The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 21


After much thoughts, I decided to call My Uncle to greet Him and there I can also know if He’s the one that sent the money or not,,, afterall, He told me to call Him whenever I get to School. I dialled His number… and He picked up.

Me: Hello Sir

Uncle: How are You Victor?

Me: I’m fine Sir

Uncle: I spoke with Your Dad, He told me Joy has delivered a baby

Me: Yes Sir, We thank God for the save delivery

Uncle: Yes,,, and I’m made to understand that You’re in School already

Me: Yes, We’ve resumed Sir

Uncle: I told You to call me when You get to school right?

Me: Yes You did, I apologize for not calling

Uncle: Did You get the alert?

Me: Yes I did, thanks a lot Sir,,, I really appreciate Your support and kind gesture

Uncle: Its okay,,, make sure You study hard, We need a better result in the Family or don’t You want to beat my record?

Me: **Laughs** Sir We’re trying

Uncle: Don’t just be trying, ensure that You get to be sure of Yourself

Me: Okay… thank You Sir

Uncle: Alright, I just got home from work,,,, so bye lemme rest a little

Me: Ok bye Sir.

Woah,,, I came to School to study, but I’m balling in School!

I went to the Parlor, Nancy was there watching TV

Me: Now You’re tired of browsing and chatting abi

Nancy: The thing just stopped working

Me: How do You mean?

Nancy: I don’t know oh,,, its connected but not browsing and the network is ok

Me: Chai! You have finished My MB

Nancy: What?

Me: Quiet jare! Msteeeew chai! exausted 10 Gigabytes of data in less than three weeks,,, Great!

I left Her in the Parlor, went inside my room, grabbed my notes and went to the house library to read. That’s my secret for answering well in class and also performing well in tests. I study whatever that I was taught in School later in the evening and also raed it again in the early morning of when We have the Lecture again. All what We were taught from Monday to Friday, I studied them at home on Saturdays and sundays. So don’t think that I’m so intelligent or calling me a genius for my intelligence,,, Its because I studied hard.

My Uncle wants His record of having Second Class Upper to be broken, I thought for a little. He was the one with the highest result in the family, My Dad had Second Class Lower which put him in the Second place after My uncle. That day was the day I officially set My goal of beating My Uncle’s record. And You know what that means, First Class things.

I left the library after for almost two hours, I dropped my notes in the room before walking to the Parlor, Nancy was still there watching TV, Although I perceived something coming out from the kitchen’s direction.

Me: What are You preparing?

Nancy: Spaghetti

Me: Again?

Nancy: We ate rice in the Afternoon, what’s again?

Me: Are they not the same thing? Can’t You cook something else rather than these starchy foods? If not rice its spaghetti or noodles or yam sometimes

Nancy: But there’s nothing else in the kitchen

Me: What about Semo or pounded yam

Nancy: There are no ingredients for soup in the kitchen

Me: Can’t You buy them and other things from the market?

Nancy: With which money? and things like what?

Me: Things like Plantain, both irish and sweet potatoes, like that

Nancy: Bro just give me money and I will get them tomorrow

Me: No problem, but You will use Your money to buy meat and fish

Nancy: Why?

Me: Are You not the one that eat it more? See how You’re getting fat here

Nancy: I am Your responsibility na, You’re my senior bro and I’m in Your place so You will have to take care of me

Me: Na true, go check wetin dey fire jare… I’m hungry

Nancy: Yes boss

She went to the kitchen while I took the remote to the channel to either music or sport channel. She came back a couple of minutes later with my food, I ate and rested before calling Mirabel and then retired to bed after praying for the night and the new day I’ll be entering.

The next day in School, I met and chat with lola, Mirabel and promise with some quarter-friends that we only greet each other or talk about lectures only. Lola and Cynthia came to our Department when we were free,,, We all had lunch together, that is Lola, Cynthia, Mirabel, Promise and I.
Our first semester result came out and I did great except for Maths that I had “C”, I really needed to work very hard on Maths. Mirabel and Promise did very well too,,, And surprisingly, Lola and Cynthia’s result wasn’t bad at all. I guess they have their way because,,, those girls ain’t really serious with their studies.

