The Other Woman Episode 10


It was mid – afternoon when Tina knocks on her door and strolls into her office.
“You wanted to see me ma’am?” She stood holding onto a file.
“Yes. Am stepping out. I need you to speak with the publishing company and check how far they have gone with our projects. Then cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day. I am going out.” Sophia gets up picking up her phone and her bag.
“Ermm…okay ma’am. Is everything okay? You seem…bothered” Tina askes. She never likes to pry but Sophia had of recent exhibiting some strange behaviours and her constant sleeping off in the office was a cause to worry and her sudden disappearance… Or was she pregnant. If she were it would be good news… since after…
“Yes everything is okay”. Sophia breaks into her thoughts
“I just have some personal things to take care off. Let me know if anything comes up and attach those documents for the brits coutour and clothing lines and send them to me.” she walks around her desk and heads out of the office as Tina follows behind..
“Yes ma’am!!” Tina nods and leaves her as she exits the building.
Sophia brings out her phone and dials..
“Where are you? Meet me in half an hour.” She speaks into the receiver as the person answers . She cuts the call, entering into her car and driving away, she places her phone in the phone circuit box in the car and taps on the qwerty pads..
A map pops up. She clicks on the area she intends to go , “Castlewaters hotel” route comes up. She takes the route and drives downtown.
Rebecca cuts the call jumping up in excitement.
“Oh goody goody!!! The gods are on my side. The bitch didn’t believe him. Yes!!!” She flings away the pizza she was eating and struggles into a dress, grabs her bag and runs out.
She runs back inside, runs a comb through her hair and powders her face and rubs a lip balm.
“You never know who you might run into” she smirks.
She rushes out again, enters into her car and drives to the direction of Castlewaters hotel downtown.
“Sophia, what’s wrong?. You called me out of the blue and I was in the middle of something but I dropped it and drove like a mad woman all the way down here. Did something happen? Did Adams do anything to you? Do we need to report to the police? I called you a couple of times but you didn’t answer I was pretty worried… I even –
“I saw nail marks on his back!!” Sophia cuts her as she rests on her car. She began to pinch the inside of her palms as she bites her lower lips. Rebecca notices the bandage, her brows furrows
“Hey Sophia, what happened to you… Did you injure yourself? Did you and Adams get into a fight and he did this. Did do this to yourself… Sophia?” She reaches for her hand but Sophia shakes her head…
“No no no… It’s nothing. I mistakenly cut myself with a glass. I don’t know. I was so angry I didn’t realise I broke it until that cheat came rushing to me. It’s fine. Doesn’t hurt… anymore.”… She flexes her fingers and waves her palm…
Rebecca looks sadly at her. .. Nodding. But she wished Sophia had done something drastic like, she had slitted her wrists and was bleeding to her death in a tub and Adam was in the kitchen unaware. It would save her the headache. It would have been easy to have Adam. . While he is mourning, she would be his crying shoulder. She sighed.
“What’s that Rebecca? I lost you there for a second. Focus… this is important. The reason I called you here…. I said I found nail marks on his back. Like someone dug her nails in him. ”
“Okay… so? You are like most women who likes to scratch during $3x. Big Deal!! In fact I like some BSD sometimes. The whole #fiftyShadesOfGrey. Sometimes it helps to spice it up. A blind fold here… a spank there. .A bit. .here…and there…and even there” Rebecca points at specific sensitive areas of her body .
Sophia had a look of shock on her face. She shakes her head trying to clear the vivid pictures in her head of Rebecca in weird positions and restrains. ..
“Stop it Rebecca. It’s sick and disgusting. Just shut up and listen to me. Those aren’t my nail marks on his back. I am a gently lover. Never have been aggressive or feisty. I have never scratched him before… not once during lovemaking. And I see marks. You know what this means. That that bitch had the nerve to imprint on my man. !!!”
Rebecca looks at Sophia’s nails, observing how long they were. She sighs… so much waste of long nails. She, Rebecca, would dig those nails into his back and let him moan and groan into her ears as she meets him rhythm for rhythm. .tempo for tempo as she screams his name…
“Adams” in a sensual whisper as he plunges into her
“Are you listening to me Rebecca? Hello?” Sophia snaps her fingers over her face side to side .
“Oh yes yes. Sophia.
No wait. What does this mean?” She composes herself trying to hide her blush. She felt hot, really hot thinking of Adam.
“It’s that Adam, my husband is and has been cheating on me and you are right”.
“Aha!!!! I am right. You are right that I am right”. She sounded too excited. She didn’t want to give Sophia the vibe that she was happy. She toned it down a bit.
“Oh no Sophia, that’s so sad. I really wished it wasn’t him. I know this must hurt to come to this realisation. Oh dear… you must be hurting. Oh that dreadful, dreadful man. !!” She pulls Sophia into a hug which she pulls out from
“No Rebecca. I am mad. Angry. Pissed and hurt. I could kill her if I see her. He lied to me. He fxxking lied to me and I won’t forgive him. So I am going to find out who she is and Ama Fxxk her up and him too. Then I would divorce his ass. Yes. That’s what I would do.
