To Love And Leave Episode 21


Mr. Olatunji Adeleke was watching his favourite sport show on TV when Femi dashed in through the front entrance, interrupting him..
Femi: Dad! Some policemen are outside, asking for mommy.
Olatunji: Asking for Chioma? Let them in!
Before Femi reached the door, a man dressed in a white T-shirt and black jean trousers led two other uniformed policemen into the house.
Cop2:Sorry for the intrusion sir but We’re just here to do our job!
Olatunji: And  what job  might that be?
Cop2: The arrest of your wife, Mrs. Chioma Adeleke!.
Olatunji: Are you out of your mind?? What has she done? Why are you arresting my wife?
Cop2: Her name came up in our investigation of conspiracies to the murder Mr. Solomon “Solo” Ewabor and the attempted murder of Mr. Dolapo Martins. So if you will please tell us where your wife is, we don’t have all day.

Before Olatunji could say a word, his wife, Chioma came through the kichen door. On sighting the policemen, the look on her face showed she wasn’t all that surprised to see them.
The two uniformed men started to move towards her but were promptly stopped by both Femi and Olatunji, who both stood in their path.
Cop2 : Please sirs! Don’t make this harder than it already is. I don’t wanna have to charge you with obstructing the law and helping a criminal resist arrest.
Femi: call my mom a criminal one more time and see how i charge you with my fists.
One look at Femi’s face and everyone in the room knew he wasn’t making empty threats . Chioma held both her husband and son by the shoulder, sholving them out of the way, she moved towards the cops.
Chioma: Dont worry my love, i will be back home soon.
One of the policemen brought out a handcuff hoping to bind her hands.
Chioma: If you move any closer to me with that stupid thing, i will have you and your entire family rot in jail.
The policeman thought about this for a second and then kept the handcuff back where he took it out from.
Olatunji couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Could his wife be connected to all what has been happening?  Could it be her responsible for the hit on his Son. He shook his head, hoping to get the thought off his mind. Chioma left with the cops. All Olatunji and Femi could do was to watch as their Wife and Mom was being led out of the house like  a criminal….
I sat on the couch playing a rather addictive game on my phone. I’ve used 50% of the battery already. Wale came into the house, he looked like someone who has just been robbed of his rights, i looked up at him with a questioning look.
Me: Everything cool bro?
Wale: No!
Me:What is it?
Wale : I just got my UTME  results.
Me: …..and……???
Wale:.I got 227 marks
Me: Wow….. Brother, that’s something o!
Wale: No It’s not! My course’s cut-off mark is 230.
Me: Well….. i believe 3 marks can be overlooked.
Wale: I hope so.
Me: But you gotta cheer up too brother, you passed and that’s something to be happy about…..  227 is excellent for you, we all kuku know you no sabi book before.
Wale: hahaha…. you better shut up  there.
We both laughed and i was glad i made him cheer up a little. We were interrupted by a knock and Femi came in looking much worse than Wale did  when he came in.
Me: Please….. don’t tell me you’re sad about your jamb result too.
Femi: (sighs ) Me? Sad bout UTME results?  Please that’s not for me. I checked it already and i got 265 marks.
Me: Mehnn…. Congratulations brother!
Femi: Thanks…. (looks at Wale ) emmm…. what was your score….180?…. 190??
Wale: (hissed) No idiot! I got 100
Femi: Wow… really? I’m sure they gave you 99 bonus marks
Wale: haaa…. you’re wrong! I copied from the system of the person sitted next to me.
Femi:. Awwww …. why did the person allow you?
Wale: (folded his palm into a fist and raised it up) Come closer let me tell you.
This time, i  was almost on the floor, laughing at my two brothers. I still don’t understand how they can ever get along but this is fun for me and i can watch them piss each other off all day.
For a moment, my mind drifted and i found myself thinking about Bidemi again. She wrote the UTME exam too and I’m sure she’d gotten the result by now, i was tempted to pick up the  phone and call but i stopped myself.
Femi’s phone Started ringing, one look at the caller and he decided he couldn’t pick the call right there.
Femi: Emmm… brothers….
Wale: I’m not your brother dummy!
Femi: Actually i was talking to Dolapo and that Rat over there…
He pointed towards a Rat running around our corridor
Femi: I would gladly have that rat as a brother than you.
Wale: Hahahaha…. (Faces me..) Now It’s been confirmed!  I told you the guy is from animal kingdom.
I laughed….
Me: You guys should stop already! This little war gets us nowhere
Femi: It will….. it will get us to the point where he realises I’m not his mate!
Wale: Or it gets us to the part where i rearrange your face for good.
Mom stepped out of her room, she’s been listening all the while….
Mrs. Martins: Will you both just shut up!
Me: Ehn ehn… I’ve been telling……
Mrs. Martins: (cuts in ) Hold it there! I wasn’t talking to you!
Femi: Hahaha…. She just gave you….
Mrs. Martins: Shut up Femi.
