Patrick sat in the church with the pastor, Dan and other pastors. The pastors had told him what could possibly be the problem and he was in shock. He had never thought this was going to happen to him.

They had prayed for him, prayed like no one had ever done for him. Now they needed him to confess to something, he knew what he was supposed to confess to because he had seen the face of his nightmare. The junior pastors excused themselves so he sat there with Dan and the senior pastor.

“I was young, very young, about fifteen years old. She was fifteen years old too and the prettiest girl in my class. I wasn’t the most handsome guy in my class but somehow this girl really liked me, she would cook for me, spend time with me, do my homework for me………she was always there for me. At that time we were just friends. My best friend, Koby, advised me to ask her out.

According to him, she’d do more for me if I did. Because I liked her too I agreed with my friend and asked her to be my girl. She agreed. She was elated. Our relationship started beautifully though we kept much of it a secret.

We knew we were not old enough for a relationship. We met at secret locations, kissed, touched and did everything we could except have sex. One day, Koby and I had a chat and he asked me how far I had gone with Fate. He was 17. I told him we had gone really far.

He asked if we had had sex and when I said no, he laughed at me. I was surprised he found it funny, I knew we were both young so I didn’t understand why he found it amusing that we hadn’t had sex. He asked me if I was blind and couldn’t notice that Fate wanted me sexually.

I told him she didn’t but he dared me to ask her. His parents were always travelling so he was always home alone. One fateful day, we invited Fate to the house and Koby gave an excuse that he was going to buy something, he didn’t return.

I looked at Fate and asked her if she wanted to have sex with me, she looked at me and smiled uncomfortably. I thought it was because she was shy. She asked if that was what I also wanted and when I nodded she said yes.

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We had sex that day for the first time. I had no idea Fate had agreed to please me and not because she wanted to. Koby taught me what I had to do and what not to do. Within six months we had sex several times.

I started losing interest in the relationship. I started avoiding Fate. I was beginning to get interested in another lady, she wasn’t as pretty as Fate but I felt that I liked her. Fate started seeing me with the other girl. She started feeling sick, she couldn’t stand the fact that I was with someone else and I didn’t care.

One day, Koby invited me to his house, he told me to come alone, when I got there, Fate was there. I got mad at Koby for tricking me, Fate was so shocked at my reaction that she burst into tears. She told me she didn’t come to ask me back.

She told me she was pregnant, I was mad at her, I blamed her, I told her she did it on purpose because she wanted to keep me but there was no way she was going to keep me. I left her there crying her eyes out. Later, Koby invited me and assured me he was alone.

We planned how to get rid of the pregnancy without Fate’s knowledge because we knew she would never accept an abortion. Koby told me he knew this drug though it causes death in weak women. I didn’t think of it, I told him Fate was strong so we mixed the drink in a mineral. When Fate came she was happy. Koby had told her I had agreed to be with her, thatI was going to be a good father to the baby. In her joy, she willingly drank the mineral without knowing its contents.

Fifteen minutes later she started coughing blood, she coughed and begged for help but in our stupidity, we just stood and stared at her. Before she died she swore to us that even in death, she wasn’t going to forgive us. When she died we dumped her near her father’s farm. Her reputation was ruined. We ruined her life and even in death we ruined her reputation

To be continued