“I’m Obinim” Season 3 – Episode 7


Trust with this few minute I have spent with Didi, I knew Jojo was no match for Didi. Jojo really have to prepare. He will never have it easy with this one.

Suddenly, Efua asked for a moment to talk to her sister alone, so I had to excuse them. I didn’t know what they talked about though, but I had the feeling there were talking about the property and what Jojo intend to do. As far as am concern that  is their own family issue. I was not interested in the property anyway. All I wanted is for Efua to be happy in her last days. I had my own worries now and thus the death of my father.

I went for a walk around the hospital, not knowing exactly what to do. I should have been there for my sister, I wonder how she will be handling things now. My father needed me that much and I wasn’t there for him. I’m sure Shela will have the motive that I did this on purpose.  She may think that, because my father wasn’t there for me when I was growing up as a child I may as well be paying him back for what he did to me.

But now that he is done, what good will my revenge be?  How do I even confront Shela when I see her? I can’t do that, I don’t know how to handle things. Maybe the best thing for me to do is just stay away for a while. Yes, that’s the best I can do now. To stay away from Shela. I can’t stand her wrath for not being there for our father.

I heard someone calling me from while I was taking a stroll, It was Didi. She just came towards me looking very cheerful and relieved. Well, that was the first time seeing her in that way.

“I have been looking all over the place for you” She said.

“Sorry about that, I just decided to take a stroll, how is she by the way” I asked.

“She is ok, improving too; the doc said she needs some more rest, so I had to leave her. She is actually sleeping now.” Didi answered.

I couldn’t talk to Efua one on one as I expected. I wanted to hear her telling me that she is ok so that I could also give her some comforting words.
Even though I miss her very much, the good thing is, she is ok at least for now.
“Are you ok Obi” Didi asked.

Apparently my worry began showing on my face. It was easy for anyone to tell that I was not myself just by looking at my face.

I just nodded my head giving her the impression that I’m ok. But she I knew I was definitely  lying about something. She knew exactly what was wrong. I mean, she was there when they told me about the death of my father.

“It’s about your father right” Didi asked
“yeah, He really needed me but I wasn’t there for him” I said.

“Obi, hmm I know how it feels like, our father died about 4 years ago in plane crush. “ She said.

“Plane crush? You don’t mean it. I’m really sorry” I said.

“He was based in the States where I live now, I still blame myself for his death you know” She said.

“oh, why” I desperately asked. I saw the look on her  face, she was depressed. Who would have ever thought I would be getting along with Didi after all that had happened. She was actually confining in me and that was a good sign.

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“Efua and I had miss him so much, he wasn’t always around when we want to sit down as family and spend some quality time. So I actually forced him to come down. As if that wasn’t enough, I wasn’t talking to him for like a whole month until he finally decided to come to the country. And few hours after his departure from US, we heard the plane had gone missing. That was is it. We didn’t even find his body to even burry him. I blamed myself for his death. He would have been alive by now, if…..”

She began sobbing as she was talking.
I could tell how sorry she felt.

“I believe that, if its our time to leave this world, nothing will stop that. You shouldn’t blame yourself. I mean it’s not wrong for you to miss your dad anyway.” I said.

She laughed about what I said

“You are really interesting you know, you find something good about everything, why are you still here by the way. I didn’t get the chance to go see my father’s body and say goodbye to him when he died, you don’t have to go through the same thing” she said.

“I can’t go back Didi, I can’t even stand the way my sister will treat me” I answered.

“Are you that dumb Obi.” She said.
She gave me a wakeup call just by saying that.  She is really something. I can’t even describe her. She is the kind of person who was not afraid to say what she thinks even if its hurts you.

“Your father is dead not your sister, be a man and stop acting like a coward and go there.” She said.

“Erm erm, I don’t even know where they are or even the hospital they in now. I….

…” She interrupted me.

“Didn’t you call your sister on my phone, call her back and ask her” She said. She then took the phone out of her pocket and gave it to me to call her.

“Go on, Call her” She continued.

And so I did, I dialed her number and quickly called Shela. I was actually expecting Jojo to pick up but my guess was wrong. It was Shela who picked.

“Hello” She said.

“Shela, it’s me Obi, where are you now” I asked.

“Obi, how could you, we are still at the Military Hospital, Dad even wants to speak to you and you are nowhere to be found” She said

“Huh, Dad wants to talk to me? But…. but.. I thought…” I said.

“You thought what, get here now, your father needs you.” Shela said and hanged up.

I didn’t know what to think, does this actually mean that my dad was alive all this while and Jojo decided to lie to me?

To Be Continued.