Imagine the cheat had the guts to have $3x with me this morning…” she shook from the memory.
“A few hours earlier I was looking forward to holding him and loving him like I used to because I missed him so. But now, as he touched me I felt like cringing, like screaming. Every touch I see that same hand touching her. Kissing her, loving her. And I wanted to die.”
Rebecca hides her jealousy. Even in his lies he still wants his wife. She boiled.
“You should have pushed him away. Sent him packing.”… She stated angrily.
Sophia shakes her head. “I couldn’t. If I had told him… He would have denied. He might even say I was the one who did that in heat of passion. If I had pushed him away he would have wondered why. And I didn’t want him asking questions or sense my withdrawal, No, I need him to think I believe him while I make my own investigation. I need proof. Then I can roar. So am here. You are here… let’s go into that hotel and demand they give us details. They would have to right??”
“That’s the spirit girl. Let’s go.”!
“By the way… I told him I would talk to you and tell you that you didn’t see him but someone else. So if he asked, tell him I did. ”
“Oh of cause Sophia. Anything for you. Now let’s go …”
I can’t wait. She squealed inwardly in delight.
“Hello welcome, how may I help you??” The uniformed man smiled at the two women in front of him. But they weren’t smiling back.
“Yes, Hello. Can I speak to the manager please? I have a compliant.
He blinks. “A complaint?” He stammers
“Yes… we have a complaint” the other woman stated. “Are you deaf? Call the manager please …”
“If you can kindly tell me the nature of the complaint… I can address it. Am sure it’s nothing too serious to involve the manager”… The man tells them. He wished that whatever complaints they had, had nothing to do with him. He already had a warning from the manager already when he and a customer had a little words exchange. But she was rude and he couldn’t hold it in and had to put her in her place. He didn’t need another. But he doesn’t remember seeing either women before.
“It’s a matter of life and death. Now get me the manager before I make a big ruckus here”…. the first woman demanded. Sweats broke over his forehead. He shouldn’t have come to work today. And if he goes to call the manager… He would have his head… No. He needed to resolve this. He needed this job. The messenger is always killed. Didn’t this ladies ever watch “the 300”?
“Erm… ma’ams, please tell me, if it is something I can handle… I will. Please. Am already under heat and going to my manager with complaints isn’t good for me. So please… let me help you. I can”
Sophia was about to protest but Rebecca stops her seeing a good opportunity. He would do anything they want. She smiles
“Let me handle this Sophia.” She taps her and nudges her out of the way. She leans into the attendant…
“So the thing is. My friend here saw her husband sneaking into this hotel with another woman. And the fool denied it. So we need you to check if anyone was registered under the name “Mr Adams Wellington?”
He looks at her. This might even cost him his job here and future jobs elsewhere
“B-but ma’am. I am sorry but I can’t give you that information. It’s against our policy. It’s confidential. It’s like a doctor and patient confidentiality agreement. It’s like a lawyer and client confidentiality agreement. It’s like…
“Oh shut your rat hole. I know all about “confidentiality agreement and its shiningans”. She does her fingers in clichés gestures…
“I watch movies and read a lot of books. Even John Grishams and watch the grey anatomy… The whole shebangs. Just search for the damn name and we won’t have a problem or ama tell your manager you are our problem. “… She stares him down.
*Oh Lord. I really should have called in sick today. Oh God who did I offend. What to do??* He thinks to himself.
“Wasting our time fella. Maybe I should start creating a scene already. Sophia… Start screaming. While I throw tantrums and hurl stuffs at walk-in-clients. Your manager will have to come down “…
“No no please don’t. What is the name again… Adams wellington you say??”
“Yes. Adams with an “s”. “… Sophia states coming forward. Rebecca smiles at her performance.
The man clicks away on his keyboard and after a few minutes he shakes his head.
“Am sorry, there was no one registered under that name.” Phew. Now they can leave.
“Check last night and the night’s before. I saw him come here and he can’t just be ghosting around.” she orders
Skeptical look..” But I thought you said your friend… was the one who saw her husband come in here and now you say it’s you now??” He eyes her. Such a liar. Who keeps friends like this? She seemed more interested in finding the cheat than the woman herself.
Rebecca looks up at him… “Is that an actual question or you want a slap across the face. Do what I asked you dimwit “!!
Sophia folds her hands. . Waiting.
“Fine. Whatever!!” He clicks for a few more minutes. Shakes his head again. “Nothing, now can I go back to work now?”…
Sophia shakes her head. Rebecca thinks for a second…
“The bastard is smart. He can’t be that stupid .he covered his tracks. Damn him!!” Sophia states. Rebecca calms her down. All hope is not lost
“What about the occupants of room 106?” Yes I remember the room number. Tell us who they are. Yesterday… the people who stayed here last night check them please.”
He clicks… “It’s a Mr and Mrs A. Weldams”… He stares up at them.
