The Other Woman Episode 9


Rebecca fumes as she drives home.
“How dare he push me out of his house? How dare you Adams Wellington,!!” She cursed remembering how he nudged her out of the door and slammed the door in her face.
She needed just a few more minutes to drive the accusations home. Sophia was just on the verge of exploding if she had just turned up the heat a little high up.
Adam kept denying everything. But she knew who she saw stroll into that hotel that night. She knew his face well, even in her sleep.
There was no way she was going to let this rest.
She hoped Sophia didn’t listen to his lies. She needed Sophia not to listen…but to get angry. Get mad. Throw stuffs and push him out.
She sighs…
“Stupid! Stupid! Me” she hits her forehead
“I should have gotten some sort of proof. A picture. A name. Anything… just to–
She pauses mid – sentence as she remembers…
“Oh shmucks and cows!!! I should have told her the room number they were in… room 106. Yes. The hotel would have a record of people being in that room. Yes!!!”
She fishes for her phone with one hand and she uses the other to hold the steer wheels. She scrolls to Sophia’s number and then calls. No answer. After multiple attempts she dumps the phone in anger.
“Am sure by now he had spewed all the lies under his sleeves and she has forgiven him and they are probably rolling under the sheets” she boiled.
“No. I must find that prove and break up that perfect marriage. She can’t have everything she always wanted. Can’t I have a little happiness? Can’t I have Adam??” She sobs.
“Focus Rebecca… Think!! Find that prove. Get Sophia to hate his guts and divorce his cute ass, then stroll in and take her place. Its simple schematics Rebecca. Think!!!” She drums her fingers to her head as she drove home to her empty house
“Do you have to go to work?? Can’t you call in… you are the boss. Plus we can stay home and snuggle some more”. Adams runs his fingers down her hands as she pushed her food tray away. He was trying to pacify her. He wanted to make sure she didn’t believe anything Rebecca said. He was going to make sure they stop hanging out together.
But most importantly, he needed to change venues with Bella.
Sophia smiles as she gets up from the bed holding her glass of juice, walking to the mirror stand.
Nail marks on his back. She wasn’t mistaken. Rebecca was right. Adams has another woman and she had the guts, the nerve to imprint on her man.
But she knew asking him was pointless he would deny it to her face however finding the truth out on her own was what she intended to do. And when she does she was going to slap his face with a divorce and take half of what he owns.
How dare he? How dare you Adams?”
A crack. A shatter. Blood mixed with water spilled to the ground.
“Ouch!!” She exclaims in pain. Adams rushes to her side. .
“Babes.. oh shit lemme see!!!” He grabs a towel and carefully cleans her hands. Picking the tiny shreds of glass out of her palms. Thankfully it was a small cut. A clean and a bandage will take care of it.
“Baby, how hard were you holding that glass..?” He bends his head to look for more pieces of glass in her palms. He rushes to the toilet cabinets and returns with cotton wool and spirits to clean the wound and bandage to cover it…
She stares down at him… the pain felt numb all of a sudden. There was a lot of things she wished she could do to him.
A man she had loved from the moment her heart opened up to him. A man she had dated for many years and was happy to marry as soon as he asked. A man she was going to spend the rest of her life with, whom she taught was honest and compassionate and the most loyal and faithful man she had ever met.
Her friend. Her lover. Her husband. Her forever and a day more man.
She flinched…
How could she reconcile both?
The same man who has lied to her face countless times.
Who obviously doesn’t have respect or have any regard for her feelings. .
A man who finds pleasures in the warmth between another woman’s legs instead of hers?
Was it because of her health? She knew she hasn’t been feeling well lately.. and have been less intimate with him. But doctor said she has just been stressed. But she was fine.
And she was making an attempt. .
She did make an attempt. .
But he, he…
No wonder he never complained. He smiled about it. Held her hands even. Was content in tiny kisses and hugs.
Yes!! Because some other woman was wrapping her legs around him and letting him sink into her.
Some other woman was calling him baby..
Some other woman was… was loving him
And he was making love to her while I, his wife sat alone, lonely without the warmth of her husband..
How dare you Adams Wellington!!!”
I will find that woman… and let’s see what lies you are going to concoct next.
I wish I had used that glass and smashed it over your head. How dare you make jest of our vows!!!?
“Sophia!! Sophia!!!
“SOPHIA!!!” Adams shakes her
“What… what… yes… stop shaking me” she protested
“I have been calling you for the better part of two minutes… You have just been staring blankly into space and holding tightly to the towel. What’s wrong? Baby, talk to me??” Fear creeps slowly up his heart. Does he need to be worried? Was she thinking of Rebecca was she? He searches her eyes, hoping to read her.
“You aren’t possibly thinking about what Rebecca said are you??”
She smiles up at him ever so warmly…
“No baby. You know what they say… you tend to have a doppelganger or a look alike in the world. And maybe she thought she saw you but…of cause, it wasn’t you. ”
She touches his chicks
“Please don’t be mad at Rebecca, she is my best friend and she is just looking out for me. Please forgive her. I will talk to her and clear up this mess. I trust you baby and I will never doubt you again. ”
He pulls her into a hug, brushing a kiss over her forehead.
“Ok baby. For you, just for you. I will try- try to not hold a grudge. But do you need to go to work??”
“Yes. I have to and so do you. Lemme get dress” she pulls away from him, he pulls her back into his arms and squeezes…
“Ok… okay… Just five minutes “. He teased as he pushes her back on the bed.
She laughs… “No no no… Five minutes of what? Am late for work, look at the time… Baby… Mr Adams Wellington. .. Stop!!”
“Just…1…2…4..5….” he trails off as he cover her lips with his stopping her from protesting further , and with his hands he cups her, lifting her up to meet him halfway, as he slides into her.