The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 22


I refused to eat that afternoon pending the dinner later. I set myself ready to eat as much as I could. But I still did my two hours study, there is no barrier for that because I have a goal to achieve.

I left the house with Nancy later in the evening and got to the VIP Inn where Mirabel, Lola and Cynthia resides. The Gateman opened the gate for us, they even changed their Gateman. We alighted from the car and went inside the Mirabel’s lodge that’s where they fixed the dinner.

Entering the parlor, I met Cynthia and two other girls dancing. I recognized the two girls, they were the ones Lola used to intimidate Dorothy the other day. They paused the music to welcome us, I asked after Lola and Mirabel, Cynthia said they went to the restaurant to get the eatables for the dinner that they’ll be here in few minutes time.

She offered us Champagne, I declined for myself and Nancy as well and requested for juice instead.

Nancy: But Bro, I have never seen champagne before except in the movies,,, let me taste it small please…

Me: Nancy it’s not as good as You see in the movies

Nancy: Have You tasted it before?

Me: Yeah and I regretted it

Nancy: But how is it like?

Me: Its alcoholic

Nancy: Really?

Me: Yeah

Nancy: I hate alcoholics

Me: Me too, that’s why I refused it

Mirabel and Lola arrived few minutes later and the bodyguards dropped the bags they were carrying on the dinning table. Lola greeted me with a hug and Mirabel with a kiss. Lola directed the girls and the lady guard Jummy to arrange what they brought in for dinner and Nancy also helped out on her own accord.

Two huge guys came in some minutes later, Lola introduced the dark one to me as Dax her boyfriend and the other fair one as Vincent, Dax’s friend. Cynthia said her boyfriend couldn’t make it today but promised to come on the main birthday party.

After the introduction, we settled down to eat,,, there was so much to eat and drink. I watched Nancy very closely so that an unplanned event will not take place. I ate as much as I could especially the chicken. We first ate fried rice and chicken with wine or juice in the first hour, rested for 30 minutes then ate meat pie with egg and well-prepared roasted fish with any drink of choice. Some rested, others danced for another 30 minutes then they brought in suya that expensive and well-prepared one, that was the day I ate suya like no other.

After that, they shared cake and enough ice-cream. Then they increased the sound of the music and started dancing and drinking whatever You like. I also danced very well that night. I saw the fair guy Vincent getting closer to Nancy when dancing but she avoided him which got my mind settled. My eating didn’t end there,,, I still ate suya and the roasted fish later on and ended it with a cool hollandia yoghurt.

Around or so, I told Mirabel that We’d be going home, She told me that we should all spend the night there but I refused her till she had no choice. I had to go home because of my Sister, can’t leave her for that huge guy. They even tried to convince us to stay but I gave them a ‘NO’ that signifies no hope at all. Its a good thing Nancy didn’t even want to stay.

We arrived home safely, I had to set an alarm before I slept that night in order to avoid waking up late for lectures.
The following day, I gave Nancy some money to go to the market and get what we needed in the kitchen while I went to School.

Mirabel followed me to my place from lectures with the korean movie I told her to bring for me. Got home, Nancy served us lunch,,, Beans and plantein.

Nancy: Woah this korean movie

Mirabel: You’ve watched it?

Nancy: Yeah but I didn’t start from the beginning and I haven’t watched it to the end yet,,, so interesting

Me: Alright go and play it

We started watching the movie, I read the summary on the disc’s cover,,, Oh! its titled “Boys Before Flowers”. We watched and discussed on the movie till nightfall with generator because the power was seized. I didn’t even read my book that evening but I promised myself to read very early the following morning. Mirabel didn’t go that night, she came prepared to spend the night.

We went to bed around because of School the following day, but we left Nancy with the movie.

I went to have shower first to avoid being called a dirty boy…

**While in the shower**

Mirabel: May I join You honey?

Me: No!

Mirabel: **Laughs** I’m serious this time

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Me: Leave me alone

Mirabel: Okay oh…

(She thinks she can fool me again, lai lai)

Before I knew what was happening, She slowly came into the bathroom and startled me when she slowly caressed and kissed my back.

Me: I thought you were trying to pull my legs again

Mirabel: Nah… I don’t joke with my words all the time dear

Me: I see…

We bath ourselves, but nothing happened oh… I wasn’t in the mood anyway **Winks**

**After the shower and dressed for bed**

Mirabel: So what was it that you’ve been wanting to tell me about?

Me: Me?

Mirabel: Yes,,, about my friends or so

Me: Oh! yea uhmmm… just wanted to know why I don’t know their boyfriends or they don’t stick to one guy? but I’ve known Lola’s own now**I lied,,, ‘coz I couldn’t tell her what Lola was trying to do again,,, since we’re cool now**

Mirabel: Well, They have their boyfriends,,, not for love though. They’re just having fun and playing around

Me: Okay… I get it now

Mirabel: Goodnight dear, really need to sleep

Me: Ok babe, goodnight

**Few minutes later**

Mirabel: Baby,,, are u awake?

Me: Yea, anything?

Mirabel: Yea… just need to tell you this

Me: What is it?

Mirabel: My Mum is planning to pay you an unanounced visit

Me: Are you serious? the first lady wants to visit me?

Mirabel: Yea, I’m not supposed to tell you because she told me not to

Me: What’s she paying me a visit for?

Mirabel: You’re dating her daughter hello…? She wants to know and confirm everything I told her about you

Me: And what have you told her?

Mirabel: Everything I know about you,,, your good side though

Me: I see… so when is the visit taking place?

Mirabel: I dunno

Me: Baby please tell me, I need to be well prepared

Mirabel: She refused to tell me, she knows i’ll snitch

Me: So I should be expecting her any time?

Mirabel: Yea… don’t worry, I’ll help you out

Chai! eleyi gidi gan oh… I said this one this thick