Then came the silence, she looked at each of us, one after the other, shook her head and she began to speak.
Mrs. Martin: All you three are brothers!  So the sooner you accept that fact, the better it is for you and for everyone. That’s for you, Wale and Femi!  You are Men so start acting like it.
She said that and went back inside. Now that’s my mom for you. It  looks like she was trained the act of raising young men.
Femi: I’m sorry i picked on you Wale, Forgive me.
Wale: No! I’m sorry i called you an animal.
An idea came into my mind and i voiced it out.
Me: Why don’t you guys shake hands…
Femi: No need! I don’t wanna contact any infection….
And then they started again, they couldn’t even get along for just a minute. Me…. i was just lying there on the floor, laughing my guts out as they threw verbal explosives at one another.
Femi checked his phone after he excused himself from the Martins. His brother had called earlier  but he couldn’t pick right there, he wouldn’t want them to hear his conversation with his brother about their mother. How could he possibly stand there and tell Dolapo his mother might be connected with the attempts on his life. He called his brother, Segun….
Segun: (picks up) What now! I don call you since, you no pick!
Femi:I’m sorry brother Segun i couldn’t pick your call where i was.
Segun: So What’s up? What’s going on at home? Your SMS says Mom has been arrested, for what??
Femi: Boda i don’t know o! The policemen said she might be involved with the attempts on Dolapo’s life.
Then came the silence, Segun kept quiet for a few seconds taking in what he has just been told…..
Femi: you don’t think that’s possible, do you? Brother Segun  are you there?
Segun: (clears throat ) emmm…. let me call you back now, there’s something important i have to do!
Femi dropped the call, wondering why his brother made no comment about the arrest. He returned his phone back into his pocket and went back into the Martins ‘ house.
Segun was worried too. He knew the truth all along, he was the first person to have suspected his mother’s involvement in the whole drama but he doesn’t blame her for it, on the other hand, he felt his mother is doing everything she’s doing just for him.
One trip to the village 5years ago had set everything right. He and his siblings were on a vacation to see their grandma, he sat alone when grandma walked in and gave him the shock of his life.
Grandma: Segu! I saw you have swept and cleaned my room, Thank you my son!
Segun: It’s fine grandma. I just felt i should help you!
Grandma: You see! You are always helping me, always happy to be here. Not like that Femii and fumi! You have  the true Igbo man blood, always hardworking !
Segun: Hahaha… you mean half Igbo and half yoruba!
Grandma: No!! True Igbo man!…. are you trying to tell me, Chioma, my daughter hasn’t told you the truth all these years?
Segun: (confused ) What truth Grandma.
Grandma: sighs….. My son Segu!  You’re not Olatounji ‘s Son. Chioma had you for my friend’s son Okafor!!
It was too hard for him to take in, he  couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could his dad not be his father, it doesn’t make any sense to him.
But his fears were confirmed when he got home. His mother apologized and told he wasn’t really Mr. Olatunji Adeleke’s Son!
Michael sat in the house that used to be occupied by both he and his late brother ,Solo. He still couldn’t believe he is dead. He has got himself mixed up with the wrong people and now he’s dead cold in the city mortuary.
He has done exactly what Solo had told him. He gave Documents and Audio recordings of his brother’s dealings and conversation with the Madam who had him tried to kill Dolapo!
Only God knows where Solo Got all his money from but as at the time of his death, he had nothing less than 4 million nairas in 5 different bank accounts, leaving Michael  as a beneficiary to all. The money scares Michael, his brother has saved up to 60,000 US dollars dealing drugs and hurting people.
A knock came on the door, it startled Michael. He wasn’t expecting anyone. He fidgeted in his chair and raise his palms to cover his ears, hoping the person would leave but he/she didn’t, the knocks got even louder and continuous with a bang! When Michael finally got the courage to open up, there was a very big guy standing at the door, with eyes almost as  red as fire itself and he stood like a mountain, looking down at Micheal. One arm of his is bigger than Michael’s thigh. Michael swallowed hard.
Michael:  good afternoon sir!
Man: I’m Capo! Friend of your late brother. I have a question. Is it true Solo was murdered by a policeman and that madam that he used to worked for ordered it?
His throats felt dry and he hardly could speak so he just stood there, nodding.his head Yes. He was too terrified of this Goliath -looking guy.
Capo nodded and muttered under his breath.
Capo: She must pay for this! She can’t just kill my friend and get away with it.
He said that in anger, grunts and roared like a lion, he looked down at Michael, wanted to say something but changed his mind so he turned his back and began stumbling down the stairs, with each steps threatening the building’s foundation. But One thing’s for sure…. that’s a big angry man on a revenge mission! Michael decided he needed a new apartment!
Mrs. Chioma Adeleke sat in her cell, fuming in anger but keeping silent. 4 other young ladies who were obviously night workers shared the cell with her. One of them was very loud about her opinions.
Prostitute: Oga officer come o! Wetin dey do you now! Abeg release peson jor
Policeman:  Will you shut up there, you this Ashewo woman!