“Aha!!!! So much for being discreet” Rebecca laughs
“That isn’t my Husband’s name.” Sophia realises, her hopes dashing
“No it isn’t. But when you use the initials, it’s Mr.A.W. . That’s Mr.W to you without the ‘A’. See am smart. But your husband isn’t. See. . ”
Sophia nods, affirming .
“Yes yes . You register with passports or ID cards here and such. Can you pull up a picture of him? And maybe of the woman?”
He shakes his head. “Am sorry … but we don’t. I can’t help you with that!”
“Fxxk!!” The both women said in unison.
“So how can we prove it’s him?” Sophia bites her lower lips. Pinching her inner palms.
The man scratches his beards…
“But….” he checks his computer…
“Apparently, from the call logs today. They booked for another night. They checked in about an hour ago. ”
“They are here??” Sophia exclaims.
“Sophia, when you left home. Where did your husband go to??” Her friend asked her… Oh this is nice. This is fantastic. Kill two birds with one stone. She jumps in her mind. Does the merengue and moonwalk too.
“Work. He said he was going to work. Oh my God don’t tell me he came here. I will kill him I will kill him!” She fumes
“Hey relax. Call him. Ask him where he is… and we are going to go to the room. Right??” Rebecca faces him. He shakes his head.
“Ma’am please… don’t make me do this. It isn’t right. You can go home and sort out your friend’s marital issues. Please not here.”
“We have come this far and we aren’t going back. You take us there NOW!!” Rebecca orders stamping her feet with her hands at akimbo
“He isn’t picking. Going to voicemail. I called his PA, she said he stepped out to meet a client. About less than two hours ago.” Sophia sobs.
“Stop it Sophia. Clean your eyes you don’t need to shed it for that damn horse wipe. Take us there now mister!!”
Oh such drama Queens. Lord help me.
He takes a swift look around. He just needed to take them there. Knock on the door and walk away. Let them deal with their damn situation. He goes and takes a sick leave and it would be like he was never here. What bad luck today.
He walks ahead of them while they follow him behind. They were quiet in the elevator. The one crying seemed visibly hurt. The one consoling her, or was she consoling her seemed to be enjoying this much more than ordinary. What was his problem? He just needed to be done with them and get out of here.
“This way…” he urges them as they neared the room.
“This is where I saw them standing and touchy – feeling each other up”… Rebecca explains to Sophia. “I stood there and eventually came to the door when they disappeared inside with her hands inside his pants rubbing his tool and his hands on her breast flicking them”..She exaggerated. Sophia flinches. The tears don’t stop. Her heart began to beat rapidly. Fear, pain, anger all summed up in one steamed inside her.
“So he is in there with her right now. Making love to her. My Adams…” She cried.
“Knock on the damn door man”… as they stopped infront of a room. Rebecca ignores her. But she looks a bit confused…
“Wait, this isn’t room 106. It was on the other side!” She points to the opposite room. Her expression perplexed. Sophia wipes her eyes
He looks at her. Was she crazy too? Can’t she read?
“Ma’am. Look at the signs. This is room 106. Why are you pointing elsewhere?”
“Yes Rebecca. The sign says room 106!” Sophia states reading the numbers on the door.
“But… that can’t be”. She walks away from the door. Goes to stand where she stood and watched them. She comes back…
“It was on the opposite side. They stood on the opposite side. This part not on the other part” she gestures. Turning around. Walking back up and down. Stating the same thing.
“Ma’am. I have worked here for a while and we haven’t changed anything or made renovations or changed rooms. This is room 106. The opposite is room 109. This is where you asked of, So can we do this so I can return to my post? Please” he was soon going to lose it. Breathe! He pleads to himself. This crazy woman who was apparently drunk that night should shut up already.
“B-but…” She trails off. She was sure it was on the other side. Not here. She can’t be mistaken. It was room 106. She was sure of it. But this was 106. This room. But…
“Knock please”… Sophia’s words breaks into her thoughts. She needed to be strong. To face the bastard and his lover. She needed to be strong.
Rebecca keeps quiet. Faulting it to her not remembering where she stood that night. Maybe this was the room. And finally they would unmask Adams. That was all that mattered. She was even prepared to give her friend her shoulders to cry on. Rain insults on Adam and slap the woman who dared to steal Adams under her nose too. She waited as he knocked once. Twice. Thrice. And steps away.
Sophia held her breath. The man backed away from the room and away from the women. He was better at watching from a distance and when it escalates.. He hits a home run out of there.
They heard shuffling of feet’s. A woman’s shrill laughter. A man’s muffled reply and giggling. More feet’s shuffling as someone walks to the door. More laughter… Happy excited intoxicated laughter as she neared the door.
Rebecca’s face was breaking into a smile…
“Any time now…” She murmured.
Sophia’s face went from fear to pain… to anger to panic and then to uncertainty to anger …and then pain again…as she takes a deep breath…
“Oh God… Help me…” She muttered
The door opens, revealing a beautiful blond woman nearly unclad and a man in briefs in the background…
The shock registered on his face was evident as he turns.
“Oh my God “!!!! Rebecca and Sophia exclaims in shock!!!
To be continued.