someone!
Me: Who?
Ada: When you get here you’ll know.
Me: I’m not interested..
Ada: Please now…. i need you. I really want you to meet this person.
Me: A girl?
Ada: Will i ask you to come and meet a boy ni? Are you gay? Please just come..
Me: Okay then…give me 15 minutes, let me freshen up but i’m not coming to those places o! Meet me at the “front of Queens hall”
Ada: Why do you boys always run to queens hall? Is it because that’s where all the most beautiful girls in UI stay?
Me: It’s closer to where i am! So just come there
Ada: Okay best friend…. make sure you look good o.
Me: hmmm okay…..
Ada and I haven’t seen much since we resumed, partly because she’s now dating Michael and they both seemed to be be good for each other. I haven’t gone out all day and now Ada wants to see me. I put on my round neck top and a jean trouser, wore my sneakers and stared at the mirror untill i’m satisfied i looked good.
I stepped out of the Independence hall and greeted the “Katangites” i found at the entrance …that’s what we call ourselves ; we the residents of Independent hall, we pride ourselves as been the hottest, coolest and most sophisticated boys in  UI, don’t even try and argue that with me or other Katangites.
The campus was a little crowded, it usually is but this is different, i remembered today is the day potential new students wrote their Post- Utme (Entrance exam). I got to the front of Queens hall and saw Ada almost immediately but no one was beside her…
Me: Hello Ada! How are you?
Ada: I’m fine! Thank you for coming.
Me: Okay….so who did you want me to meet?
Ada: i wanted to see you! I’ve missed you! The love i have for you as grown bigger like the love Rose had for Jack in the Titanic movie before their ship hit an iceberg and Jack died died when he froze to death but Rose did not die because she was resting on a plank even though personally i feel that plank would have contained both of them sha….Oh! I’m talking too much again abi? My point is i wanna start a relationship with you like the relationship that Romeo and Juliet had and they both poisoned each other and died, even though personally i feel they both could have eloped instead of dying…..Oops!
Me: (shocked) (sighed) Look Ada…..
Ada: (cuts in) Hahahahaha…. don’t say anything jor! I’m just messing with you….hahahaha….look at your face right now…. Anyways….that’s the girl i want you to meet….
Ada pointed her hands towards the right side and my eyes followed her hands… That’s when i saw her, dressed in a blue gown that perfectly fitted her. Her hair was allowed to flow down, reaching her shoulder and flew gently as the wind blew. She had a smile on her face and gave me a wink and then smiled even more, her hair was straight and black. At the moment, i knew Bidemi was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I was lost for words, mesmerized by her beauty and amazed by here presence,  i walked towards her as my heart beats against my ribs….
Bidemi: Hello Dolapo!
Me: (swallowed hard) Emmm…. Morning. …oh! Emmm Afternoon Bidemi! Wh….what are you doing here??
Bidemi: (smiling ) well…. i came to write the entrance exam. I’ve decided i wanna study in UI.
Ada: (cuts in)  Yes… after you guys broke up and Wale told me how devasted you were. I spoke with Bidemi and we both agreed you love so much, the good thing is, she loves you back. I advised her to study here so you guys can be closer..
Me: I don’t understand Bidemi… you told me….
Ada: (cuts in again) That she doesn’t want you again? That was the plan. You chased her out of your life so we all agreed that you should suffer the consequence a little.
Me: We??? How many people knew about this….??
Ada: Emmm….Not much! (counting with her fingertips ) just Me, Bidemi, Wale, Femi , Kikelomo, Michael,  Funmilayo and……oh Yes! Your Mom too!
Me: ( i busted out in laughter, Bidemi laughed too and held my hands in hers) Oooh! You guys! Even my Mom!
Ada: it was Femi’s idea but i did the planning. This was what happened… after i called Bidemi….
Me: (clears throat ) Ada…. Don’t you have somewhere to go? You can tell me.the details later ehn…
Ada: haaa…. i talk too much shey? Okay let me leave u both….
Ada hugged Bidemi first and then hugged me too….i whispered in her ears…
Me: (whispering ) Thank you Ada.
Ada: It’s nothing best friend! All i want is to see you happy…… Remember that time last semester when i said….
Me: Oya go now…… now!
Ada laughed and left. I turned and met Bidemi’s smiling face…
Me: I love you Bidemi! I’ve always loved you and i will always love you….
Bidemi: I know Dolapo, i love you too that’s why i came back…. i don’t want to live this life without you. But don’t you ever push me away again no matter what, no matter what you’re going through, no matter the danger. We’ll stick together and overcome it, you hear me??
Me: Never! I will never push you away. You asked me a question,  you asked “How can you love and leave someone? ”
Bidemi: Yes?  Do you now have an explanation for that?
Me: You can love and leave…..but true love always comes back no matter what … i left you, i came back…you left me and now you’re back!
Bidemi: You finally got an answer to that!  My handsome and intelligent boyfriend…
Me: hahaha…. how was your entrance exam?
Bidemi: Huh? That one? So simple! They have no other choice than to admit me.
Me: hahaha….that’s what we do in UI, we give you a simple test, lure the intelligent ones into our school….. then we kill you with academic stress..
Bidemi: (laughs) Haaaaa….
Me: But don’t worry babe! I got you!
Bidemi: So…. will my boyfriend show me around the school??
Me: Of course, Girlfriend!
We began to walk together, stealing glances at each other and smiling. Then i looked up, saw a group of UI boys staring at Bidemi in admiration, they looked like hungry lions ready to devour an antelope …. i quickly placed my arms around her as if to say a “Keep off” warning. She must have noticed too, she moved closer and placed her head on my shoulder.
I don’t know how long this would last but one thing i know is that I’m in love with a girl who loves me back so i will fight for this love with all i have. We may end up getting married or we may not, we both  still got alot of years ahead of us, we have some growings to do, challenges to face but if we got love, then we got everything.
People say It’s difficult to find love,  they say It’s even more difficult for the one you love to love you  back…. But I’ve found mine…. you should find yours too (winks). I’m Dolapo Martins Jr.. And this is my story of love.
~ The End~
~ AustinBlinks
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  1. This is a master piece ,honestly I dont read stories cos I av got no Interest it.reading this was at first a mistake which I am so happy I made. Thank you for this.i wish I could see you in person. I am Guy and am nt a gay ooo bt just to give you a big hug for this master piece. Thumbs up and good luck. Pls send me ur number via my email I ll lyk to be ur friend