Prostitute: Talk better jare! I know  sey na this thing you want (She pointed to her breasts ) You better come take am now o….make we enter toilet do something fast, i kuku sabi sey you no fit last long.
Her other prostitutes joined in the laughter.
Policeman: Idiots!  I’m a policeman!  I serve with integrity!!
Prostitute: haaaa…. How you know sey  my name na “Integrity “…… Oya come serve with me naaaaa!
The officer gave up! He took a sheet in front of him and called out…
Policeman:  Mrs. Chioma Adeleke! You’re are needed.
He led chioma out the room, taking her towards the interrogation room….
Prostitute: Na old mama you like shey…No integrity in that Mr. Policeman
Chioma ignored the comment and walked into the interrogation room. In  there already, was cop1 going through the files handed to him by Michael
Chioma: You bastard!  I will make  sure you rot in jail.
Cop2: Bite your tongue woman! I’m not the one being charged here, you’re the one to be jailed  .
Chioma! : Oh really?! You think i will go to jail? Then you are as naive as a child. People like me are above the law in this country, we don’t go to jail.
Cop2: No one is above the law!!
Chioma: I am the law!!
Cop2: Woman! You tried killing your stepson and you’re not even remorseful about it.
Chioma: Remorseful?? No!!! All i feel is regrets….. regreting i haven’t killed that bastard earlier.
Cop2: what could a 20 year boy do to you to deserve this much hatred ??
Chioma: He did everything wrong by being born! I love Olatunji in school but his mind was always on a stupid village girl. I was seeing other Men but he was special. He’s a responsible man and that made it easy to have him take responsibilities for my pregnancy.
Cop2: My guess is, that pregnancy wasn’t his… you held him down with a pregnancy that wasn’t his.
Chioma: Well…. you have a little brain!  If the words gets out and he discovers Segun isn’t really his, then he’ll divert all his attention on that bastard Dolapo boy!  Can’t let that happen .. I never knew about the bastard  until he was almost 2 years old, i tried to take care of it all.
Cop2: What did you do?
Chioma: My sources told me the whole family,  Mary, her husband and their bastard son were going on a family Vacation so i had someone tamper with their car. But the information i got was wrong. Only the husband travelled….. well you know how our roads are here, he had an accident.
Cop2: (shocked) what???!!!! You killed Dolapo’s Dad too!!!
Chioma: He died in an accident!!
Cop2: After you had his car tampered with!!
Chioma: How am i supposed to know he’ll be the only one in the car???
Cop2: You deserve to be  sent to the worst prison ever!! How about Solo?
Chioma: That incompetent idiot! He had to be silenced too…… Anyways,  what is your name Mr. Cop? Tell me your name so i can tell your superiors to have you discharged, you have mess with me and i  will make sure you lose this job you love so much.
Before he could say another word, the door flung open and an officer came in, whispered into his ears and left just quickly as he came.
Cop2 banged his fists on the table in anger, sweat running down his temple. He drew a long and deep breath before he finally spoke.
Cop2: I’ve been told you’re to be released immediately….  all charges are to be dropped..
Mrs. Chioma Adeleke; got up with a smile on her face. She dusted her dress and looked at him….
Chioma: I told you….. people like me, don’t go to jail. We’re the law!
And just after about  an hour of being arrested, Chioma walked out of the police headquarters, all charges against her dropped, a police vehicle had been assigned to take her back home with an apology letter for every inconveniences caused.
10 minutes after leaving the police headquarter, Chioma sat at the back of a police escort , in there with her was a driver and another policeman in front. She kept smiling all the way, knowing the law can’t get her now. She brought out her phone, she decided she needed another person who would finish this bastard Dolapo once and for all, just that this time, even Mary Martins has to be killed too. Then she remembered Wale…. and she thought about how lonely the boy would be if his mom and brother are dead, she shook her head and decided instead of leaving the poor guy on earth and allow him suffer, It’s better to have him killed too. The only thing left to do is to wipe out the whole family, that thought pleases her so well
She began to dial a number but was swiftly interrupted by the screeching of the car’s tire and the break was swiftly applied . It sent her hitting her head on the seat in front, she managed to look up and she saw about six men standing in front of their vehicle, the road as been blocked by all manner of refuse materials. … she recognized Capo, the big mountain man. But what caught her attention was the gun Capo and the other five men were holding, pointing towards the car,  she screamed at the Policemen…

Chioma: Do something! You good for nothing idiots.

The policemen tried to reach their guns but it was too late, the first shot rang through, sending splinters of glass flying everywhere. They chose to go down under the dashboard instead. For Chioma, she had nowhere to hide, she heard all manner of gunshots non-stop, it felt like a war zone. She saw her blood splatters, she felt pains in a million different places. The gunshots went on forever and when it finally stopped she heard as motorcycles sped away in distance. She couldn’t move so she looked towards the sky and drew her final breathe.
~Final Episode coming tomorrow after church~