The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 13



Telling lies shouldn’t be an excuse from abstaining from sin, it’s like running from death to death. Be bold enough to say the truth at every given time even when they don’t believe or understand u for you’re not doing it for them, just know that your Father in Heaven knows what you’re doing. Your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunty, Spouse or Master won’t kill U for telling the truth. It could be a means of obtaining Favour and Trust. U and I need BOLDNESS!!!

Me: Look D’thy, sincerely i don’t want to hang around with u. I am no longer that Victor that U use to know. We can just be normal friends and not with benefits. U really have to stop offering your body anyhow, it’s not good and u know it when u think about it the right way, even toda…

Momma: (coming) oya let’s go let’s go

Dorothy: Good afternoon ma

Momma: Afternoon my dear,,,,, Victor (Getting into the car)

Dorothy: Bye ma

Momma: Eh ehn… bye my dear, take care

Dorothy left after looking at me some how without saying a word to me. I entered the car and we zoomed off.
We got home, had lunch, rested a little then spoke with Mirabel on phone… I even told her about the good news and she claimed responsibility for it, that she did it. I appreciated her for the huge favour. She also told me that, My Dad will go places because of what she did through her connections and also be a big deal in ICAN (Institute Of chartered Accountants Of Nigeria).

She advised that, My Dad should do his best so that he’ll get personal favours and good deals from very big businessmen.

Woah,,, I can’t believe how my life is going smoothly, peacefully and sweet,,, This is surely the hand work of God. My life hadn’t have turned this way if i hadn’t changed from my bad ways. I believe God punished me so that i will follow the right path and also fulfill the life He has orchestrated for me. I really thank God for His Goodness, Faithfulness, Love and His Mercy.

I had my siester, after that, we held our House Cell Meeting which lasted for an hour. I became bored,,,, I can’t play my Play station game because Dad was in the Living room watching ChannelsTV. The Tv in my room is faulty and i left my laptop at my school house (The house Mirabel left for me to use). I don’t enjoy playing games with my phone,,, I think i need an iPad for games.

One thought led to another, so i decided to spend time on Facebook. I came across a page that posts stories, i checked on a story which was on Episode 17 and saw lots of good comments. I decided to follow the story, i wasted lots of MB because of pages i had to load before getting to the Episode 1 and pages i had to load again in order to continue the story. I read to Episode 26 and couldn’t further because the person posting it stopped there. I really need to continue the story, so i thought of trying Google because i know it got answers to almost everything. The story was titled “Adebimpe The Facebook Girl” i really liked it. It was written by one Onihaxy.
I searched and i got many results,,, i clicked on one link, the site was so disorganized for me to understand. I left it because i got other options from Google, I clicked on another link and it was the same thing, I clicked on another link and i discovered that the one i read was the season 2. I couldn’t find the season 1 in the site so i checked in another site. In this site, the Story was arranged from Season 1 to 4, I started reading from the season 1 till i got exhausted. The site was actually, i explored the site and discovered many Stories and many talented writers.

Even after saying good night to my Parents, i still continued the Story on my bed till i decided to sleep around 2am and woke up past 5am by Momma for our morning devotion.

Daddy left for Lagos on Tuesday as he said, I requested permission from Momma to go to Aso rock (Presidential villa) to see Mirabel and Nancy will go with me. She obliged saying it would be a 3-day visit because she don’t like being alone. She was still on the process of getting another house help since she let the previous one go because of me. Why? well,,, ermmm, Momma caught us in the act on three different occasions. She knew i’m a changed person now, that’s why she reconsidered having another house help.

I informed Mirabel about our visiting on Thursday, She sent her bodyguards to pick us with a cool tinted SUV ride which we were later told by the guards that the car was bullet proof. They came on Wednesday evening and lodged in a hotel before coming to our house the following morning. Mirabel sent many stuffs for my Momma through her bodyguards Frank and Jummy who happens to be secret lovers. On our way to Aso Villa, Nancy was far more excited than i am. She claimed to fully charged her phones so she’d take enough photos when she gets there.

**Phone rings**

Me: Hello Mummy

Momma: Victor you have to start coming home immediately, your Daddy called that he is in the airport on his way back

Me: What? But i thought he won’t be coming back anytime soon?

Momma: Yes,,, he said he forgot some important documents and hard drive that he will use for the job, that he underestimated the job not realizing how big the job is. Are u there already?

Me: No, but we’re almost there. we’ve passed the first two gates already

Momma: U have to turn around now and get here before your Dad gets here before u

Me: But Mummy,,, Isn’t there a way u can cover for us?

Momma: No way, what do u want me to tell him? did we inform him that you and Nancy will be going out to anywhere?? Besides, U know i don’t lie,,,, not to you or to anyone else most especially not to my husband,,, call Mirabel and tell her what happened. It’s better to unintentionally disappoint your girlfriend than deceiving your father. I’m still feeling guilty for the one u did the other day

Me: Okay ma, we’ll be on our way back

Nancy: What?! what’s going on?

Me: Frank we have to go back, something came up

Frank: What about Mirabel?

Me: I will call her on phone and explain to her

Jummy: Hope it’s nothing serious?

Me: Not at all,,,, just that, Daddy is on his way back home

Jummy: Ohhh… can’t Mirabel do anything about it?

Me: I don’t think so,,, he actually forgot something very important for the job

Frank: Hard luck bro (Chuckles)
**Turning back**

Nancy: But Dad hardly forget anything, why today of all days?

Me: Mummy said he didn’t know the job will be that big,,, that the documents is essentially necessary for the job

Nancy: Oh no,,, what will i tell my friends now?

Me: U told your friends? why are u so stupid?

Nancy: But bro i don’t see anything wrong with that

Frank: U shouldn’t have done that Nancy,,, it’s not save. Please don’t do that mistake next time

Me: That’s if there will be a next time

Nancy: Am sorry senior bro nau,,, am i forgiven?

Me: Yes u are

Nancy: Thanks bro,,, hope i will join u next time?

Me: Not a chance

Nancy: Haba bro nau,,, pleaseeeee…?

Me: Just let me be, i have a lot in my mind to think about so please don’t add yours to it

I took my phone and placed a call on Mirabel and told her about the setback. She was really sad about it, she said, she’s made all necessary arrangements for our stay. I apologized to her of which she sadly accepted.

We got home before Dad came later in the evening. After three days of his stay, the job got postponed till upper week Monday which unfortunately, i won’t be able to make it to Mirabel’s invitation because i will be gone to school by then. She tried her connection to cancel the postponement but was an abortive attempt because the company wasn’t ready. The company will have to produce every necessary documents before the audit can take place. Nancy was deeply hurt, she felt so disappointed.

I can’t tell my Dad about Mirabel, He wouldn’t tolerate me having a girlfriend,,, he’s so strict about it. Even when i got into trouble with those soldier women, left for him he wanted me to remain there as long as it would satisfy them.

Dorothy came to my house on a Sunday, she came to my room when i was sleeping, she got her self naked and tried to get me naked as well (I was sleeping shirtless) before i woke up to see what she was trying to do.