As time goes by, Lola and I became close friends. I snatched her from Mirabel same way She snatched Promise from Me. I got to learn the other side of Lola, She’s fun to be with, full of exciting stories and experience.
I couldn’t take it anymore from Dorothy, so I brought the situation to Lola not telling Mirabel about it. She told me to play along with Dorothy, that instead of giving her my house address, I should give her another address where she (Dorothy) would meet me and She’ll take care of the rest.

I did what Lola told me to do,,, I pretended to give in to Dorothy’s pleas and made her to meet me in a certain place. She came at the appointed time and I drove her with the car Lola gave me to use to the address she provided. I didn’t know what she wanted to do, and my mind didn’t even think of Lola killing Dorothy at all.

We arrived the location, an uncompleted building and I horned as Lola directed me to do.

Dorothy: Victor don’t tell me You live here

Me: No I don’t

Dorothy: Then what are we doing here?

Me: Just came to check on someone

Dorothy: Victor I’m not comfortable with this place, let’s go

Lola: Nobody is going nowhere,,, yet
Lola showed up with Cynthia and other two girls looking weird and dangerous, I was scared myself.

Dorothy: Victor what’s going on here? Is this a set up?? You want to kill me,,, Victor You want to kill me???

Cynthia: Shut up b!tch!

Dorothy: Victor please don’t do this to me I beg You **Almost crying**

I didn’t know what to say or do, I couldn’t even understand what was going on

Lola: So You’re scared huh? **Lighting a cigeratte for herself**

Dorothy: Please don’t harm me…

Lola: Shut up! Now tell me, why are You even begging?

Dorothy: What?

Lola: Why are You begging for Your life? Do You know me from somewhere??

Dorothy: No

Lola: And why are You begging? I’m not even holding any weapon

Dorothy: I’m sor-ry

Lola: Now listen and let this be clear to You, Victor is my boyfriend and I’m not sharing his d!ck with no b!tch,,, You got that?

Dorothy: Yes yes yes (Shivering)

Lola: Stay clear of his d!ck, is that understandable?

Dorothy: Yes I understand

Lola: Good girl,,, just make sure that the next time You and I get to meet again, It shouldn’t be like this okay?

Dorothy: Yes pleaseee…

Lola: Victor darling, take this girl to where You got her from (Walked back to where she came out from with the girls)

Me: Okay…. D’thy lets go

I felt pity on her, She was so scared and terrified. She stood up walked out in a hurry, I ran after her.

Me: D’thy wait

**She kept on moving**

Me: D’thy wait lemme drop You

Dorothy: So this is how wicked and heartless You are? How dare You put me in this kind of situation?! How dare You do this to me?

Me: I never wanted this to h…

Dorothy: **Cuts in** You’re very wicked! I was too blind to realize it all this while,,, I was so stupid and foolish geez!!

Me: Please hear me out

Dorothy: What for?

Me: Please just hear me out,,, it wasn’t my…

Dorothy: **Cuts in** Cut the crap You b—–d! I will never forgive You for this, Never! **Walks away hastily**

Me: D’thy! Dorothy!!

She left without looking back. I felt so horrible.

I kept dialling her number from that day but she kept rejecting my call till her line stopped going through, I thought she had blocked my line so I tried using another line but it still didn’t go through.


In School on a Wednesday afternoon, Lola announced that her birthday was coming up on Friday but she’s going to celebrate it on Sunday evening. One talk led to another and they came up with an idea to have a dinner in respect of Lola’s upcoming birthday at Mirabel’s lodge. That would be the first time Nancy will be going there. I begged Lola specifically not to involve Nancy on any act, because Nancy claimed to like Lola on their first meeting and always want her around. She promised to be cool and friendly with Nancy and nothing else.

Promise said she can’t come and didn’t give any suitable reason for not coming. Mirabel tried to talk her in but she still declined.

When I got home, I told Nancy about the upcoming birthday and she appeared to be very happy, I causioned her to behave herself for I won’t tolerate any misbehaviour from her.

Sometimes I thought about going easy and cool with Nancy, because she might rebel against me later in the future when she realizes some things. And I also thought about something, if Nancy should go out and start doing bad things now,,, what can I even do to her?