The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 14



Although, I initially woke up thinking someone was trying to kill me or something, so i rose up aggressively and pushed the intruder away immediately before i could even know who the person was.

Me: D’thy? what are u trying to do?

Dorothy: Relax Vickie (crawling towards me) I promise i won’t scream like i use to

In this kind of situation, i had to insult her harshly so she’ll get angry and leave me alone,,, besides, she can’t tempt me because i don’t like her. Actually, i hate her but i won’t admit it because it’s not proper to hate someone.

Me: Is this how desperate and cheap u are? do u know why i can’t fall for your pleas? it’s because i hate u with passion, i hate seeing u entirely because of how cheap u are. You’re such a biatch!

Dorothy: What? all these coming out from your mouth Victor? Yea i act like a biatch, i do behave like a w—e i know. But do u know i only do that when i’m around u? Go find out about me and get to know the kind of person i am. Go tell them that you’ve had s-x with me and see what their reaction will be like.

Me: What are u trying to say?

Dorothy: No guy has ever kissed me not to mention have s-x with me if not u alone. I should proof it? U deflowered me didn’t u?

**I didn’t say anything,,, but i did what she was asking me**

Dorothy: Answer me (sounding like she wanted to cry) why can’t u answer me? How old was i when u deflowered me? I was 17. Although i planned not to do anything like that until i clock 18 but it was u,,, you’ve always been my crush. Even when u were dating girls anyhow u wanted, i didn’t stop liking u, even though i felt bad about it. I broke my 18-years rule the day i had s-x with u. I opened my legs for u whenever u wanted thinking it’s the only way i could have u to myself, i waited for u to officially ask me to date u but u never did. I’m still intact as u left me,,, I can still give u the chance here and now even if its for a minute to confirm if i’m lying or not.

**Speechless and confused me**

Dorothy: I’m not a b—h Victor (Now dressing up) I have never been one except to u i guess… thanks for all the insults,,, i brought this upon my self anyway

(Grabbed her hand bag and left)

I didn’t know what to say,,,, i dropped back unto the bed to think about the drama that just happened about a minute ago. I think i am the bad guy in this situation,,, i felt terrible. I didn’t know about all what she said, I have always seen her as a free giver not sure of who she’s given though.

I went to her house the next day, her mother wasn’t around and she was in her room with two of her friends who i also thought was in the same category with her, but who am i to judge what i don’t know?

I sent her younger brother to call her for me, she sent him back to me that she doesn’t want to see me. I sent him back to her again with a message that, I won’t leave there until i see her. She eventually showed up about 38 minutes later while i was already enjoying the movie i was watching,,,, “Fast & Furious” to be precise.

Dorothy: What do u want now? or have u come for the continuation of your insults??

Me: Look D’thy

Dorothy: Call me Dorothy please

Me: All the same, I came here to apologize for everything i did to,,,, I am really sorry. I regretted everything i did.

Dorothy: Are u done?

Me: See,,, I know i messed with u,I abused your feelings, I toiled with your emotions and all that,,,, I regretted my bad deeds towards u and to everyone it affected including myself. I called u names,,, I had the wrong impression about u. It was even the wrong impression i had that developed my anger and dislike towards u. I beg for your forgiveness Dorothy, please forgive me and let’s be friends again

Dorothy: Friends again U say? were we ever friends before?? U made me your s-x mate and nothing else. U are a devil Victor! U used me, dumped me and then hate me for nothing. What did i ever do to u? is it a crime to give u my body just to get u to love me??! I gave u my everything,,, my body, any money i get i gave to u just for u to love and ask me out,,,, but what did i get? Pregnancy!!

Me: What?

Dorothy: Oh yes u heard me right! I put my life on the line when i had an abortion not to mention the torture i got from my mother. She tortured me for getting pregnant and even dealt with me more, when i couldn’t provide the person responsible for it just to protect u. But what did i get? insults!! I overlooked u the other Sunday when U treated me that way, I just reached an understanding that maybe it was the preaching that manifested in u, not knowing that u really hate me.

Me: I’m terribly sorry for everything i put u through,,, I never knew u went through all that. I can imagine the kind of pain you’re feeling deep inside your heart right now because of me. I wish there’s something i can do to erase the past, but there’s nothing i can do but to plead for your forgiveness. (I went down on my knees) please forgive me Dorothy from your loving and humble heart, I beg of u…

**Her eyes was already filled with tears**

She raised me up and hugged me

Dorothy: U really hurt me Victor

Me: I know, and i am very sorry,,,, can i resume calling u D’thy now?

Dorothy: If u wish

We disengaged from the hug,,, I noticed she was trying to draw her head closer to kiss me or something….

Me: So,,, am i forgiven?

Dorothy: Hhmmmm,,,, just partially

Me: Partially? why?

Dorothy: If u want my full forgiveness, U will have to do something for me

Me: Something like?

Dorothy: U don’t worry about that, I shall let u know when i’m ready for it

Me: okay…

We talked and gisted about so many things,,, I also confessed blocking her line from calling me. I unblocked her on the spot while we were still talking before her friends showed up from inside.

Dorothy: Oh,,,, I even forgot they’re here,,,, Hey girls

Girl1: U try well well no be small

Dorothy: Make una no vex jare. Victor these are my besties, Mirabel and Salome aka Sally Cue

Me: Mirabel?

Dorothy: Yea,,, and Sally Cue.

Me: Okay nice meeting u girls

Mirabel: Nice meeting u too

Sally Cue: It’s nice meeting u too

**Mirabel laid on the couch while Salome abi Sally Cue sat at the other end**

Sally Cue: Msteeeew,,, that’s why i hate this chair, i can’t watch the TV comfortably

She stood up from where she sat and sat right beside me. I stood up to leave after seating uncomfortably for many minutes.

They eventually let me go after a little debate on why i’m leaving too soon. I got home, continued the story i was reading online. Later on,,, Mirabel and i spoke on phone and i also chatted with Dorothy on whatsapp.

Dorothy: My friend SallyCue seems to like u

Me: Stop the joke please

Dorothy: I’m being serious, she admitted it,,, although i warned her to get her mind off u

Me: Why?

Dorothy: Never mind,,,, what do u have for me?

Me: Nothing o,,, just feeling sleepy

Dorothy: Hhmmm *sad face*

I just sent her a flower then bade her goodnight and went offline.